Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Travelling Children

Macam apa je tajuk

Alhamdullilah my kids behaved very well all throughout the journey. They were their naughty selves alright. But well it was all tolerable. They made a mess in the car with their crumbling crisps and water spills. We got tired of nagging but still nagged anyway. They still do it now. Nagging is pointless really. But I will still do it. It keeps me sane.

I prepared each child a folder before the travel. There was a map of our journey, the very same that I kept putting up on my past entries, a drawing block, an A4 sized photo of each of them so they'll know whose folder is whose (eh betul ke ejaan whose ni? macam salah je) and also a set of pencil colours each. They drew (Sya) and wrote (Haziq) and scribbled (Jack) on the nights staying in the hotel. But since I do not know how to draw nor do anything creative I didn't really supervise them. And by the end of the journey when we spent most of our nights out, the projects were somewhat stalled. *shame*.

But the map was very fruitful especially for Haziq and Sya. With Haziq I went even more detailed naming him the border post and all. Sya seems to show an interest in reading map but kept asking question over and over again.

"So now we are here", pointing to a point on the map, which I showed earlier.
"And we are going this way", tracing her fnger following the route we are going.

Five minutes later.

"Are we here now?", pointing to a point like hundreds of km away. I pointed to her, that we are still here. At the same point I showed earlier.
"Still there? How come? The last tower I saw just now are not there anymore"

Makcik tak kuasa nak cerita konsep distance and time ni lah kekadang i just said we have a small map, you cannot see everything in here.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWe also brought a big tupperware of medicines. You know for the cough, dry, chesty, non productive. Cold and fever. Even for us. Sneezing sneezing cold or blocked nose. We have it all. Zachary had fever before we left for Oman, and it got worst along the journey. When we reached Dubai, I knew it would be a sleepless night for me. His fever was bound to go on for days. What more with a hectic journey like this. Pop goes the suppository, and his fever subsided the day after, albeit a bit of cold.

We also brought with us 20litre of water in a jerry can. Equipped with a siphon type pump. This is to serve for wudhu, general cleaning, radiator and kids easing themselves in the middle of nowehere. But we didn't use much of it, for mosques are everywhere. So it wasn't so bad. Perhaps a 5 litre one would suffice the next time.

I think the children learn tremendous. At least I hope. I know Haziq learned about beraucracy and what nots, a bit of geography, everchanging landscape, sembahyang Jamak Qasar and meeting people whose english is also their second language. Batrisyia was clearly improving her reading. She showed so much enthusiasm in reading everything she sees.

OM-AN...ahah..OMAN. Yayyyyy!
MUS-CAT. Yayyyyyyyy!
She tries to read the book I read.

Jack, the oompa loompa, likes to say these two words. Salalah and Wajaja. We only went to the latter. Haziq and Sya love asking him, "Where are you going Jack?" He would rely astoundingly, "WAJAJA!!!" Uproar. Wajaja! Wajaja! Wajaja! Salalah! Salalah! Salalah! Falala! Falala! Falala! And all the made up words.

They made the travel easier. Bless 'em children.

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Jo Kontan said...

Look at the Photos..!

I like the one on top second from the left.

AND also the one on the bottom second form the right.


k.d said... either love 'em or hate 'em.

Lovely collage. You pakai software apa collage u besar gini?

Very well prepared for travelling with kids. Never thought of it. Will try it next time. Especially the medicine tip.

And can you kirim salam to Dr. Limah Kos. Cakap kat dia Dr.Mael and wife (ong) kirim salam. Say we're still in Dublin. Thanks.

Lollies said...

jokontan - heh heh. among my favourites too. i also liked jack's photo somewhere in the middle. if it is a bigger picture, it would look good.

k.d - saya pakai potoshop. saya balik kg pun satu kotak ubat...just in case.

saya boleh kirim salam tapik nak kata kita kenal kat manaya. i don't tell people here that i blog. syyyyy

k.d said...

Oh..ok..syyy...rahasia ye...

Kalau gitu tak pe lah...I'll find a way. Not to worry Lollies

m.u.l.a.n said...

memang kena ada supply ubat2 tu. tak kira la pi mana pun, balik msia pun we all "tapau" ubat dari sini.. just in case...SOS gitu..

uuuhhhh... nice shots tu.. ibu & ayah dia orang tak nak masuk sekali ke.. baru "kren" (cool) gitu..

KakNi said...

Kami kalau nak balik Perak tu pun bawa supply ubat especially panadol (tablet and syrup -for kids) dan ubat batuk cum selesema (promethazine)

Anonymous said...

very particular mummy, remember all the necessities. medicines can be very handy during road trips.

ah, jack2, haziq and that kellog frosties model again. comey sungguh.