Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make Room for Haziq

Haziq has been pestering me for a separate room ever since he turned 10 last summer. He has been sharing room with Sya all this while. And Jack with me.

In the house I am residing now, we only have three rooms. My bilik beradu, Sya and Haziq's room and the majlees. If I give Haziq the majlees, I don't have a room where my guests can come in and sit and enjoy the glorious food I cook.

I thought for quite sometime about this, and I come to what I call a win-win situation. I am giving Haziq a room and I am also keeping the majlees.

The majlees is actually quite big. So I thought of dividing the room, half for Haziq's room and the other half can still be used as a majlees. Haziq was also asked to sacrifice his room for sleepover guests to which he delightfully agreed. As long as he has a room of his own.

And that is why we painted the room. Just to give it a fresher look. We went to get some new furniture for him. Haziq was ecstatic but Sya was a bit sad. All these hype of getting new stuff and she is not getting anything. Kesian sangat kat dia.

Today I want to be one of the bloggers yang show and tell. So some photos of the two-in-one room. Jeng jeng jeng..

Majlees first..




Alhamdullilah, even with the new arrangement, I can still use the arab sofas albeit it is in a smaller space. The good thing is guests can get more intimate.

To make a clear separation between the two areas, I used gobok and a partition. Clever kan? Initially I thought of putting up a plywood wall like. Scrap that idealah. I think this natural separation is much better. Yang lagi bestnya, we now have a new wardrobe. So duvet yang asalnya bawak katil telah di susun rapi. Lover took advantage and dump his suitlah, baju melayulah kat situ. To the dismay of Haziq. What? You think all of these are for you?

Of courselah you can still see the study table and the shelf and kalau gatal jugak nak peek, you can see the bed. Tak apalah..

And now presenting to you Haziq's room.


Well, the room is not so big, but sufficient I think.

I am actually very happy with the turnout. It's more than what I expected, Alhamdullilah.

Some touch ups (yang tak tau bilalahkan), new curtain and some canvas paintings to be put behind the wardrobe.

generalAnyway untuk Sya yang jeles tak keruan itu, I bought her a lava lamp. Sukaaa.

The new arrangement is that JackJack is to sleep with Sya. They love it. Ooohh sungguh adult. Tapi ibu dia di landa kerinduan.

Confession : There was this this one time when the nights were very cold. I was told by Sya that Jack woke up and told her, that he is cold. Then I errr broke all the SuperNanny's rule and whispered to Jack, if you are cold, you can come over to my room and sleep with me. And he did...many many nights. I don't know when he walk in, but in the morning I found him under my wangi armpit. *GRINS* And with very heavy heart told him, tomorrow you must sleep in your room ok?

But that was early of January. Now they make arrangement of their own. Either all of them bunk in Haziq's or Haziq menyelit in theirs. Hmm apa-apalah. Janji senang hati. And Jack has not come in my room since.

Kalau nak rehat-rehat boleh off lampu and baring-baringan



أم الليث said...

Haziq dah besar dah tu...he's craving for privacy. His new room is so nice even though takde pintu ngeheehehe. I notice his room is the side where the aircond is! :p

uhibbu ghurfatakil julus! tilkal areekah jameelah jiddan. ishtaraitiha aw qad mawjudah fi baitiki qabla hijratik?

Anonymous said...

kat mana nak beli majlis, apart from souq wagif?

Diah said...

pandai lah ibu... cantik kamar abang... very tidy and functional.. jack2 dah besar ya... pandai tidur dengan kakak sya... ibu musti rindu bau baby sangat2.. heheheeh...

Zaitul said...

waaaaa...sgt menarik carpet ijau itu....and the new arrangement is cool....hehehe...

btw...u've been tagged...kalu ada mase wat ek ;p

Unknown said...

nice.. ha, skrg baru boleh read your entries.

Lollies said...

aliya - hehehe. oklah kecik tu kan? actually bilik dia ada pintu. Tapi not his room per selah. the whole room tu punya pintu yang gambar no 3 tu. the brown thing besides the book shelf tu is the door. cuma kalau orang datang (tapi tak often pun), dia pun takleh duduk situlah.

alamak! bahasa arab. Cuba cuba try

uhibbu ghurfatul julus aidhon. JIDDAN! err especially apa eh? well especially alareekah.

tapi apakah maksud soalan itu? Huhuhu. I think did i buy it after I move? itu kah? ooohhh takutnya. If that is the question. then naam. uhibbu areekat immediately after i see it. hahahahhaha! boleh ke?

zal - i beli ni kat souq thursday friday. Just tips for buying ya (not that you don't know but for benefit of others). Jangan beli yang sofa dia span. Nipis and soon akan penyek dan tak cun selepas di lenyek dek orang duduk. Get these thcik ones. I had this for nearly 3 years. memang sturdy (tapi berat).

I rasa kedai tu ada lagi. I bought at the shop yang at the corner. Boleh custom made.

diah - tidy ah? Hmmm...terus jeirt kat haziq suruh kemas bilik

ibu haziq - you know my name make my kids perplex. Aikk! is it you ibu? hahahah.

i love the green carpet too. Ini pengganti yang pada asalnya nak beli wall to wall. 10 times cheaper and sungguh exotic

lana - aik! what happeng to it dulu eh?

Jo Kontan said...

Nice.., and the best part of it uncluttered.

Less is defintely more.

We still have the Baby Blues' problem. Dilla (2 yo) and Ajim (coming to 5 yo) still sleep with us..

:-(. U kno the drillaaa. Kaki Dilla atas hidong maam,. etc.

I think the solution is to let it be, and enjoy the moment. Time will come they will want to sleep in their own rooms.

butterflutter said...

Win-win eh ibu. Ibu sungguh pandai. Bestnya majlees tu.

It's good for him to have his own private place. I am currently garu kepala how to put 2 single beds in the girls room tu.

Anonymous said...

I. like!!!!!

haziq, auntie nonah kalau datang lagi ni tidur in your room ya? tapi majlees pun best!

Lollies said...

Jo - ooohh bestnya masih ada lagi yang berkepit wth you guys. you are so right to enjoy it while we can. Blessings tu. I never subscribe to the westren ideas of putting them in a different room dari awal. I just can't. They are so enjoyable. well ok when they kencing and vomit and melalak is err sungguh memenatkan..tapi now dah tak ada lupa dah macamana.

BF - eh hubby you ada cerita pasal nak beli sofa arab tu kan? jadi ke?

I am always looking at thise ideas yang buat bentuk L for two beds and all. I wonder when my time comes nanti muat tak rumah. Double deck sekarang pun banyak boleh custome made design kan?

nonah - he he. you can. Haziq is willing to sacrifice (for now i suppose) tee he he

m.u.l.a.n said...

waahhh..cantik & practical too...

KakNi said...

Look very cosy, baguih lar mak dia kreatif... bukan apa tu, dia nak 'bersendirian' maklumlah dah besar... silap2 haribulan nanti lari balik tidog dgn mak dia... macam my son lar... hi hi hi...

disturbia said...


what a nice room for Haziq...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lollies

The same goes for Omar. As promised (him to us and us to him) that he'll get his dad's computer room as his own upn the new year. So with his move, out went Adam to share a room with Aisyah.. I couldn't sleep the first few nights, our room was so 'empty' and quiet (as Adam snores when he sleeps)...

Our kids have grown :-((

I Do

Lollies said...

Mulan - motto saya ialah nampak cantik tapi murah. :D

akuni - hahahhaha. lama rasanya haziq tak lari tidur kat mak dia. liek ages dah. jack lainlah

disturbia - he likes it very much

aidu - huhuhu the kids have grown up. it's just too fast kan? teringat masa zaman kita dalam pantang dulu. now look at them.

Nina Zan said...

itu selipar dalam rumah ka? macam best je

Lollies said...

nina - ya! itu selipar rumahku yang sunguh berbulu dan warm dan bergaya sekali

أم الليث said...


"did you buy it or was it there when you moved in?"

will u bring the areekah home to Malaysia one day?

simah said...

cool la lollies! very airy as well... way to go girl!

elisataufik said...

dah tu mana I nak tidor bila I datang??

tapi nice!!! Good Job lah :) I prefer non-permanent partitions jugak. and yes, the majlees looks cozier like this. Kalau dulu, tengah dia sangat luas macam boleh menari gitu.
And the lampu is a good idea. kalau dulu, tutup lampu aje, gelap terus satu bilik. I got stepped on a few times. hee hee

Anonymous said...

wow! i am impressed!! very nice AND creative! :)

Lollies said...

aliya - eh ada betullah i teka tu ek? pergh legaaa. I wrote something about the majless masa i mula2 beli dulu. japi cari

hah! dah jumpa. ni dia.

i do plan nak bawak balik kerus tu. kena pikir nak letak mana though.

simah - actually kan..since i dah partitioned kan the room with the wardrobe and the divider tu, matahari tak berapa sampai to the majlees side. a bit dark over there. tu yang kena ada lampu. tapi macam romantic bila the light hit the red divider to match with the re majlees and green carpet. he he perasan.

elisa - hahahahha. you guys were in our very thoughts when we redecorate the room tau. don't worry. Haziq would gladly go the kids' room (actually he is bunking in there everyday lately). infact with the majlees arranged that way, you guys tidur lagi best. rapat2 semua. Cuma I am not sure aircond sampai ke tak kat you guys. hmmm. but the lampu tu would definitely help. ada dua lampu. hehehehe

famy - wehei thanks famy.