Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Lagi lagi walimah

If you have been stalking me, you'd probably remember something about a walimah here in D0ha sometime ago. Yang ada gambar kadhi hensem tu? The entry is HERE by the way.

Anyway, luck struck twice to this family. During the summer holidays, their eldest son announced that he has found the one and they took their vows very soon after that. Two weddings in a year for this prominent couple Dr. Azh@r and Kak Lina. Alhamdullilah.

Now the aris and arisah (groom and bride) are here in D0ha. They are pursuing arabic course at the Qtar Uni here. And they held a walimah. This time in a smaller scale but meriah nevertheless.

It was quite a nervous thing to take their pictures for the groom loves photography himself. But snap I must and so I did.

Overall I am happy with the produce. It's just that I wish i could take more of their candids. But given te condition of the environment, it was slightly not possible.

Anyway sikit gambar di letak di sini.

Activity malaysian Activity malaysian

Activity malaysianActivity malaysian

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Activity malaysian

Some more here



Tapi gambar yang private private tak dapat di tayangkanlah. He he he

May their union be blessed and they live together fulfilling Allah's commands.


elisataufik said...

i really like Anis&Ammar.. so loving gitew.. :)

Lollies said...

indeed they are. sentiasa bersama-sama bila ada gathering. ketawa-ketawa. gurau-gurau. pegang2 tangan. while us the bapak talks to the bapak. the mak talk to the mak. and only interact when its time to go home.