Thursday, January 08, 2009

I wanna be cool

Flip flip flip looking back at what I wrote about what I wanted to do or be for the year 2008. Read it HERE.

As I predicted, 2008 was a busy year. And when all of them moved to the same school, it sort of took more of my time. For I have to leave early everyday for Jack and still go back late because the elder finishes late. But it's ok. The activities I am doing with Zachary has been going on very well. Alhamdullilah.

2009, will take more of my time. I have added an extra day for a few more classes. I will blog about this Insya Allah. I now have only one or two free weekday morning free and one of my weekends are also taken up for a very romantic activity. *wink* will blog about it when it happens, Insya Allah. Suffice to say, if 2008 was busy, 2009 is busier. For a good cause, Insya Allah.

Goddess Role

Hmm. Somehow I have been lacking in this department. And after the last emberassing incident which have dented my goddess stature big time, I have this feeling that my ambition akan berkubur. I was really lazy last 2008. I rarely entertain anyone. For last raya I only invited two batches of people. Tapi adakah raya entertaining my benchmark? Err yeslah I suppose because I rarely jemput orang. Hari lain lagilah tak ada masa.

I rarely look out for recipe but I do make up a few dishes of my own. Mostly simple stuff. I have also served them to some people. Not too bad. And my last spring roll telah menarik perhatian orang sampai nak mintak order. Bior betul??? Tapi I am being real. Food catering is not my forte. I really hate cleaning up and I am not efficient nor am I consistent. Worse I am not punctual.

But I am proud with my gobok now. All the tees, jeans and bajus are folded in a very tegak fashion. I have also developed a system (wah macam bagus) that Insya Allah, housekeeping (for the gobok only) would be very easy. So ada up sikit my goddess stature. Sila tepuk tangan.


Do you remember the photo groupie I was trying to start before? Hmm hampas. Some guys (note please eh guys as in man) yang I jemput were like err apa nak cakap eh? Tak berani or tak confident with themselves. And the one yang agree tak pernah submit apa-apa produce pun. And the only one pulak dah pindah.

But this year I notice many people especially newcomers with big mean machine. Mak oi. Bagak-bagak kamera. And some one has started a new group and I joined. Which is good. I submitted a picture. And only one person comment. Itupun dahlah firstly he thinks I am a guy and his comment was why I put up a sickly avatar. My avatar is the big camel picture yang nampak gigi tu. *ROLL EYES*. This guy asked me to take the avatar down because it is torturing him. Pleaselah! And just because he asked, I am not taking it off. For the reason of just because.

I think somehow I am bad at presenting myself virtually. But I am not despairlah.
I'll learn at my own pace I suppose. Which is very slow.

You see I am trying to be very technical this time round. So I desperately need tunjuk ajar. Since dah go all manual ni, my pictures sangat tak cun. Kadang-kadang becaue of this, I miss moments. Not to mention wrong settings.

However I have improved some technical know how on photo effects and I am quite happy with them. I applied most of this new knowledge on the walimah pictures.

Living in Qatar

My house is still ugly but much more homely.

I have found good things in this country.

I like.


Too many books now. Too much homework also. Just today my homework is answering 20 set questions following the tafseer of Al Baqarah 2:67-73. And the questions themselves require a tafseer of its own.

Write about Khitamussolah.

Read about wudhu' and Ghusl for discussion.

Come up with sentences with a number and noun in arabic. Number must be between three to nine. One muanath. One muzakar number.

Boleh ke ni?


Hmmm this year, I want to improve everything I can about myself, Insya Allah.

I want to increase what I should increase and reduce what I should reduce.

But most importantly I wanna be cool. I want to spread that learning is cool. I hope to encourage more people to join the cool world of learning. I want to show that practising is cool. I want my children to feel that it is cool to be a Muslim. It is cool to tell people, I need to pray. It is cool to have Islamic knowledge and to spend a lot of time learning about it. I want them to have what I should have before but I wasted it. I want what I should have long time ago but have always ignored.

I just want to be cool. Insya Allah. May Allah guide me on the straight path always.


IbuHaziq said... a system managing ur gobok???share la gobok is screaming for my attention but i choose to ignore... :p

join photo groupie maner ni??menarik nyer???i also selalu la wrong setting resulting in a very burok picture...huhh...wasted jer ;p

JoKontan said...

Yes ! Loleetah.

Learning IS kewl.
and New thing is always exciting.


butterflutter said...

All the best to you. Penat mmg penat but I am sure it will be rewarding.

I started this year by reading Atlas of the Quran.

zan said...

I think what you did in 2008 was great. Yang I paling ingat is you have been a great host and also your transformation, d hijab n learning...superb!

all the best lollies...definitely u'r my inspiration ;)

Lollies said...

ibu haziq - hahahahah. tak adalah hebat mana pun. first you arrange according to categories. and each time you lipat you already susun according to these categories. then when i susun, i always take out the stack in the gobok and put the freshly fold. masa ni I will susun the older stacks nicely again and put it on top of the freshly fold. at least once a week, all the folds will be buffed up. so far so good for me. No more stacking all bajus on top of old folds yang menyebabkan not all bajus would be worn.

the groupie ni kat qtar aje. i plan to do outdoor activity sesama and all that. so can discuss settings on set.

jo - to maintain that its col tu yang susah tu. And what I want is more to join this kewlness. Insya Allah. But first nak ajak I kena jadi kewl. yeah baby!

BF - atlas of the Quran is excellent. One of my best references.

zan - thank you zan. Being hijabbed has Alhamdulilah bring us to another level. It has been the toughest block to many other good things.

famyGirl said...

*applause* for all you have done and all you plan to do!! :) sungguh inspirational.

i need to be more organized this year. i don't even take classes (like you do) and i complain about not having time to do stuff. *blush* kena belajar dari awak cemana nak plan/manage time. can write up an entry for that? :)

lazydaisy said...

you're my inspiration too :)
no doubt about it.i'm a far far behind from you but i am just taking small steps at one time.

lazydaisy said...

you're my inspiration too :)
no doubt about it.i'm a far far behind from you but i am just taking small steps at one time.

Anonymous said...

*tepuk tangan*

you were kewl before.. and you will be kewl as always.


MULAN said...

stay cool...

i pun nak kena banyak belajar ni, lagi banyak belajar, lagi jahil rasanya diri ku ini..

goboklama said...

gobok I pulak dh lama karat,tkde sistem lgsung,harus lupa nk update,heheh...

wow,jelesnya Lollies masih ada masa utk belajar tu sumer,bagi kat Goboklama,harus tk tau nk jawab..beruntungnya you...

Stay cool Lollies!! :)

zal said...

Nak rasa spring roll :-)... bila lah nak ajak makan kat umah kan... :-) hehehehe...