Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another mystery

Off late I have problems trying to call lover.

Each time I call, his number would always be busy. And everytime I tried calling, an sms will follow soon saying that he is trying to call me instead..

On the first day, it wasn't as perplexing because I was expecting him to call, so I guess that was why his number was busy.

But for days and days his number has been busy.

The thing is I can call other people. But not him. He is busy.

Strangely strange.

But today I found the answer.

Apparently I have been dialing my own number to call him.


Anonymous said...

a sign of senile demetia.......

nMJ said...

dah agak dah.

Lollies said...

anon - indeed

pb - tee he he. berhari-hari saya kehairanan

Anonymous said...


mystery is solved.

(nak kata bongok, tak sampai hati plak)

rd said...

hehehe :D

funny la Lolls.. too many mysteries lately? ;)

misteri hari tu takde jawapan?

elisataufik said...

What in the world have you been eating??
Maybe you have ants in your sugar ;)

elisataufik said...

p/s SATS dah start!!!!

Lollies said...

rotidua - panggillah saya bongok. saya redha

rd - too many mysteries. the previous mystery is we found out where fat accumulates most. :P

elisa - hahahahah.

and just now i was trying to call my number because i was trying to locate my own phone and I called lover instead.

mosh said...

i don't think you have identical petnames to each other so, it is indeed a mystery. identical petnames would've solved it.

Lollies said...

mosh - petnames?

anyway saja nak explain. I usually dial his number instead of searching for it in the contact list or using speed dials. the phone i am using now was also lover's phone in the first place. So he install his own number and put his name on it so he could remember his own phone.

then i used this phone (and lover has a new phone and new number) and the i install his number also using his name. so in the phone list there are like lover 1 - the phone current no. lover 2 - is lover's current no.

Anyway I don't like searching the number in the contact list because his name yg ada huruf Y tu menyusahkan untuk I cari. This phone's number 9 (which has the letter y) susah nak tekan.

In the end I just dial his number. Tapi somehow the first time (when the trouble actually started), i tertekan my own number because about the same time I was giving my number to someone.

Then instead of redialling his numebr again and again, i just pressed the last dialled number and keep using the number which as explained was typed in wrongly in the first place. I didn't suspect anything wrong because on the display it says lover 1.

oh to answer your comment. Our petnames are different.

mosh said...

ahahahaha! punya la panjang nya explanation. by the way, i was not asking whether you had same petnames for each other. i knew that oledi :p

Lollies said...

oh tak apa. i must explain to all people so people would think i have two lovers.

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

huhuhuhuhuuuuuuuu this is soooooooo hillarious!

a few days ago i got a new hp and tried calling H over and over again. no answer. then i realised i was calling my Mak. i thought that was BAD. senile ke...

tapi looks like i ada geng... heheheheee

Zaitul said...

hahaha....this is so funny. but then again it happens heheh.... to mothers???? ;p

Lollies said...

baby booned - Yayy ada gang!!

ibu haziq - too much in the mind eh?

elisataufik said...

important numbers I letak 'A' kat depan supaya senang nak search.
So tak kisah lah suami kita nama start dengan T ke, Q ke, Y ke... tekan aje A or search, nama dia dulu keluar..
I learned this from Taufik, coz I discovered I was listed as 'A Elisa' on his phone ;)

أم الليث said...

haah same as kak lisa.
my phone also has speed dial. so tekan number 1 then call terus dpt hubby. har har kelakar la you nih.. maybe banyak sgt benda lain dok difikirkan