Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lollies Has a Helper

Tee he he.

I have a BIG helping hand now.

The Faths have gone back to Malaysia and left their helper here. She asked whether I can take care of her.

I did think for a week or two. And finally said OK.

And now she is here taking care of the kitchen.

Me, the control freak, has told her what she can touch and where to put things. And she immediately make the things that used to shine, glitter. Ooohh silau.

So so so..I am thinking of making a major overhaul in the kitchen. Which actually I have done half way. Eh sorry a quarter way. With her presence, perhaps we can turbo charge the overhauling.

Hmm let me think about more overhauling work over a good cup of coffee. Bibik bikin air kopinya satu ya.


megigoreng said...

uwaaaaaaaaaa...jelesnye aku...nak gak helper!!

OO said...

amboi! tambah secawan lagi kopi panas ya? :D

masdiana said...

Wah wah wah... slalu2 la ajak org makan2 ye. :-D

BabyBooned said...

isnt it great when we get good help? alhamdulillah! hahahaa... dare i say this.. skarang ni God's testing me in the form of giving me a new maid yang jauhhhh sekali quality kerjanya if compared with my old one. wallahualamm!

Lollies said...

megigoreng - he he he. jangan jeles.

OO - bibik bikin satu pot air kopinya ya.

diana - kah kah kah. idea jugak tu.

babybooned - adoi. kena train banyak2 and sabar2 tu.

Anonymous said...

ewah ewah..

ahahha. Dia tidur kat guest room ke?

mosh said...

your coffee bibik can make. lover's, you'd better make still :p

butterflutter said...

Time to finish some plans yg tak terbuat-buat or tak tersiap-siap tu kan..kan...

Enjoy lolls ;-)

Anonymous said...

tu dia.. taring mem dah menyeringai

Lollies said...

rotidua - dia tidur kat bilik bebudak. bebudak pulak tidur kat guest room. sebab ada komputer.

mosh - that one no need to tell of kos

bf - hmmm macam tak aje. but my ridge is spanking clean. hoyeh