Monday, December 03, 2007

Loi Loi

I have mentioned to you before that some people are happily matching Jack Jack and Loi Loi together. Loi Loi, if you must know is Mr. and Mrs Fath's youngest daughter. The whole family are very close to us. I must say I am very comfortable with them.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJack Jack and Loi Loi are always playing together in such if you are looking for one, you need to find the other. And Loi Loi would be very unhappy if Jack Jack is not at the same function she goes. Will Jack Jack be there, she'd ask. This is probably due to that in my circle of friends they are the only two of the same age. (Actually Loi Loi is older by a year.)They talk the same language too. And Jack Jack is quite a gentleman. He even took his time to buckle Loi Loi's sandal on, which was quite hard on his motor dexterity.

Not enough that everyone teases Jack jack and Loi Loi, but they will continuously tease me as the mother in law. Especially when they see me feeding Loi Loi. Suap tangan tu. Habis dah dia nak, suap ajelah.

I don't mind all these, mainly because I have always liked Mr. Fath and wife. I don't mind playing along because I respect them too. They are a delightful family. Lainlah Mr and Mrs Twit. Uhuk uhuk.

And don't get me wrong, I don't advocate girlfriend boyfriend games. But like I said, they are wonderful friends. And we all are almost like relatives.

Yesterday i got news. Not so good news.

Loi Loi fell off the car. A moving car. On the road. A busy road. Mommy's driving.

I was shocked last night. I tried calling them. But either it was engaged or it was not picked up.

My lover was on the phone with a friend, planning something for this coming weekend. I asked him to stop. I asked my kids to make prayers for Loi Loi. Jack Jack kept asking Loi Loi? Why Loi Loi?

I managed to sms Mr. Fath and was relief to be told that Loi Loi is miraculously ok.

I was so relief.

This morning, I bumped into Mrs. Fath in the arabic school. So I asked her what happened. From what she told me, Ya Allah, it was a near miss. When Mrs Fath got off the car, Loi Loi's hand looked like it was under the wheels. But amazingly it didn't hit her hands, instead it was only her sweater. Can you imagine that? And to think some more that Loi Loi fell onto the busy side of the road. And she is small. And in Qatar everyone drives fast. The only consolation was, she didn't fell head first. The other consolation was, Mrs fath just made a U-turn and was not in full speed yet. In fact Mrs. Fath managed to see Loi Loi holding on to the door half running on the road. ya Allah ya Allah!

Please don't bombard me with issues of childlock, seat belt and car seat. I am sure Mrs fath is already guilty as it is. And Loi Loi has never ever fiddle with the lock until that fateful day.

I cried listening to Mrs fath. I cried with her. Right there at the bottom of the stairs in the arabic school. I cried because I was and still am thankful to Allah that he wants to extent the loan of Loi Loi to fath's family, the loan for us to cherish this little bubbly girl. I feel that the family was given a second chance. And for that I was thankful. Syukur! Syukur Ya Allah!

I was feeling so overwhelmed that I could not concentrate in class. I was called almost all the time to the board and I made silly mistakes and then still manage to get myself lost in space only to be called ya Lollies, are you with us? I apologised to my teacher after that and explained why was I so spaced out. She gave me a hug.

I think this incident is a reminder to us all. Child lock. Seat belts. And what nots.

And our love ones can be taken away anytime.

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ummi said...


cikdinz said...

kenapa cuai sgt tuh. bahaya nya...
nasib baik tak teruk sgt...

MULAN said...

ohooo..!! omg.. alhamdulillah, loi loi tak de apa2.. seghiau darah..!!!

atiza said...

Alhamdulillah Loi2 ok..

simah said...

Alhamdulillah.. loi loi is ok... i am sure that is one lesson learnt..

and loi loi is sooo lucky to have a very caring future mother in law who loves a lot! heheheheh

Lollies said...

ummi - Ya Alhamdullilah. Syukur amat

cik dinz - i wouldn't rub salt on the already wounded wound. I am usre the mother is feeling terrible. tapi cik dinz pastinya amat berhati-hati kan? car seat for babies and booster seats for the bigger one. seat belts and all.

mulan - tak leh saya bayangkan takutnya.

atiza n- memang

simah - amboi sempat lagi tu nak kacau saya tu. cubit simah ni kang. :D

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

i can only imagine how they felt at that moment and the relief now that looi looi's ok. alhamdulillah syukur. it can happen to anyone, unfortulately it happend to the faths.

syukur tak ada apa apa.