Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Back from Elisa's

I am back from a six-days rendezvous in the Saudi and Bahrain.

Visiting Elisa and staying (and wrecking her home) is akin to visiting your relative. Staying abroad doesn't give you much opportunity to do the balik kampung trip feeling. And having friends nearby but far enough for a few hours traveling offer me the very chance.

PhotobucketElisa and family's warm hospitality made all of us very comfortable indeed. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Not to mention my children. Btarisyia is so fond of Izani and stole chances to look after him.

In the car, on the way back home, we all went Aitcchh and Yaitcch, Izani's favourite word. JackJack who sometimes get annoyed being pull down by Izani, would rush to the computer to look at Izani's photo and exclaimed Aittchh, awww he is so cute. We all miss him already.

And not only Elisa's family warm embrace for us, we were also greeted by Elisa's wonderful friends in the Ar@mco. Ar@mco is the big heavily guarded township where most of the world's oil is being produced and managed. There are quite a number of Malaysians there. Such that we were invited to their houses, not one, but three houses.

I was worried at first because, you knowlah, I am shy and all. And what if Elisa leave me all alone, what should I do? Tolong! But Elisa didn't leave me alone until I had the courage to talk to the ladies. He he. And now I make more friends. In fact one of the families are coming next week to Qtar. Elisa tak nak ikut ke? he he.

I must say thank you to my lover and Elisa's hero, Mr. Taufik. If you really think about it, all these would not have happen without our better half's consent of entertaining us, goddesses. One of Elisa's friends ask me, how did Elisa and I know each other. Were we classmates? We looked at each other for like 3 seconds, quite unable to answer. My standard answer would be the internet.

From strangers to friends. And now family friends. Almost relative.

I want to write more but I want to put photos in the multiply first so it would go hand in hand.

But for now I'll show you a glimpse of what the kids get to do at Elisa's. Apart from freely playing outside the house and riding bikes which my children longed for.


PhotobucketMehendi done solely by Elisa. She happily entertained requests for little drawings on the little hands. Jack's hand are not in the picture which is a pity because he had the cutest picture. A little bicycle, which was his original idea.

Sya had cat and flower
Anis had heart and butterfly
Jack had bicycle and a heart and arrow
Haziq had a sword and skull.
Ilham had a sword and a tank
Ihsan had a guitar and the word Cool!
Izani had a smiley face,


dlt said...

Lollies, wahh... syioknya bercuti for 6 days. Away from the house chores for a while. Tapi bila balik lagi penatkan, actually? Izani is so cute.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to you and your family.

Swahili said...

why do i relate to the shy bit (tho over entirely different reason) whn meeting strangers here.hmm.

Welcome Home,bet the laundry awful to deal with :-) Izani has become mini Elisa..cutey.

(your) camera ada any mis-adventure?

OndeOnde said...

can't get thru efx2 - apsal tak tahu lah...more pictures please!

hehehehe...you need to produce your own brand "izani" hehehehehe..

cikdinz said...

rasanya ramai m'sian keje ngan aramco tu kan.
kira famous gak lah.....

Lollies said...

dlt - penat. tapi hati gumbira.

swahili - adakah kita sama pemalu? he he. i didn't get to riyadh finally sebab banyak pulak tempat elisa nak bawak kat khobar tu. so no misadventures. :D

oo - kita dah pencenlah. :)

cik dinz - ah ah. aramco is the highest paying company so far among petroleum company. at least in gcc.

cikdinz said...

kat sana pun cuti sekolah jugak ke. lama gi holiday...

kat sana suasana orang gi haji kan. tak sibuk ke...

Ummi said...

can't wait to see more pictures. what's there in bahrain?