Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Teaching Miss Sya

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I try (sometimes hard) to teach my children (HAziq and Sya) to read the Quran. Generally, I don't know why, subconciously I would put up the strict cikgu ngaji (Teacher) look. I have no idea why I do that. But yes ngaji time is serious time.

Unlike her brother, Sya has a more carefree relax attitude. Sometimes I think she is not scared of my threats. When she recites the jawi letters (arabic letter, she is always making something out. Like when she say alif she would go alif, feh, feh, feh. or jiim, mmmm, mmm, mmm.

Off late she has been jiggling about when she recites. So I asked her, "Nak kencing ke? (You wanna pee?). No, she replied. "Then why are you jiggling about?"

"Oh! I am writing"
"Writing what?"
"I am writing these jawi letters"

Indeed she was. Like when she reads ALIF she would move her head as if it is one big ball pen, up-down. So she wriggles about as if she is writing all those wriggly letters.

SHIIN must be the funniest letter of all. For she would move her head up down twice for small wriggle and one big wriggle. And the dots, she would peck three times. You really need to look at her to understand what I am saying. It's hilarious!

She is my biskut butang. The pink one.

Oh Oh oh. I have also been teaching her to read Malay, using the bacalah anakku book. She is doing ok. Not that I am pressuring her or anything. She is now on book 4, so I thought of introducing her to some Malay literature namely the BAWAL books.

And its like discovering a whole new world altogether with Sya. I took for granted that she knows malay words since I converse with her in Malay.

We started off the first book, "Sara Kenal Warna". Then I found out that she doesn't know jingga (orange) nor ungu (purple). She knows now, and I have added one more colour for her.

Merah jambu.

And pink is her favourite colour.



~ GAB ~ said...

I think Arabic language will be a cinch to your kids since you're staying there.

Wonder howd'ya get supplies of Malay books over there?

Miss Anis said...

merah hati tu merah jambu ke?

Lollies said...

gab - hmm tak jugak. since sekolah dia is international school. ajar atabic satu slot sahaja in a week. pastu tak campur sangat pun anak arab. kalau campur pun yang satu sekolah dengan dia. itupun cakap omputeh.

malay books? i bawakle. heh heh

miss anis - i think itu merah betul kot. like blood shot red. eh ke like maroon. tapi saya bukan pandai sangat. ini kes ketam mengajar anak ni

loveujordan said...

Baguslah you ajar ngaji and BM pada anak-anak di sana. keep it up!!

Anak-anak I kat sini I masukkan ke sekolah swasta arab so diaorang tahu 3 languages... arabic, english, malay.

sya said...


Lama kak sya tak masuk sini... emmuahhh rindu sesangat.. and emmuaahh to the other cute sya.. he he he

Ppl nama sya ni mana leh dok diam kan sya kan?

Mama Rock said...

lollies, tell sya she is better off than mama rock. i used to look at the pictures and konon2 pandai spell jawi. Tu yang jadinya "ro wau dal alif" = tayar!

Sunflora said...

That means Sya is a kinetic/tactile learner. Its great that you found what sort of a learner she is, easier for you to teach her, the way she takes information in!

And I didn't know jingga was orange either! Wow! :)

Lollies said...

rina - tulah yg i benci qatar ni. there is one international school yg stress on arabc but so the penuh one. i seriously taknak hantar dia sekolah local.

sya - saya tengah bayangkan kak sya buat yang sama. heh heh

mama - ha ha ha. lawak! anyway i tak ajar dia jawi lagi per se. cuma kenal huruf2 gitu. baris atas.

SF - waah terer you ni. heh heh jingga is orange.

anasalwa said...

This is my first time leaving a comment, but I agree with Sunflora, your daughter is kinetic/tactile learner. And the left side of her brain is more active when she is learning. What a wonderful combination.