Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good things for haziq

Haziq came back from school the other day showing a box with a calculator face on it. What is that, I asked. A calculator, he replied. Where did you get them, my next obvious question was.

Apparently Haziq won a science quiz competition in school. The kind that the teacher ask an impromptu question and you give the answer. It wasn't the best calculator,but it was quite good for his standard actually. Basic Casio scientific calculator. I think I only had that calculator when I was doing my A Levels.

The questions were
1. What is the first space craft carrying man into space?
2. What is the first country to launch a satellite? i asked him how did he know the answers. He said he read about Armstrong sometime last year. And I asked, and you remembered? Yeah, why not. OH so nerd. hahahhaha

And he knew the second answer from watching Iron Giant.

Why don't you give a try at the questions (without googling :D)

Also Haziq did full fasting this Ramadan, Insya Allah..there is still tomorrow eh? I must give him full credit for it. I know it is hard to fast in this hot weather. What more with the vigorous P.E. that he still has to do. Under the hot sun as well. He attends all his afternoon activities, karate and swimming. Both are optional. he didn't need to go. But I encouraged him nevertheless and waited for his reaction. So far he did not complain directly or tell me he wants to quit fasting. Terharu aku.

The swimming must be quite hard because he is swimming in an open air pool at 1 in the afternoon. And I know the teacher pressed the students quite hard in he pool.

I am happy that he didn't ask to quit fasting even though I never force him and most likely allow him to quit anyway. Of course after interrigation. Maybe that's why he nevr bother asking. He is tired I know, that sometimes he would be grumpy when I asked him to recite the Quran or calling him to pray when he is resting. (tadi baru lepas kena marah)

But otherwise i think he did well. I promised him and Sya a toy each. i am actually thinking of giving him some amount of money. I would let him spend on a toy of his choice with the amount of money given. Before that I will be guiding him to spend, and give some to charity and some to keep. We'll see how he fare eh?

So readers, have you got the answer to the question yet?


Hansac said...

I think you're my idol when it comes to parenting skills.

Hansac said...

But then again, must give credit too to your husband, mesti your anak-anak ikut temperament dia, kan kan kan?

Lollies said...

hansac - hahahahhaha. macam tau tau aje. :P