Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Great Difficulty

I am writing the previous post with much difficulty. Even though the walimah event was a merry one at that time, but the bleak scenario concerning the never ending sufferings now makes it difficult for me to be merry. But check out the walimah pictures there anyway. Click HERE.

My teacher who is also a Philistine, found it hard to teach us yesterday. My heart goes out for her.

Going for jemaah prayer at one of the mosques here, you'd observe their qunut. And it was a maghrib prayer. Ameen ameen ameen to the imam's dua even though I don't truly understand it. But Insya Allah, it's like a universal understanding. At least among the Muslims.

It's cold now in Doha. In the early morning, the temperature reads 6-8 Celcius. I believe it's colder at night. My children are complaining that it's cold. So I wrap them up in socks and sweaters and put on the heater. I also whispered to Jack that he can come and sleep with me, if he finds it too cold. (he is seeping with Sya now by the way) So taking advantage of my permission and my kerinduan, he's been found snuggling warmly at my armpit for two nights in a row.

When it's cold everyone gets hungry quickly. If I don't cook, I can always buy, Insya Allah. And the children will always have food.

Jack showed me a very micro scar on one of his fingers. He can't remember where he gets it.

But the children of Gaza only faces sufferings day and nights. It's cold. Food has probably run out. They don't talk about scars anymore..

O Allah most merciful grant their death a syuhada.
O Allah most strong perish the tyrants who are here to deny your religion.
O Allah most bountiful grant us victory.
O Allah to you we seek help.
O Allah show us the straight path.


mamarawks said...

amin tu your du'a....

damn you israel dan sekutunya.. reading saifulislam entry makes me full of sad and angry today..


ery kumagai said...

br lps chat ngan my fren yg kat doha tu about this same issue.

and baru lps membubuh comment kat FB psl this same issue too

sedih sbb yg jahat (dan mmg terang-terangan dilaknat) sesuka hati buat apa yg diorg suka.

sedih sebab yang sepatutnya boleh tolong (berkuasa dan seagama) chose to tutup mata tutup telinga. lagi2 ada jugak yg bg bantuan pulak kat alkafirun tu.

sedih jugak sebab ramai org kita sendiri kat sini yg buta mata hati.


Myra said...

There are a few ways we as Muslims can help:
1. Be the sumber of berita & maklumat sebenar ttg Palestin.

2. Mempermudahkan saluran dana (boleh contact me for this)

3. Jadi team member Gerak Gempur Gaza Gaza Gaza! (For those yg in Johor) -- can also go thru me.

Yang penting, kita perbanyakkan doa, dan boikot semua barang2 Israel Yahudi Laknatullah.

AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar!

*sorry kak lollies. Tumpang iklan. I hope you dont mind.

Lollies said...

praying is one of the weapons we have friends. Don't forget to make dua for them.

myra - waahh dasat jihad awak. People check out her blog for information. (eh myra ada kat blog tak?) And contribute what you can.

Myra said...

No actually, I havent done a post on it yet.Ive only distributed emails. I will soon. Ill tell u when its done ok :)

If you can find ppl to donate, Id really appreciate it.