Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not enough time sometimes

I find it even harder now to sit down and put up my feet sometimes.

At the start of me becoming the domestic goddess nearly two years ago (coming to Qatar that is), I've already found the job quite overwhelming. It's never ending job you know. What's with to think what to cook nearly everyday. Ands the cleanups is continuous yet repetitive.

And then I started sending the kids to school. I spend two hours in the afternoon. Sometimes I got home at three (nearly everyday). Even limited time to do all the goddessy work. And that is why I am busy in the morning. I must make sure that lunch is ready before I go out to pick the kids up. So at least when the kids got home at three, they get to eat.

Usually after eating I will start muqaddam reading with Sya. And her bahasa malaysia work. And her spelling and her reading. And her supplementary ugama book. This may take one hour or two. Thankfully Haziq can do his own work with minimal supervision now. But still I do check occasionally depending on my time. That is in between cleaning up the kitchen and mopping and what not.

And I know I must not neglect the quality time like playing games together and reading together. Not to mention, I strive for the days that I take them out to the park which is quite a drive away.

And my house now is err not of goddess quality. But I have no shame to tell you this because all of you know I am a faux. And you still love me regardless. Err kan?

And as if those are not enough, I slaughtered myself to become an ASS comittee. And to put up the newsletter, making posters and managing projects and meetings took alot of my time. But after I finish my ASS, I was dead bored. I must do something. Classes of course.

And now with the classes, I am attending. Two of my mornings are taken up. So there will be two days that I run around like an amputated cockroach. And with classes there are homework. Wajib. And for tajweed, there is hafazan with correct tajweed. Oh sungguh gelabah gelabah.

Not to mention activities during the weekend. I find it even harder to do the bigger goddessy job. You know housekeeping the cabinets, the fridge, the wardrobes, the toilet, the dressing table, the stove. If I use to mop everyday, I skip days sometimes now.

I am squeezing time for my relaxing hours online like blogging, blog hopping, chatting, analysing photos, uploading photos and reading and replying mails.

And when Batrisyia's teacher asked me whether I would want to volunteer doing reading once or twice a week with the children, what do you think my answer was?

P/s : The children are lovely.

Oh some picturs of Sya's school's international day HERE.


simah said...

i am sure u said..
*oh..i will be honoured* hehehe

i am sure the goddess in u shines all the need a goddess like home :0) besides only a goddess can multitask the way u do.. bravo!

Anonymous said...

hahaha...i understand. Hanya org org macam kita aje tau duduk rumah tu kerjanya tak henti henti kan? I anak baru sorang tapi letih dah..imagine you dah 3. Thats why berpantang is very important to me bukan nak slim bukan nak jaga badan diva tapi nak meletopss letopss punya sihat supaya kencang nak uruskan anak anak and rumah. Betoi tak??

Duduk umah ni kerjanya 24jam. Time rehat, time tido aje.Sakit pening still kena masak. Still kena jaga anak. Mana ada MC?Mana ada cuti?Hujung tahun pun belom tentu dapat bonus...hahahah...

haihhhh...camner camner? Camtu ler...

Swahili said...

Assalamualaikum. I chance upon your blog, pure coincidence. We live in Riyadh, 3months now. A year in Dammam and a few months in Dubai *sigh*..

My blog is so new but I thot it would be nice, if we can look at each other blog for "the other side perspective". Beware tho, im just starting out..

Im Suhaily btw..a struggling housewife from career woman, aren't we all...and yes my 2cents worth on this blog - A housewife never sleeps do they, like a city that never sleeps (NY?) and incentive? whats that..haha im sure its our kids & their cherubic smiles.

Mid 30's /
Singaporean in Riyadh

anne said...

they say being a housewife is a fulltime job, what more a goddess kan;-)...well what do i know, but i think you are doing great...

ZazaHardy said...

i hear you woman! i hear you loud and clear! hey, i'm pretty sure you're doing brilliant!!

i am now taking this time (aidan napping) to blog and at the same time read what other fellow bloggers are up to. hardly have the time these days. thus, havent been writing much comments on yours.

and anyway... i'm pretty sure you said yes to batrisyia's teacher! knowing the gem that you are, i'm sure you said yes! kan? tak? eh? yes kan? hehe..