Friday, July 24, 2009

What to do : Fat Reducing Activity

I will be going home for the summer break on this 30th July Insya Allah. As much as I love to go home and indulge on the food food food, I also dread knowing that I will definitely put on at least 3 kilos each time.

This is no more a premonition but it is derived from historical trend of two time coming home for the summer. I leave Qtar with jeans fitting nicely, only to leave Malaysia with jeans that I could hardly breathe in. (Hmm why do I use jeans as an example even though I rarely wear one?)

treadmilling3 kilos up you. Let's say it will go down after sometime I am here but it never did go down to less than the 3 kilos that I started with. In fact sometime at the end of the year (which is June to me), I would have added myself at least 1 kilo from the stagnant sit on my butt all day long activity I am doing (tapi buat homework tau bukan FB :p).

And then come July I go home, add 3 kilos more to it. And these numbers are minimal!

If I really sit down, I think i can come up with a janjang aritmetik equation for the incremental of weight with variables of the location of whereabouts am I.

I should force myself to put a slot of fat reducing activity in my what to do this summer list.

I really should. Like really really. Like seriously really. Like no smiling on the face seriously really.

But first let me try to figure out whether it should be janjang aritmetik or geometri.


Anonymous said...

baru nak tanya apakah itu janjang.

ahhahah about a week ago I was feeling depressed about the whole body weight thingy. Friends' remarks were not helpful. So 1 day, i went home sharp at 530, put on my jogging shoe and started to .. walk.

2 blocks after that, I turned back. Kasut koyak! like really koyak hokay. By the time sampai rumah, tapak kasut dah takde. Jalan alas stokin je.

ah well. The world is against me on this one.

You go, gal!

Peri PiA said...

wah k.lollies nak blk m'sia

Lollies said...

rotidua - hahahaha! eh lover pun pernah kasut koyak, lama tak main badminton. satu hari pi main sebab kena paksa rela kasut pun koyak. kalau lama tak pakai memang kasut jadik macam tu.

tapi sedih aku baca part ko jalan atas setokin tu. kih kih kih

peri pia - begitulah. sekejap sahaja pulangnya

Zaitul said...

ooohhh...teringat zaman sekolah belajar janjang2 itu di kelas matematik tambahan hehehe...kenangan tk berapa manis...nanti share la ek...saya pun tk pasti sama ada patut aritmetik atau geometri... :p

p/s:bestnyer dia nak balik ek...balik Muar tak???hehehe

masdiana said...

Get wii fit! He he he... tak membantu sgt pun, but boleh la... if you have the drive. My whole body ache after doing it again after leaving it for more than half a year - last time I used it was before went for hajj - at least then the determination was more pure i.e. to get fit for doing all the hajj rituals. Now... eheheh... malas... :-)

Anonymous said...

eh then how are you to go thru that list of makan2 places bila balik nanti?

oh yeah, semalam kenduri tahlil in muar, nasi bukhara. on the way back, singgah makan kat pernu.

saja nak bagitau.

butterflutter said...

Owh...I hv been battling this putting on weight thingy until malas nak fikir.
Roti....tee..hee..hee...kita pun pernah tau nak pegi klcc lagi tu bw anak2 naik lrt. Baru naik tangga kat kelana, tapak sudah cabut ha..ha..ha...pi lah bli baru kat klcc. Sport shoes mmg tak leh simpan lah.

mosh said...

instead of taking the car, can always come to the office running meh. i'm sure that would take at least 3 to 4 kilos off. not to mention some sanity bringing the kids along not to mention losing a limb or two.

zan said...

wahh nak balik ker...kena bagitau timing so that boleh bergader gader dgn x modbloggers mommies..

tapikan mmg betullah sports shoes takleh simpan lama..hari tu pun i start main badminton balik tapak dua belah tercabut..nampak beno dah lama tak main..kasut antik laa katakan hahahah..

BabyBooned said...

for some reason i used to love janjang when in school. skrang habuk pun tak ingat dah.

kekeke.. i still remember when we came back for the summer back when we stayed in melbourne, mesti naik berkilo-kilo. itupun despite forcing in an hour everyday to do brisk-walking! chronic wohh malaysian food...

Anonymous said...

Wow coming back to Malaysia. Brace ur self for the on & off haze and it's the influx of Arabs time now in KL. Enjoy ur hols Sis.

Lollies said...

zaitul - balik muar adalah satu kemestian. :D

diana - tulah i dengar bangus jugak. mengah-mengahlah. do u think kat msia is cheaper?

screw - man! i am screwed even before balik msia lagi. the list is toooo long.

bf - memandangkan dah ada 4 sample kalau kasut sport lama tak pakai ianya akan rosak, maka kita boleh buat konklusi yang ianya betul

Lollies said...

mosh - hah! not using the car? dielah

zan - you know what. insya Allah i ada kl sometime 10-14. really hope boleh jummpa people in that small pocker of time.

babybooned - waaahhh takutnya. eh..i dah email you tau.

mydreaminslamicschool - orang nak balik kampung dia orang pun nak balik kampung kita gak. :D