Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Me photographed?

I have always like taking photos. Like forever. When I was 13 (we didn't have a camera), I have always liked looking at pictures in the magazines. I would cut out pictures that I like and paste it in my secret oh secret scrap book and named it.

I only got myself a second hand camera when I was in my second year. And since that I have always taken photos of everything except myself. I would look at the photos for hours and would sort out the ones I like. Some special one with a little technicality applied or I simply like the composition, glued in a scrapbook. Mylover is used looking at me flipping photos (then). Now I would be glued in front of the computer looking at the photos I took.

Having said that, I am not saying I take good photos though. The point here is I like taking photos albeit plain and all. Shutter speed, f-stops, depth of field escape me. And my composition really, entah apa-apalah.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe problem with being the only one taking photo, I rarely get my own picture taken. And worst still, we rarely have family photo together. Especially when we travel. Sure I have tripod, but I am too lazy sometimes to drag it everywhere, along with the camera and lenses. Makcik malaslah kekadang.

But oklah, I use the tripod sometimes. Still too lazy to tighten certain screws. And this is what we got.

Ha ha ha. There I was running to catch the camera before the camera's weight overcome the tripod and drop on the pathway.

And sometimes I do want my photo taken. Ask someone to take it for me. And these are what I got.

Blur. Image too small, you could hardly see me. Or i look too fat, you couldn't even load it up to this site.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



1 said...

wow. lama dah tak dgr mummy blog about photography. dulu2 kat mesia mcm selalu je.

well after seeing the photo here and of course the lots that i'd seen in the past, i think u got skill and decent techniques compared to myself, and you? fat? like in that photo? hoh mummy, nanti org yg fat betul insulted kalau dgr ni. hehe.

k.d said...

That is soo true. My hubby suka ambik gambar and dia cukup tak puas hati kalau org lain ambik gambar tak macam dia nak. At least digital camera nie boleh nampak le kan apa yang kita nak tapi still kekadang tu..ada je le silap nye.

Lollies said...

wan - eh awak perasan ya. masa sampai sini mood saya macam hilanglah. now dah mula nak ada balik. he he

k.d. - oh thank god for technology. pakai filem kalu bankruptlah i jadinya. hooray for digital technology

UglyButAdorable said...

mana aci nieeehh...gambar gelap...

Idham said...

:) but but i have seen too many gorjess and nice pictures u hv taken ...

keep clicking away.


MULAN said...

u fat???? me godzilla!!!! i suka jugak amik2 gambar. tapi pakai digital camera ni, kalau ambik gambar indoor, blurrr habis la.. tu yg boring..

Lollies said...

uglybutt-wei! dah kembali kedunia blogging?

idham - well thanks. sadly i couldn't take my own candid photo though.

mulan - kena carik mode yang seswai tu. you can try portrait even though i rasa gambo gelap sikit. kalau tak banyak movement i suka pakai indoor mode. yang ni terang

MULAN said...

thanx for the tips!!! sony T3 cybershot tu le.. udah le slim, tak puas nak pegang. i prefer yg lebar sikit macam i ni le. kecik2 & slim2 tu senang terlepas dari tangan.

simah said...

lollies.. tak aci!! gambar tu kecik!!.. ni mesti dibuat dengan sengaja ni :0) back :0)

Lollies said...

mulan -tulah kalau kecik sangat senang shake lah. Tapi i dengar luminax(?) ada anti shake.

simah - ha ha ha