Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haziq is now 11

Alhamdulillah. It has been 11 years and I still remember the day he came out blue into the world.

He didn't do too well in his apgar score. Which when in the conversation with competitive mothers, even apgar score is a benchmark. I think he got 8/10.

Alhamdulillah, though, he did quite well in most exams and his SATs this year. Bagged some awards to end his year in primary school.

Early this year both of us agreed to compete in our memorisation. But I confess, I have lost hands down. Haziq, at the point of me writing this entry, has just a few more verses to complete his memorisation of the whole Juzz Amma. While I have err one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.. (look I can count)surahs to complete it. So yes, I am proud of him. I pray that he will be steadfast and SERIOUS in this effort.

The other day we talked about the transition of boyhood to manhood. He is not there yetlah. Still very childish this Haziq. But I gave him the prophecy of a dream that he will get to signify manhood.
What kind of dream, he asked.
Ohh you will know that dream when you get it.
Is it scary?
It is not scary.
How will I know then?
It's different from any dream you have ever had.
Big eyes and bewildered, he asked, "Is this dream from shaytan??"
He he he, it is a mercy from Allah this dream I must say.

Saspen budak tu.

Haziq being the abang is forever teasing his siblings. Sometimes I think him playing with them macam bebudak, will make him like little child himself, which I suppose I don't mind much. He compensates by being brotherly and the eldest in other ways. Like correcting their reading for example. Which many times he would correct mine walaupun aku tengah solat. Making me very conscious to read long surahs when he is around. Kalau dia ada baca qulhuallah ajele. :P

I had to tell him to be more tactful when he is correcting us the parents. Kang ibu naik anghin baru tau. But Masya Allah I pray that he fulfills the hadith, "The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it."

So next year he would be in secondary that is if we are still here. Otherwise he would be in standard 6 in Malaysia. With alamak UPSR! Oh no.

I pray the best for him in this world and the hereafter.


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More of him
When he is seven


mama pasha said...

Happy Birthday abang Haziq.. soga panjang umur.. sehat selalu... jadi anak yg soleh dan patuh dgn ibu dan ayah.. amien... bila kita berjumpa lagi...

"PiA" si Peri Perasan said...

selamat ulang tahun haziq
wah haziq dah 11 thn...

azGROWLen said...

Happy Birthday to Haziq. A lot of 'cancer' babies inclusive of yours truly. Sorry been quite but been following your postings without missing a heart bit. One thing though your children and their children would have a fun time looking back at all these, accounts of their lives, mama and papa's tots and adventures, fully documented (maybe one day published)

Lollies said...

mama pasha - amin amin amin to your dua.

pia - cepat kan?

azgrowlen - somehow somehow. you are ticking my brain. macam wavelength ang sama gitu.

Ahah! I remember when is yours. ms kl sentral, myself and you share the same birthdate number. terasa sungguh spesel.

mosh said...

ok i won't mention about the car anymore. happy birthday haziq, ibu's pride and joy, definitely.

MULAN said...

oohh haziq, happy birthday..!! moga dilimpahi rahmat, dikuatkan iman, dimurahkan rezeki, kejayaan di dunia & akhirat..

butterflutter said...

Happy Birthday To Haziq.

I aminkan doa u lollies & tumpang proud of your sons achievements :-)


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to haziq.

soon, mummy will have to deal with a dating haziq..


"PiA" si Peri Perasan said...

ye la k.lollies cpt btl
beberape thn lagi bkn boy
"gentleman" pula

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Haziq!
He will turn out good this boy. Insya Allah. Sejuk perut Ibu mengandungkan dia dulu.

Kirim salam pada dia, ya. Takkan tak ingat kita.

p/s What's the progress on book tagging? hihihi

Lollies said...

mosh - aik. nak another public apology ke ni?

mulan - amin to yuor dua

bf - Praises are all to Allah for everything.

screw - hep! tak sanggup rasanya

pia - semua benda cepat sangat

rotidua - dia kononnya tengah on his last touch ups. entah ya ke tak lah tu

masdiana said...

Allahumma baarik! May Allah prolong his life in worship + servitude to Him insyaAllah. :-)

IbuHaziq said...

Happy Bithday Haziq.

Amin to all ur doas lollies ;)

zan said...

happy belated birthday haziq!!

you raise him well, lollies..alhamdulillah!

so, u'r coming back here for good too?

Anonymous said...

happy Birthday to Haziq semoga berjaya didalam segala lapangan Atok senantiasa ingatkan cucu Atok

megigoreng said...

Happy birthday to Haziq... Alhamdulilah sejuk perut yr mum ngandung kan u... hehheheh...

suspen baca u said about UPSR? Are u planning to back to Msia for good ke?? My hubby pun dah kasik hint2 nih...aduh...

elisataufik said...

eh sorry terlambat!
Happy belated Birthday Haziq!