Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hopelessly Romantic

I really should stop thinking that everyone shares my idea of romanticism.

Some of the good Malaysian ladies here in D0ha are planning to conduct religious classes for the children. I volunteered to do as much as I can. Nak mengajar tak pandai, jadi buat-buat sebok je lah.

So as part of my job, I asked a a few people whether they would like to enroll their children. I mean this is great news is it not? Finally we would have a religious classes conducted by the Malaysians themselves, most likely in a very conducive class setup, ada buku teks, ada blackboard or whiteboard to be exact, ADa permanent marker, apstu ada eraser sekali, ada kerusi meja, ada proper syllabus. Do you not share the worry that I told all of you numerous times here just how much I am worried coming to this Muslim country with no Muslim teachings? I took granted of these things in malaysia sebab kita kan ada sekolah ugama segala. I monitor their learnings, yes. But I do not have to create a syllabus to know what to teach and when. When everything befallen on you and you watch your kids grow not knowing how to recite Fatihah, not knowing what to say during sujud, and you look left and right and you only realise that no one there except you, then shiver. Pee in your pants if you like. The responsibility is totally yours!

So this is BIG. This is wonderful. This is helping the Malaysian Muslim children.

So I approached this lady. I see her quite often. She goes to the same centre that I go. I shared with her the great news expecting her to jump of joy with me.

So if you would like to join, just give me their names. We accept from age 6 and above.

She replied, hmmmm, I don't know. bebudak ni banyak homeworklah Lollies.

Hah? Alaa weekend aje. itupun mungkin 2 minggu sekali aje.

Tak taulah Lollies. Kena tanya bebudak ni minat ke tak.

Tapi mintak cepatlah sebab tempat terhad ya. We can't accept anymore kalau full.

Yalah tengoklah macamana

What?? She is not jumping? This is not exciting? She doesn't find this romantic? She doesn't find thiss oooohhhh ahhhhhh like I do?

And because I was shocked about the homework part, I blurted,

Homework tu reward untuk sekarang. Yang ni untuk akan datang.

Which I regretted saying because who am I to say that? How would I know whether she has done something with her children. Who do I think I am? What right do I have to think that everyone is willing to share my idea of romanticism.

Oh well.

She gave her children's name three days after.

Since coming back after the summer break, I have a feeling that this coming year will be a good year, Insya Allah. I foresee this year will be a romantic year for me. I want to try my best to make sure I akan mabuk cinta tahun ni. So whenever I smell politics are coming in and spoil the love in the air, I will try to sprinkle lollies and sweet flowers as much as I can. Hari tu ada sprinkle bunga sikit. Nampaknya dah berbau wangi masa angin bertiup. Cuma kekadang tersprinkle bunga tahi ayam jugak. tee hee he


Anonymous said...

being in msia, i admit i do take these things for granted sebab ada KAFA *hangs head in shame* i totally agree with you, responsibility ni memang kita punya. i applaud your efforts (and your 'hopelessly romantic' friends :))

all the best babe.

Anonymous said...

number four!

أم الليث said...

i have to say that my response might be like that lady - just to find excuse to not send the kids :p

only because i'm quite prejudiced against religious classes organised by malaysians. can't really justify this feeling. maybe just because there's much bid'ah and taqlid in the syllabus in m'sia. or due to politicalisation (is there such a word?) of islamic teachings.

but i can't say more than that because my son isn't big enough to learn ibadah yet so i do not know the dilemma. =p

Lollies said...

famy - actually you are luckylah. at least dah mudah sikit tugas. nak mengajar bacaan tahyat, duduk antara dua sujud, iftitah sendiri is not an easy thing to do. and your kids semuanya dah hafal banyak.

however i suggest you to buat pemantauan on what they are learning. I noticed haziq dulu tajwid contohnya kurang sikit. My two cents aje ya.

screw - hah? apa yang number fournya?

aliya - :). which is so true. to tell you the truth after looking back at the syllabus, I noticed banyak yang terover. Ada ka kata korek hidung batal puasa (contoh. So i end up taking the topic and approaching it differently. Some tu I just leave it aje. Please advise me.

The religious class dia orang nakbuat ni pakai curriculum dari darussalam. Insya Allah following the sunahs. However they are using Malaysian syllabus for fiqh. And that's why I have to be there. So I can monitor and discuss with my kids later. I felt that this is important for them for they will be going back to msia and people might tell my kids that they are doing wrong. If i can support him with sunnah and hadith earlier, it would be good for him.

pray for me to always correct my niyah ya.

1na said...


akak pregnant yer?!

number four hehehehehe

mosh said...

Insya-Allah banyak pahala tu. Yeah I wonder about the last part too..

Anonymous said...

Amende yg 4?

Keep us updated on the progress yar..and stay hopelessly romantic.

*pats lolls*

Lollies said...

ayooo. Mabuk cinta tahun ni sebab my idea of romanticism is as explained in the post. tak ada kena mengena dengan being pregnant.

what are you guys saying I am fat? *cekak pinggang*

Anonymous said...

no.. i only said number four. wait, ni secret code ke. 4 = fat? *lari*

cikdinz said...

wah...nak bercinta sakan nampak...

Anonymous said...


i'm 42 then

Mama Rock said...

lollies, when we were in the padang pasir, i had the religious studies teacher at school to teach them mengaji once a week dulu at her place. this is an excellent initiation!

butterflutter said...

This is my personal opinion. Selain dr sendiri takde masa nak ajar sometimes anak2 I ni dgn mamanya banyak lemak tapi when cikgu kata semua betul dan ikut.
For me apa yg penting at this age 5-8 yo is belajar cara solat, bacaan dlm solat, wuduk dan yg berkenaan dgnnya.. puasa etc. Asalkan apa yg diajar di sekolah tu totally tidak salah dr segi agama or terpesong, alhamdulillah.
At the same time I banyak berbual/bertanya on what they learn. Belajar apa? Apa ustazah cerita etc...
-I yg masih cetek ilmu agama

Myra said...

Wah, love the initiation part. You go girl! =) Best of luck and lots of doa from me.

Hhehehehhehehehheheh <-- aj's comment was so cute! Ade ke secret code. Hahahha..

Lollies said...

screw - kejaaaarrrrrrrr

cik dinz - bercinta is good for you

rotidua. mana ada awak 42 awak 40

mama rock - kudos goes to the good ladies here

BF - which is true. keep abreast of what they are doing. It's not totally bad. Our part is to apply them with the kids Insya Allah.

sama-samalah kita belajar kan butterflutter

elisataufik said...

baguslah ada classes macam tu.
DUlu masa I baru datang ada jugak someone buat initiative to hold something like this. Sementara anak2 ada kelas, mak2 boleh berkumpul borak2 ;)
But nowadays dah takde.
I ni terlalu banyak 'aktiviti lagha' yang lain to have time teach my kids on my own :( *shame shame*
We just teach them informally lah, sambil2 makan, discussions at the dinner table when we talk about what went on with them during the day.
This is also one of the reasons that sedapkan hati I nak balik Malaysia - ada kelas agama.. and I tak perlu risau i tersalah ajar ke, I ajar tak cukup ke..

simah said...

selamat beromantik..tapi ni romantik for the future kan..memang berbaloi.. :0)

cikdinz said...

mmg ler...hehehee...
sampai ke akhir hayat...

m.u.l.a.n said...

yeahh.. selamat lah ber-romantik..

awat la lagu tu? patutnya berterima kasih ada org yg bersusah payah nak menganjurkan kelas2 agama..

Anonymous said...

love is in the is in the air.....kena nyanyi lagu nih kat u ahahahhah...

sapakah perempuan ituh?? hahahha....gossip...gossip..