Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Know some of the places

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I like putting maps whenever I want to show a place I am going, so that you can gauge where the place is.

I live in Qtar. Can you see it on the map? Qtar is a part of GCC. Not all middle east countries are in GCCs. The six members of GCC are Bahrain, Kuwait, Qtar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE. Just so you know.

Tomorrow, after EID prayers, and also after makan-makan raya at Shidah's place. Oh btw, for those of you who knew Shidah (a retired blogger), she is here visiting her hubby. So I will be cooking some festive food, nasi himpit instant(yang shidah bawak), rendang, peanut sauce and the lot and bring it over to Shidah's place.

Oh back to the story, after EID prayers at the embassy, we shall be leaving to Elisa's place in Al Khobar. Some spell it as Al Khubar. If you have been reading Elisa, you can see she is busy preparing her abode. Malunya aku. She is the truest of goddess to the bone. Just look at her cushion covers! Pengsan!

I have been planning to go to AlKhobar for sometime now, but somehow the bureaucracies to get into Saudi has stopped us. But we have settled everything. First we have obtained the bahrain Visa. for a transit visa to saudi, we need to have the country's visa that we intent to go first. When we went to Oman, we got the Oman visa first before the saudi transit visa. Unlike the Bahrain's visa which is ready within one day, Saudi transit visa took eight days. My lover has done the exit permit.Legaaa. All ready to go now.

So tomorrow, I shall be driving to Al Khobar. And I will be testing my new toy while I am at that. Thank you lover.

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Elisa has in advanced made itineraries for my visit. Bless her. We shall go to Bahrain for two days. Bahrain, as you can see on the map, is a small island north of Qtar. They are planning a bridge to link B@hrain and Qtar. I wrote it here. And that will indeed shorten the time to go to Al Khobar even. My toy suggests that it will take me approximately 4 hours to drive to Kh0bar (not including immigration hassle). If the bridge is up, it will take me half an hour to reach B@hrain and another half an hour to reach Khobar (not including immigration).

And then we will travel down to Riyadh. Riyadh, as you know is the capital of Saudi. We will crash Elisa's friend's place. Malu jugak ni sebenarnya. Hope my children will behave. And they have made plans to visit a very interesting place there. I am actually worried about the camera. I don't know how friendly the Riy@dh authorities are with cameras.

My kids are happy that they will be seeing Elisa's children again. I certainly hope they won't wreck Elisa's place. I am bringing loads of chilly sauce and oyster sauce for Elisa to hopefully last her until next summer. I am bringing some othe stuff which can't be said yet. Surprise.

So I would be offline for about a week, and Insya Allah will be telling stories by next week.

I know I am going to have fun.

I just hope I won't put on too much weight knowing all these goddesses in Saudi.


Anonymous said...

waaa, shidah dah sampai sana ya. kim salam kat dia.

slamat raya aji, loll


Jo Kontan said...

I read Shidah BlogYearss ago. Surprisingly, I still have the url in my favourite, undeleted.

He he.

Apasalahnya putting up a few kilos here and there..

Y'All DG Bloggers Hav Fun Yaa..


k.d said...

Waahh...Lollies...orang dapat xmas present dia pun dapat gak... I was thinking of giving one for hubby lepas tengok advert kat sini :) so..bagitau lah yek rekomen ke tak ok..!

anggerik merah said...

Selamat hari ray aidil adha and have a safe journey...

Story-story nanti ya..

cikdinz said...

salam aidiladha.
have a nice journey...

ZazaHardy said...

garmin wooohooo!! enjoy it! and have a safe trip, enjoy yourselves. looking forward to more stories next week! will read after we come back from our uk trip insyaallah.

i dont know what we would do without our tomtom. seriously, the best invention! gila terrer!

hardy's going to riyadh for a week next month.. seeing that its so close to qatar, how i wish i could tag along...


Anonymous said...

salam aidiladha. eh kak sheeeeee ke mummy. kim salam kat dia. rindulah. hehe. marah lak mr. shee nnt. hope sempat.

enjoy ur saudi trip mummy.

m.u.l.a.n said...

enjooyyy your trip..!!! kitorang ni baru balik explore north & south vietnam. flight , boat, train & motorbikes pun cukup lah. bisa sengal dah badan ni..

Anonymous said...

Hi Lollies,
Kalau lah I tak silap orang, I think we've met (virtually) in Facebook - we were introduced by Elisa :) Anyways, we're already here in Qtar. Nice but am still getting to know the place. Anyways, really enjoy reading your stories!

bertique said...

tiada sesiapa yg sudi melawat saya yg sebatang kara di perantauan nih ke? sedih nya ... makan kfc jek ok hari raya hu hu hu