Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Progress Kelas 08/09

So kelas arab and kelas tajweed aku untuk sessi 08/09 sudah pun tamat. Next week dapat certificate Insya Allah.

The marks are oklah. Tak 100% though. Dapatlah 99.5% huhuhu :P

My teacher was saying sebabnya kita ni non arab and tak ada kawan arab, so susah sikit kita nak betul-betul develop our skills. I said to my teacher, you know sometimes when we do try to speak to the arabs, most of the time we do not understand more than half of what they are saying. Either they speak too fast or we are still lacking in vocabularies. But I also suspect that this vocab issue is also because the arabs speak in dialects. Arabs from Egypt talk differently than the locals from Qtar and also different from the ones in the greater Sham (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon). Even within Sham they have different dialects. And definitely different than the arabic I am learning.

I was talking to one guy the other day and when I answered him, he immediately said, or you are speaking fusha الفصحى arabic (classical arabic). Tak tau nak rasa bangga atau disheartened. In a way relieve lah jugak sebab boleh perasan sekejap yang tadi tak faham dia cakap bukan pasal tak terer bahasa arab tapi pasal mamat tu tak cakap fusha.

But looking back at the intention of learning arabic. Mainly is to understand the language of the Quran. So Arabic dialect does not seem as important then.

Walaupun my advancement in arabic taklah hebat mana. But Alhamdulillah, I can see the Quran in different view.

Have you tried those 3D pictures where when you stare at it for sometime, another picture will form. Well I like to use this analogy. Because suddenly you see the significant of the letters in the Quran. And I do mean letters rather than word. because arabic words play around a lot with letters like ya at the beginning or ta at the end or ha with dommah at the end or ha with a mad alif. It is like knowing what "ed" for past tense, "ing", adding an "s" except that arabic language is richer. And knowing that makes a different on how you understand the verses.

And when we are listening to the imam and suddenly we find that we can understand just a verse of what he is writing, not because we have memorised it, but because we know what it means. The feeling, I don't know how to describe it, it goes straight to heart. It is nothing like memorising the meaning. It is knowing them. And itu pun belum betul-betul lagi understand the tafsir and all. Alhamdulillah.

Knowing some arabic definitely help me in memorising some surah better. It is somehow not the same as looking at the translation. But I still need translationlah of course. But having said that, memorising has also helped me in my arabic exams. Being lazy as I am, I did not do much revision. Alhamdulillah in the exam, the question asked for some opposite words for "night" (laila. ) and "before" (qabl). I think I know that from the quran. Kih kih kih

I wonder how my friends are doing in their harfiyah class. I am sitting here with envy for I am sure they know more words in the Quran than me because I don't have the opportunity for harfiyah here. Way to go guys.

I see people in the Haram reciting the quran and crying their hearts out without having to refer to the tafsir.

And I just wonder will there ever be that day for me.


Sheherazade said...

Tahniah K.Lollies.

Mrs.A said...

Congrats Lollies.

Masih ada angan2 nak pi classes. Being a SAHM, with a hubby who has a demanding job and no baby-sitter (except my mom who lives in Seremban!), I can only pray my time will come.

Lollies said...

ruby - thanks.

mrs A - I sooo understand. I was there as well masa mula2 jadi SAHM. So I would say it is ok. Jaga anak is a real pleasure. Enjoy it while you can. Very soon they all dah grow up.

But if you want you can follow this course online.

This is harfiyah like. Sort of learning arabic words in the Quran. Quran words are highly repetitive. I did this kind of study (but not with this course. I had a teacher) and I find that it helps. May not be as fast as learning arabic per se thus still cannot construct a good arabic sentence tapi knowing some meanings in the Quran is godo enough.

Despite that ada jugak I constructed some sentence with mak arab based on some vocabs I learn in the harfiyah class.

My post on that

Try and see if you can allocate sometime throughout your schedule. :D

disturbia said...

congratulations lollies

Anonymous said...

Mabrook Lollies!! :)

Bersemangat la baca entry ni..


masdiana said...

BarakAllahu fik!
When we start with the goal / end in mind, wanting the reward from Allah (ihtisaab), having all the possible good intention, insyaAllah, Allah will reward you accordingly. So insyaAllah, if you really want to cry reading the Qur'an, He'll grant you that 1 day insyaAllah. :-)

Lollies said...

disturbia - wehei. thanks

LM - pasal awak bersemangat saya pun tetiba rasa bersemangat. Mari kita!

diana - weheihei. Ngam ngam aje topik ni ya. ;)

I pray that Allah will make it easy on all of us to be able to cry because we can reflect on the Quran and understand Allah's words.

أم الليث said...

99.5% not good enough ke? hahahaah terer sangatlah tu! tahniah

i pun agak frustrated sbb tak faham org arab ckp and derg pun tak faham i cakap fusha. org arab also have to learn fusha like us

but then i kene betulkan niat sbb belajar fusha bukan untuk borak ngan orang arab tp untuk borak dgn AlQuran and then have access to all the classical Islamic texts.. books by the old scholars. wah rasa cam nak cari treasure

Lollies said...

aliya - kah kah kah. makcik memang over ok.

one of my teachers said after dia bekajar fusha dia dah tak nak baca buku islamic in english. When people say Ibnul Qayyim in english is not the same as reading it in arabic. Huhuhu. bestnyaa

elisataufik said...

mabruk, mabruk!

Teringat time sembahyang subuh in Masjidil haram, the imam nangis nangis baca suratul sajdah, kita terpinga-pinga.. :P Kena baca translation baru faham kenapa dia nangis.
Tapi masa kat arafah, even though you dont understand the sermon, it still menusuk kalbu, and somehow you feel so alone (even though you're in a tent full of people) and the tears fall involuntarily.

I wish I had the opportunity to learn too. RUgi nya, dah 4 tahun kat sini, I couldnt even take one class pun :P

mosh said...

baru je dapat baca entry ni... ceh! complain nya bukan main panjang lebor tapi dapat 99.5% gak.

reminds me of this ustaz punya tafsir that i heard in the radio i could hardly remember in totality. he was talking about this word that i can't exactly remember (possibly nikmat but on second thoughts could be linguistically incorrect) on which normally the jama3 for the word would be jama3 taksir tapi the ayat (that goes something like if you were to write the nikmat tuhan using the waters of the ocean as ink, it will still not be enough) was using jama3 mu'annas salim to give a clear distinction to even the countable ones, not to mention the uncountable ones. tapi for me, to be able to appreciate the language that high up lambat lagi la kan.

terlebih panjang pulak comment.

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

congratsss lollies!!

we just enrolled for another arabic course. hopefully this'll be better than our last course at uitm yg malangnya tergantung separuh jalan.

and again u've said exactly what is on your mind and i salute u for that. i see my arab-speaking friends weep while reading the quran and i feel sooo envious. so hard to get to that stage for me.

أم الليث said...

Some of the sahabah and tabiín would frequently just recite 1-2 verses repetitively all night of during prayers because it meant so much to them. 1 verse is enough to make you cry if you understand its meaning and implications. i forget the name but 1 sahabah just read one verse over and over in his salah and he would cry buckets.

i find the last verse of surah an-naba'if read multiple times would be enough to get the tears working and fear in the heart.

point is, u don't have to wait 'the day' until you master the language before you can cry your heart out reading the Quran. Start small.. 1 verse. Know the meaning of by heart and cry buckets with it!


Lollies said...

elisa - sometime bila kita immerse dengan the people crying kita pun nangis jugak.

elisa, it is understandable you tak boleh pergi. there will come a time when the kids dah pergi sekolah. I enjoy staying with Jack Jack dulu. Mana ada kelas-kelas ni.

mosh - fuyo tingginya level you belajar.

baby boon - yayyy. i hope the class would be interesting. sometimes when too much grammar the subject becomes dull and macam tak boleh apply.

Lollies said...

aliya - at the moment I cry on the surahs I can understand. I was trying to memorise suratul Fajr the other day. The last four verses just got me. I ulang2 balik to myself. I didn't read the tafsir though. But the meaning, sigh, I pray that I can fulfill that verse.

and also the third last verse of suratul shams. Bal tuk thiru nal hayatid dunya

zal said...

agree with you.. i learned arabic before.. and mcm regret je tak leh nak aplikasi.. they seemed to speak in a totally different language... plus vocab yg hancur... hmm... khallassss....