Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dear friends, muslimin wa muslimat,

Ghozah tahta annar.

Gaza is under fire.

As you all know. To me the whole Muslim ummah is under fire. When I look at saudi and Egypt and Jodan who refuse to do anything, I felt dismayed. Open up your doors and let the mujahids flow in. Show the taghut what war really mean.

What have we done for them today my friends? Please continue to make dua for them everyday. Every fard prayers. Every time we cry when we read, when we watch the TV, the net.

Do what we can. Part some of our money for them. Go read Elisa's for more possible ways to help them rebuild their lives after being ousted from their own country.

May Allah give the Muslims victory. O Allah relieve the Muslims from the Taghut Zionists! Give them patience and strength.

qatar There is this place called Z1kreet in the north of Doha as marked pink in the map. It has a very interesting landscape. Rocky desert with rock formation.

It's almost what we learn in the Geography Fizikal before. Eh! Ada lagi ke subject ni sekarang?.

I am still not satisfied visiting this place eben though I have been there a couple of times. I still have not reached the most North of the area. I intend to recce the place and get to know it better. But the last trip we went with some of my good friends here were quite nice.

qatarWe found some not-so-wild camels yang telah gave a chase to the pengantin baru. Sungguh lawak. kelakar tak kasi can. And finally when the camel quiet down, it strike a pose for us, turned her back and berak dengan banyaknya. HAHAHAHAHAH. Lagi lawak.

There were wild ostriches as well. They also said ada kandang kuda kat situ. kalau ada rezeki they allow us to naik the kudas. But we didn't find them horses. So Insya Allah next time.

Somewhere in the middle of the Z1kreet district, (N25 degree 34'41.6" E50 degree 50' 47.8"), there is this recently made up arabian village like. This is actually the site that they use to film the movie transformer. Oklah..But of course when you have seen an authentic fort and fortress, this is nothing. But still, it was quite nice.

I had a bit of an argument with the caretaker (can you believe I did that?). One of us on that day can speak arab (menantu Dr. Azhar yang first tu), so he spoke arabic with the caretaker. Then when all of the men went to the mosque (while we waited for our turn, mosque kecik), the caretaker was trying to tell us to do something which was really insignificant in my opinion. And we couldn't comprehend him.

So he mockingly asked why the other guy can speak arabic while we can't. So I tried to tell him in the most broken arabic I can muster,

Rojul. Hua talib fi Jamiah. Yadrasul lughatul arabiah. Nahnu rabbatul Manzil. Lughatul arabiayah shuay shuay.

The guy, he is a student in the university studying arabic. WHile we are domestic goddess. We know only a bit of arabic language.

Then he asked? Hal anti muslimah? Hal anti taqraunina alquran? Ma lughatul fil Quran? Lughatul Arabiah...sahih?

Are you not a muslimah? Do you not read the Quran? What is the language of the Quran? Arabic right?

Nadrasu lughatul arabiah al an. Shuay shuay. Ana maliziah. Arabiah shuay shuay. Aqraul quran ma3a tafseer.

We are learning the arabic now. Slowly. I am a Malaysian so my arabic is slow. I read the quran with the tafseer.

And he said more things in a very mocking manner and I kept saying lam afham. lam afham. I don't understand. I don't understand.

It was quite heated. The thing is I know he is right. Gimme a breaklah Sudanee. Sindir-sindir orang tak baca quran tu buat aku sungguh marah. Tapi actually the more I write it here, the more I feel stupid knowing that he is quite right. Tapi having said it to the face and senghaja menjatuhkan maruah aku macam tu, marahlah gua. Dahlah tu I am a tourist. Bila datang omputeh pandai pulak ko cakap omputeh. Grrrr

The rest of the ladies terbeliak mata aje tengok aku bertekak. I know I know, sometimes I do get carried away. Tak kesahlah tau bahasa ke tak. My bad..tapi marah tau!! If I can quoote that verse that human are made of different types and cultures so we can learn from it I so will.

There is this place called mystery valley. memang nampak macam mystery lah jugak. There were like some old ruins of things on the hills. And we were there masa nak dekat maghrib. Rasa eerie pun ada gak.



We played at the beach there or rather the kids played while the bapaks and some maks err tidur. Not together though. The beach scape was rather strange. Very rocky and ouchy on the feet. I suppose quite good if you like reflexology. But Haziq fell on it, biasalah kelam kabut gamaknya, and bled really bad. Alhamdullilah we had first aid kit. So for those going for traveling jangan lupa update your first aid kit box or if you never had one, do get one.



We went back past maghrib and it was absolutely dark. Slightly difficult to get a good route to get back. Almost all routes that we took were blocked by higher pile of stone. Pakai GPS on a non-existense-road route is not easy especially when it is totally dark. When we finally saw light, we knew we were nearing but we could not access it. So near yet so far. Alhamdullilah the groups who were with us memang gang outdoor. Getting lost is good, sah?

A must go again this one.

More pictures on multiply HERE


Ummu Layth said...

i love seeing different terrains. some people don't appreciate places that offer just scenery but i like!!!

tak sangka banyak tempat menarik bleh pergi kat sana. i always mistakenly believe it's just all desert aje over there.

pasal orang yg mocking tu..eelehh.. takabbur plak bleh cakap arab. tau tak ramai orang ARAB - mother tongue ARAB takleh baca/faham Quran pun. sbb bahasa AlQuran tu bahasa baku..derang tak reti. itu LAGI teruk. at least kita orang melayu, mother tongue MELAYU bleh gak baca Quran..dengan elok plak tu..tajwid cantik dsb.

azGROWLen said...

Can I have your acc number or an account that I can trust to send some contribution for Gaza, You know a lot of 'tabungs' has been set-up here but not sure if actual monies goes to the intended party e.g. Tusnami, earthquake etc

Lollies said...

ALiya - kat sini ramai macam tu tau. Thus they feel they are higher in the deen because arabic is their mother tongue. Pastu bangsa lain macam 2nd class. So bad some of them sampaikan kalau sembahyang kat masjid they would move somewhere else, asal tak dekat dengan kita.

azgrowlen - I personally would suggest you to go to Aman Palestin and Mercy. Both of these organisations have been known to be really doing things on the ground. May Allah shower barakah to those people involved. I know this for sure as well because one of the doctors here in Qtar was once the VP of Mercy and I trust his work. Dr Jemila who is the president of mercy is currently in Rafah now. She managed to get into Gaza during the three hours cease fire. There was a biiigg lorry with a logo of MERCY there. So Insya Allah I trust these organisations.

If you are in Qtar, as for myself I give through Qtar Charity. The chairman is now in Rafah as well, trying to enter Gaza. I trust Qtar Charity, Insya Allah.

In the end after so much that we have give, tswakal to Allah. May Allah recognises our deeds and may it change if not much but a little.

btw for those readers who are in qtar now, Dr Azhar will be going to Rafah this weekend. He really hopes he can get into Gaza. Pray that all those who volunteers will be protected and safe. If you want you can send donation to him. Preferbally in foreign currency. Egypt pounds is good also. Call himlah better.

azgrowlen, i hope this somewhat answers your question. May Allah bless you with barakah for the intention and make for you lots of hasanah in akhirat.

famyGirl said...

my prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

cantiklah gambar, desert or not. ni belum tengok yang kat multiply lagi

Ummi365 said...

i pun pernah kena masa kat amman.. the tourist guide tanya dengan heran? "You are moslem and you don't understand arabic, then how do you pray". terkedu lidah nak jawab. what he said is true.

Lollies said...


mercy malaysia

aman palestin

Lollies said...

famy - thanks famy.

ummi - hmmpphh! saya dah siap soalan nak tanya depa kalau dia tanya i macam tu lagi.

1bloghopper said...


nk minta izin guna gambar ke3 buat wallpaper boleh? the one with the moon.

it looks like one of those photographs that appeared in national geographic magazines.

absolutely beautiful, mystifying :)

Nina Zan said...

Saw the pics in fb. Mystery valley tu macam ombak tapi kena freeze. Entah-entah ada cerita, cuba tanya next time pi sana.

heheheh. Someone just told me over dinner last night; Know when to pick a fight.

+ advise2 lain yang bersangkutan. I'm sure you know lah.

If i were there, i stood behind you, singsing lengan dah. Taruk dua batu kat tengah. Hahahah

Lollies said...

wan - boleh aje. i am honoured. but if you want the original of it, yang resolution besar, kenalah kasi email. :D

nina - I am glad I made this argument sebab kalau tak balik aku rasa aku akan panas aje tak try to defend myself and my friends. and Insya Allah, next time aku akan cuba equip myself. I don't want to allow them to think of us as a lesser degree.

kalau ko ada lagi best boleh jadi tukang baling batu. :D

Swahili said...

i like the mystery valley pic(are you tired of my praises yet?).
a certain aura of uncertainty: enter at your own risk gitu...kenapa tak suruh Mr Lollies pose konon Indiana Jones ;)

for the record, i would argue too. in english.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

anwar and i pernah kena lecture dgn aishah's arabic teacher. dia heran dan marah kenapa kita muslim tak tau cakap arab.

orang pegi jumpa dia nak anak kita pandai cakap arab, dia marah kita apsal kita tak reti?????

kita antar anak kita kat dia untuk belajar la kan...


but u r right, apsal kita tak usaha for the past 20 years to really pick it up eh?

shidah said...

Baru gi situ semalam, we set our tent on the other side (not facing Saudi), beach kat situ tak ada batu. Road tracks are clearer...

On Gaza, over the weekend Qatar organised urgent meeting with Hamas reps coming over and sadly Saudi,Jordan, Egypt refused to come as they all tak iktiraf Hamas, instead they went to the meeting in Kuwait with Mahmoud Abbas. Very sad.

Yes, let's pray for for the muslims victory, ease them from pain, if not now, for the afterlife, inshaallah.

Lollies said...

swahili - who can ever be tired of praises ;) Masya Allah

nazrah - i guess if they are not sarcastic about it will be welcoming. Many of these arabs ni dah 10 tahun baru nak hafal fatehah.

shidah - we are always trying out new route. ;) if you go to the south west of the beach, they are more dramatic then the north one. best ambik gambar.

did you to the lecture yesterday? yang ada estes and bilal philips (among them) tu?

elisataufik said...

Actually nya, it's not that they're doing nothing. The Egyptians are hosting peace talks with the french and Israel and Palestinians. The Saudis are sending air transports (for medicine and also for bringing patients), Jordan.. err.. tak de terbaca lah pulak.
They are providing humanitarian aid, but not political aid. Just like Malaysia dont provide political aid to burma or Acheh or East Timor or Thailand.

Teringatlak incident masa haji. Lepas subuh some of us Malaysians wanted to keep the lights on to read the Quran, but the mak2 arab mintak tutup lampu. Ada sedikit pertelingkahan lah. Pastu a few days later ada pulak game/quiz yang boleh dapat hadiah punya. Banyaklah category soalan seperti Meaning of Words, Stories from the Qur'an, First verse of surahs and such... Sungguh malu when the malaysians couldnt answer most of the questions.. baca Qur'an beriya2 tapi tak dapat jawab soalan.. ehehhehe. I expressed my embarassment to our translator and she assured me that the Arabs are not faring any better ;)
Furthermore, spoken Arabic is different from Arabic in the Qur'an.

p/s nak pegi Zikreet!!

Lollies said...

elisa - heh heh. at the point of me writing this, egypt tak buat apa2 summit lagi. But just my personal opinion I think the big brother saudi can do more than sending those aid. for filipina (with the abu sayaff group) for example, msia hold (try to hold) many peace talk. contohlah. saudi can do more.

and i remembered one time egypt did send in their soldiers to assist. in the 80s until kena intervene dgn the big sam pastu president haltkan. and finally the president kena assasin because orang arah dia berhentikan the aid. wallaualam.

memang spoken words lain especially yand ada loghat-logaht gulflah, loghat egyptlah. lain belaka. but still its in arabic..their language. so fahamlah kalau dia orang pun kena relearn. tapi bila sound direct kenapa i takleh cakap arab..tak baca quran ke memang buat i angin. oh's my bad.