Monday, August 27, 2007

So very tired

My flight was last Saturday. I went back to KL from Muar on Friday after the Friday prayers and stopped by at Melaka for lunch at my in laws.

Then of course she stopped me further to eat some jemput-jemout geragau and keropok. I wanted to leave fast because first of all I really want to avoid the evening rush hour trafic. But you knowlah kan. It was difficult to say I want to leave quick. Mak mertualah katakan.

As expected I got caught in the rush hour. Got home, took all the stuff into the house and quickly went out to pasar malam. I must and must have the ayam percik before I leave. I also went to get daun kesum and daun pandan. Hopefully to last a year in Qtar.

I was tired by then. Driving and rushing and lifting heavy stuff. Get the kids in order and only at 10 plus that I started packing. I sort of half packed earlier, before I left for Muar, but since I got so much more stuff after that, I had to repack.

And of course my bags were not enough. I had to grab another bag from my house (thank God ada) and pack all the spices in a box. Cleaned up the house and everything and slept at 2 in the morning.

I had only about 2 and a half hour sleep. Got myself ready. Packed up all the needed washed clothes and toiletries. Got the kids ready. Drove out at 6:15 in the morning.

When I got to KLIA the queue was bloody long. And that was like 7 in the morning for a 10:25 flight. And orang-orang dari timur tengah yang banyak bergaduh ni menyebabkan barisan seakan-akan tidak bergerak. Kuat bergaduh dan membawa masalah mereka ini.

I only got to check in at 9:50. I stood for so long queuing. To make things worst I wore my new shoes. And god damn it, I had blisters. Lover said,don't buy anymore cheap shoes. I shall oblige.

As expected my luggage excessed by 33kg. What do you expect with a one year supply of spices. I pulled out one bag and decided to check in the unattended luggage instead. That cost me RM22/kilo instead of RM60/kilo at the normal counter. Of course I had to wait for one week for it to arrive.

It was such a rush. And I hobbled in my goddamn shoes to do everything. At 10:20, I cleared everything and rushed into the boarding hall pulling the three children. I can't wait to sit in the plane and hopefully doze off.

The plane was delayed for nearly two hours. Ada lagi perbalahan kecil mengenai tempat duduk yang melibatkan orang-orang dari Timur Tengah. Sehinggakan mengeluh pramugara kepada saya yang rupanya seakan Jude Law minus the blue eyes and sharp nose itu.

I dozed off during take off. At least for 10 minutes. When I woke up, the kids were all sleeping. And they sept for a good four hours. I watched the in flight movies.

The one thing that I hate about being the only adult is the heavy bags. And I have many heavy bags. To pull it from the conveyor belt onto the trolley takes alot of my strength which I have very little off. By the time I got everything, I was seriously agitated. So much that I couldn't muster a smile seeing my lover grinning waiting for us. So much of mising him eh?

Than that night lover wanted to do groceries because there were nothing to eat for the week. Ayoooo.

So so so tired. I still have the uncleared suitcases. I think I will still live from it until all the clothes clear up.

Tired. Bloated. Pimples. Aching body. You guessed it lah.


HEMY said...

missed one..blisters...sian kak dh smpi..alhamdulillah..kecoh ek org timur tengah ni

Unknown said...

:) welcome back sunny and humid Doha...masih panas ka?

adess, yes so true la itu org org timur tengah - cukup tidak berkenan saya dgn peel mereka. satu hari tu saya naik taksi depan klcc...duduk jer, si pemandu yg muka masih merah padam mengguna kan saya tempat dua meluah perasaan geram terhadap pemandu timur tengah yg baru saje dia halau keluar dari teksinya. Tensi juga saya mendengar segala kata2 sumpah seranah pemandu itu...
puncanya, si penumpang timur tgh dpt satu makwe indon, bawak masuk teksi...baik duduk jer terus tgn dlm baju dan skirt...dan berdecup decup mulut berkucupan....geram la abg teksi tu...

alhamdullillah la lollies dah tiba..!

anak2 semua sihat? lover sihat?
spices byk tu...untuk buat jamuan makan ka?
jika ada terluang masa, jemput la juga ke dubai...
tolong bawak kan bawang goreng ek..hehehehe


Unknown said...

Hi lollies,

Boy, lama nya I tak blog hop. Tahu2 you came back and you left! We could have met up here who knows maybe? So sorry to hear all the inconvenience you went through. Duh! Org2 Timur ni memang panas baran style mereke kan? Saya dah experience on board from Medina to Mecca...agak tak dapat kawal perasaan. Anyway you are back and safe. Take care.

cikdinz said...

pegi mana ni. nampak cam jauh jer...

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back to the Middle East...

Anonymous said...

Bestnyer ada daun kesum ... i baru je nak buat laksam tanpa daum kesum. Daun pandan ada jual kat FFC.

Lollies said...

anul - mereka kecoh dimana-mana sahaja. hatta di negara sendiri. itu sifat mereka. rakyat malaysia harus lebih tegas menangani sifat mereka ini

idham - spices banyak untuk tahan setahun. sesekali baliklah katakan

ruby - the toughest part is 5 big suitcases to carry. agghh so so tired

cik dinz - balik ke qtarlah saya

halley - marhaban untuk saya sendiri

dills - nak sikit ke?

daun pandan kat ffc tak best. bau tak naik. keras dan tajamlak tu. macam cross breed daun mengkuang aje. nak gulung dan ikat pun susah. dah habis bekalan daun pandan ni baru saya gunakan ffc punya.

Jo Kontan said...

Have a Good Rest. Once the body, mind and soul were properly rested, come back and blog summore.