Thursday, August 23, 2007


Your children imitate you. They do things based on what they observe. More often than not, you are their role model. Beware beware of bad habits.

I would prefer to brush Jack's teeth myself you know. But like all children emerging into independent individual, he wants to do it himself because he thinks he can. And I do oblige because he needs to learn.

I was brushing my teeth one night with jack next to me on a stool supposedly brushing his teeth too. I can see him looking at me. No no he was not just looking, he was watching. And he was imitating my brushing movement. Suddenly I found myself the need to brush correctly. Taking longer time at a spot. Doing the circle movement. Exaggerating at every stop. poking at the sides longer and looking like I am enjoying it. If he is going to learn, he'd better learn it the right way and not get corrupt in brushing teeth like I actually am. He copied this with such intensity.

And because I am trying my best to show him the correct way, I did with so much energy. Even more than my usual less than one minute teeth brushing. And with all the vigorous movement, I sometimes got my bangs into my eyes. I flipped my hair so that I can see better.

I saw Jack. he was doing that too. He flipped his hair. Hmm.

Let me do that again. Brush my teeth, and flip my hair.

And he brushed his teeth and he did it. He flipped his hair at the very same spot I flipped.

If in his future years, he brushes his teeth and flip his hair, that ladies and gentlemen is exemplary for you.

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JoKontan said...

Did he blow his hairs with air from his mouth ? and at the same time straightened up his shirt.

Looking at the jpgs,. I want a new camera, now..

MULAN said...

oh oh jack jack.. so so cute maaa..

atiza said...

la..dah besar dah jack2..

Hansac said...

Kalau a guy flips his hair like a girl do, janganlaaa.

Make him run his fingers through his hair.

Rambut dia agak lurus kan.