Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Moving Forward

Sometimes to move forward in life, you need to embrace it.

At certain point in one's life, we will become the person that people look to. As a role model. As an exemplary.

Say you are the first child. They say, get right with the first one, Insya Allah, the rest would be a breeze, if not better. The pressure the first child has to withhold. Not to mention, they have to look after adik-adik when they could be playing PS2 to their heart content.

A mother. A mother knows everything. What she does is the way of life. (That is until certain time. She will gain back her supremacy when she is really old thus truly truly wise)

A wife. Did you know that many times a husband likes or dislike on a person depends heavily on the wife's likes and dislikes? Woo your boss's wife if you must.

Then with Allah's will, you might found yourself not only playing a role as the first child but also sibling less. This is of course on top of your role as a sexy and goddessy wife and a soccer mum to your child. To boot with is a father who is wifeless.

What you do, how you react all are signs. A sacred, silent instruction for everyone to move. To act. To react. To accept.

I know some are happy to dispense advice. I do not want to hear cliche. I know what is right in the book. I dont want to hear what socially is right. It belittle me. You do not know what and how my life is. You think you know, but you do not. No one model fits all. Let me think for myself.

Responsibility is heavy. But it is ok once you learn to embrace.

So I am embracing. So some people can learn to accept. And some can open their heart.

And my dad can be happy. And there are more people to love.

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