Sunday, January 25, 2009

A few Steps More

To tell you the truth, I was one of those who never really believe in the boycott campaign. I don't think, with the little power we have we can change the policy of those who strive to transgress.

However, my view has somewhat changed recently especially after the Gaza issue (don't think they have truly stop bombing. A few days ago they just strike Gaza's beach area. report by Dr Azh@r). I still think with my little boycott effort, and even with many people out there, we won't change policies. But this boycott is actually for me. For me to feel that I have done something to change. I must feel that I have done something in my power to try to make a change. When I pass by the food court and the only normal logical food to take is Mek Dee, I strive to not and pray that my intentions are ikhlas. I see it as something tangible I can hold on to, like a sacrifice I am doing in the hope that it will change ME.

Aliya tagged me to list things that I am boycotting, I am trying to boycott and 5 more things that I will find hard to boycott.

Perhaps we can inspire each other and we continue to blow inspiration. And while that we make our intention to pray for our brethren in gaza especially and also throughout the world.

Before I list the products, I must tell you that I am only trying to boycott the products as per the inmind recommendation. You can find it HERE. I am not boycotting just any products recommended by many flying emails just because. I personally think I do not want to make it too hard on myself. Furthermore the inmind site has put some evidence and explained their recommendation thoroughly. I find these reasonable. Lack of iman from my side perhaps, Astaghfirullah, but I prefer not to make a random boycott just because a product is an U.S. product. (Hmm will you shoot me for this?)

5 products that I have already boycott
1. C0ke. This one is easy for I don't take carbonated gas. I do occasionally sip mirinda orange but C0ke tak apalah.

2. Set@rbucks. Actually I do like their doughnut. But the Set@rbucks over here has no doughnut so I have not been visiting set@rbucks for a long time. Plus there are quite a lot of cafes everywhere. So this one can let go lah.

3. L'0real. Well I am not a loyal fan. But I do use their toner for now. Did I tell you that if I am currently using any of the boycotted product, I am not going to throw them just because. I will exhaust them and not purchase them after, insya Allah. And with L'0real, according to the inmind site, comes Lanc0me and Bi0therm and R@lph L@uren. All products I am using. So huhuhu..tapi tak apa I am willing to let go.

4.J0hns0n & J0hns0n. Even though I still have two big bottles of kids shampoo and conditioner. But I am already starting to boycott (after I finish the shampoos though)

5. Delt@ G@lil also supplies to Marks & Specer and G@p and R@lph L@uren and DeeKNY and C@lvin Kle]n. Thus Insya Allah I will try to avoid the apparels from these brands. Marks & Specer are on a big sales here. Sila pandang dari jauh saja.

Actually for me there is no distinguish between i have boycott and i will start to boycott bearing in mind that I have never boycott anything before. I guess for me it's the degree of boycott. The first five in the list are products that I rarely buy anyway perhaps one or two while the second list are things that I usually buy.

5 Products I will Start to Boycott

1. Timberl@nd. Huhuhu. Both my lover and I love their products. We love theire shirts, their jackets and their shoes. Sigh! It's a strive, Insya Allah.

2. Esteeee L@uder. I like their perfume and some of its affiliate companies. I'll stick to Ch@nel then.

3. Mek Don@lds. My kids were slightly not happy for this. But we have discussed this together. May Allah bless my children for their little jihad. Haziq loves the cheeseburger. I love fish fillet. And we all love the cheap QR1 icecream. But there is still burger king ice cream yang also QR1. (Burger king is not in the inmind's list)

4. Nest1e. Well well well, I am using nesc@fe, mil0, m@ggi, Nid0 (susu tepung) and sometimes K1t K@t. The toughest one is mil0. Is ovaltine nice?

5. Carfour. Initially I don't really want to boycott Carfour. According to inmind, Carfour's role is on their ladies intimate apparel and socks that are using Delt@ G@lil products. Delt@ G@lil is the one that you need to boycott. But then since it is not too hard to boycott Carfour for there are many alternatives. I thought why not.

5 products that are hard to boycott

1. 20th century F0x. Kalau beli pirate ok?

2. D1sney. Hmm I don't watch this channel much because the kids seem to have outgrown them, but I won't lie to you. I'll probably not stop them anyway. But I will try to avoid it. I will boycott their apparel and toy products though. About D1sneyland I won't promise anything.

3. 1ntel. This entry is processed by 1ntel.

4. National Ge0graphic.Not that I watch them everyday or buy their magazines. But seriously their documentaries are good.

I can't think of the fifth.

I don't know who to tag because I do not know what your stands are. If you are already boycotting or thinking about it or even not you are welcome to respond to this entry. Tell me when you do.

I also think that with all these calamities that are happening to our brothers should make us ask ourselves one thing..are we closer to Allah today than yesterday? I hope that none of us go berdemo and go home too tired to pray Isyak.

Bilal Philips asked this question, did you pray Subuh at the mosque (for men) on the day you went for demo? Gulp!

My teacher was very angry the other day when she saw big pieces of cakes not eaten in the bin at our class. She said, forget boycott if you are behaving like this. Our ummah will never reach success. If you don't come closer to Quran and Sunnah, we will all finish. Another gulp.

The question, however, is mainly for me and hopefully it serves as a reminder to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Lol, madame I read with all seriousness then come across point about century fox.

Kalau pirated boleh kot, since we're crippling the original sources kan? Lost of profits for them since kita support the pirates? no?

and yeah, national geographic sangat bagus the programs. as for us, the program comes freely with the basic satellite package?

ovaltine is not as nice as milo but kalau pandai tweak around the mixture of milk and ovaltine it actually taste quite good too.

in the list link.

I'm using maggi, nestle,johnson & johnson (ini 3 hard to boycott but have to try but maggi very rarely beli so safe to say senang to boycott for that)

I can boycott almost everything in list cause :

Most of the common items dah lama tak dibeli.

and most of the items like Sanex, I use to like 'em in UK but unavailable here.

Prefer sony and samsung to nokia (but using an old one from my uncle now so bila rosak can opt for others he he)

and intel? paling susah to avoid for now?

Sekian, that would be my efforts in boycotting the stuffs :)


atiza said...

kadang2..there are good and bad things about boycotting products by the j3w5..good if the products were imported but what if the products were produced in Malaysia..the workers are Malaysian..with closure of Int3l Penang (and one of our AL9ers may be affected by it)..boycotting T3sc)/C@rr3f0ur eventhough most of the products are relatively cheaper than other shops..

entah la..susah jugak ek?

tapi chanel mahal woooo...!

masdiana said...

It's hard at first, but just tepuk dada tanya iman, rather than tepuk dada tanya selera, :-) bcoz of coz selera kita nak benda yg dah biasa di tekak - somewhat has been brainwashed that they taste better bcoz we're so accustomed to it - again power of media + market control / brandname. InsyaAllah, with the right intention, nothing won't go unrewarded. :-)

Nor said...

Salam Lollies,
I've been reading you for quite sometimes, tp 1st time letak comment ni...Just to say, I'm totally with Bilal Phillips on demo issue.

Neeza Shahril said...

memang tough.. in fact sesangat..
ada alternative product tapi tak sama kan..
takpe, I'll try.. keep trying...

Nazrah Leopolis said...

i am one who would not support the piracy of intellectual property sbb by principle it is my periuk nasi. but i am SO EVER WILLING to make an exception this time!

You are going DOWN Jud@s!

Nina Zan said...

i read with interest about setarbucks falling profits :)

butterflutter said...

Personally I am starting silently and slowly. Now dlm process looking for alternative. Semoga usaha ini berpanjangan.

Hansac said...

Banyak benda boleh diboikot sebenarnya. Dari dulu lagi. Takkan nak tunggu orang mati kena bunuh baru sibuk nak boikot. We have been living in a hedonistic world and have been very dependent on Western civilization for so long I do not see a point in boycotting at all.

Boycott boycott ni sama macam orang bakar bendera Israel/US or bakar patung Bush. Letih-letih beli/buat bendera/patung, lepas tu bakar. Tak ke membazir namanya.

When we read history, in the past it was not so clear cut Islam versus Christianity walaupun Perang Salib. There were alliances between religions, Muslim Kingdoms ally with Christian Kingdoms to fight yet another Christian Kingdoms allied with other Muslim Kingdoms. Muslims and Christians and pagans intermarried and forged unity in the name of survival, not in the name of God or religion.

When Arafat was still alive no one mentioned the big casino that funded his activities. No one.

There are Arab Muslims who are Israeli citizens and if we boycott Israel we also boycott these Muslims. Also if we boycott America we should not forget the millions American Muslims who work and live in America. Are we to say our faith are better than the American Muslims just because we happened to be born in countries other than America/UK/Israel?

Malaysia foreign reserves are solidly in US dollars. If we do not trade with America our economy will collapse tomorrow.

The stark reality is that emotions are good for war but they are not good for peace.

What was Islam again? Is it not peace?

Islam says fight if you are winning but if you are not, negotiate. Don't throw yourselves into disaster just because you think you are right.

Suicide bombers go to hell and they should stay there.

anne said...

hi lollies:-D

i can live without many things on the boycott list...but for MILO...aiyooo how la, nothing else matches...