Sunday, November 09, 2008

Looking Back to look forward

Like I said a year ago, September feels like new year when it comes to the children as they start their new term in September. I put some resolutions concerning them HERE.

So now is the marking time.

Sleeping time :

I made a resolution that the kids would sleep earlier and it works! Last year they slept the latest at 9:30. But this year I made the time earlier which is 8:30 because now that all of them are in the same school, everyones needs to get up earlier to rebut the toilet. And all of them go out earlier to school. It is quite a distance. Now they slept the latest at 9:00. Yayyy. KPI over exceed expectation.

Haziq's listening skills :

First of all I must say thank you to all of you who gave some tips last year. I remembered Jo's tip the most. I MUST LISTEN TO HAZIQ! Oh! Dusyum. This boy I tell you he talks too much. Gua tak larat. I try the best I could tapi kekadang tu gua hmm hmm hmm aje.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAnyway, earlier this year, my lover started going to Fanar for Jumuah prayers. He takes Haziq along. Fanar offers khutbah in english. Finally Haziq get to understand what khutbah jumaat is for and is alert all the time. Each time he comes home, we would discuss about the khutbah topics. And if we miss Fanar (sebab effort gak nak pergi ni), he would be quite disappointed.

Furthermore ever since I have Imam Anwar Al Awlaki CDs on nearly all the time, he is more alert and has sharpen up his listening skills. We would sometimes discuss the contents and it is amazing how kids see things in a different perspective.

However he still couldn't hear well when I told him to kemas barang.

But still KPI overexceedlah. Wow!

Sya's development :

She is doing well. Very good in fact. ALhamdullilah. Her reading and writing skills have soared tremendously. I found her either drawing or writing minibooks. She has memorised quite a handful of Surahs. Read it HERE. So I am satisfied.

New resolutions :

I need Haziq to be more organised in his train of thoughts. He has many ideas, Masya Allah. It is like an explosive of ideas. So what he need to do is calm down. I can't train him much here for I am a gelabah person myself. Perhaps I will make him explain things S L O W L Y. But seriously you should see our schedule. It is so hectic. Qucik! Quick! Quick! You know time is not on your side. Why waste?!! How on earth can I teach him to be calm like that? Huhuhu. Any tips?

Haziq, I noticed has quite good memory retention. Alhamdullilah. I want to utilise this to his benefits as much as I can. I am thinking of getting him memorise the Juz Amma as much as he can. So we talked about it and I thought perhaps I can promise some reward. I offered either a camera or an ipod. And he said I want none of those. I actually thought he will say something romantic like I will do it for Allah's sake. But instead he asked for a desktop. Laaaa. But then he also said, but its' too expensive. So tak apalah. The discussion stop sampai situ. So we'll see..But now I am rechecking all the tajweed for the soorahs he has memorised. We have casually mentioned this to his Ustadz.

And Sya..tsk tsk tsk. My only girl. Don't let her demure and calm face fool you for this makcik when she passes her room, she is like a hurricane. Semua benda bersepah-sepah. And she finds it so hard to keep things in place. Even after repeated instruction. Hmm maybe I need to be less berleter. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

But otherwise she really loves helping me in the kitchen. But the kemas part...malas lah nak cerita.

Jack is so happy to go to school now. Yayyy! He feels like a real big boy. No more the cute Pinocchio. He is picking up word really quick.

Now that they are all in the same school, I had to spend a long time on the road. You see, Jack finishes school at 12:30 while Haziq and Sya at 2:00. So I had to wait with Jack in the car for one hour (I only pick him up at 12:50. Malas nak ambik awal. :P)

So we spent the time doing ngaji a bit, reading his school reading books, brushing up on his letters, singing, doing dot to dot, reading story books, sleeping (sometimes aku tertidur dalam kereta). In other words I get to spend a solid one hour quality time with him. No distraction. I think he is very satisfied with that since he doesn't pull me that much after. So itulah blessingnya.

jack jack

So the resolution for him is to do Iqra' with him. He he.

Also in preparation for future long walking, we are visiting Aspire for brisk walk over the weekend. Dahlah cuaca tengah best. Pagi-pagi dalam 21C. Angin sedap-sedap aje. Bliss betul.

I don't know about you but I feel like time is running too quickly. So much I want to do but so little time. I am starting putting in daily schedule and weekly plan on paper. Serabut!


butterflutter said... Haziq, Sha, Jack2 and lollies.
Kita pun byk perkara nak kena rearrange before new year but not major until Sarah starts school in 2010.

cikdinz said...

kecik-kecik dah ada KPI...dasyat...

IbuHaziq said...

okayyyyyyy......i never realised there's so much more than just being a mommy..taking care of the kids....Masya Allah.(slap forehead and pray hard when the time comes for me I will be rajin enuff to do it heh...)

IbuHaziq said...

okayyyyyyy......i never realised there's so much more than just being a mommy..taking care of the kids....Masya Allah.(slap forehead and pray hard when the time comes for me I will be rajin enuff to do it heh...)

1na said...


Nak pi mana?

1na said...


Nak pi mana?

Nina Zan said...

aik kenapa semua org komen 2 kali?

Baru je pergi amik gambar kat masjid Samarra itu...kat Taman Tamadun Islam. Heheheh i rasa pelik dan amazed tengok dia pusing-pusing.

Isk bila baca your plan and KPI and WBS and whatever sungguh rasa banyak nak kena buat. Camna tuh? Anyway.. hooray for Haziq! Hooray for Sya! Hooray for Jack! and hooray for Ibu juga!

elisataufik said...

Wah bagus anak-anak ibu! (menunjukkan ibunya juga bagus ;) )
My kids still kena SURUH masuk tidur at 9pm, itupun asyik merengek-rengek, tergedik-gedik, ngok ngek with macam2 alasan, nak gi toilet lah, nak hug and kiss lah, baru nak pack school bag lah, buku tak habis baca lagi lah, my submarine is not finished lah (ilham).. :P Kalau biar, pukul 11 tak tidor lagi. Tiap2 malam kena herdik, remind pagi besok nanti susah nak bangun awal, barulah satu-satu masuk selimut tutup mata. Itu pun ada lah seorang bangun tengah2 malam pegi tidor dengan abang dia.
eh melalut pulak eh.

I promised my kids something when they have memorized 10 surah juz amma. I can't remember what. When they get home I'll ask them.
But I promised them that if they hafal each and every recitations during prayer, I'd let them buy any book they choose, no price limit.
So far, Ilham cuma tinggal Doa iftitah and doa qunut aje lagi.

Lollies said...

BF - 2010 ya? bunyi macam jauh aje lagi. tapi tup tup dah 2010. Have fun!

cik dinz - ala reminscing masa kerja. tapi bebudak ni bukan tau pun i tgh measure dia

ibu haziq - i am sure you are doing lots for Haziq as well. :D

ina - heh heh tak ada mana pun. cakap aje lebih.

Lollies said...

nina - ah ah ek? asal orang dok repeat comment. mesti ada glitches ni.

Masjid samarra eh? that must be the original masjid wherever it is. Yang the one in qatar ni nama dia Fanar. Sebenarnya ianya tempat daawah for the non arabs. So lectures, class and masjid all in one (which should be that way kan?). Fanar ni tiru design samaraa lah ni kot.

Saya kan sebenarnya nak pakai title auditing and planning. he he tapi takut tersilap term. so pakai tajuk yang tak hip tu.

elisa - sebenarnya kan kat sini pun berketuk. hik hik. nak nak now ni all of them are sleeping in a tent kat majlis. eeeii berborak aje.

wah wah ilham dah bagus tu! Dahhabis semua nanti auntie kasi hadiah!

Anonymous said...

I would put 'year end appraisal' or PMS as title. Kalau taruh auditing nanti kena issue query kat Ibu balik.


Lollies said...

pergh nasib baik tak bubuh term tu.

~akuni~ said...

Wahhh.... so many things to do meh?

mosh said...

sounds like a full KPI for the whole year. abih nanti sapa nak buat you punya assessment? ada bonus lebih ka kalau KPI exceeded? ehehehe.

*copy/ paste list mana la tau can adopt some*

abi said...

tahniah. kena buat tuntutan bonus dan kenaikan gaji macam ni.

Lollies said...

akuni - don't we all?

mosh - dah memang for a year pun. actually kan if you really think about i, this KPI is for me kan? On how to manage the kids. SO i sendiri letak KPI and i sendiri appraise. hahahhaha. tapi macamana i sendiri nak kasi diri I bonus lebih? income pun tak ada.

abi - nak kena tuntut kat sapa tu? :P

mosh said...

can. ask from the one with income ehehehe

goboklama said...

"Gua tak larat. I try the best I could tapi kekadang tu gua hmm hmm hmm aje" wahahahahah!! I do that all the time with my boy. Tapi,dia kurang pulak bercakap dgn org lain, dgn mama dia je sibuuuukkk sangat nk bertaya itu ini,tensen gak kekadang,heheh..

Bestler tengok perancangan u ;)