Thursday, July 30, 2009

What to do? : Summer Project

Alhamdulillah we managed to make one decent looking lapbook for our summer project before I go home.

Initially I was not so sure when we are going back. As a matter of fact, I thought we were not. Qadr Allah. So we will be going back TODAY y'all.

PhotobucketAnywaaayy, we did a lapbook on one of the sahabahs today, Sayidinna Abu Bakr AsSiddiq.

I must say, to date, this is the most challenging lapbook that we did. We have done only three so far. Hahahaha. Macamlah banyak sangat.

Challenging because first of all I had to read ALOT. Ok reading a lot is not the most challenging part. The challenging part was, to dilute the overloaded of information so that it is usable for the children. There are just so much to tell, I feel like giving them all.

I am not an experienced teacher as you may know.And my personality is, I want to give lots. Cewah. Actually sometimes when I tell a story I become too passionate. Itu maksudnya by loving to give lots. Tak caya bacalah entry entry saya.

Thus, as a solution to this, I forced them to read as well.


Gosh, we are messy. And hmm Haziq is always wearing that pink baju melayu each time I put his picture here.

So so so the cover page was partly done by Jack. He did the blue sky and he wrote the Abu Bakr and the menggerutu As Siddiq. Berkerut dahi melihat tulisan bergerutu. :P

Photobucket Photobucket

Who can guess what the two yellow humps are?

Anyway the the two yellow spiky humps are cut from paper folders. I am now a collector of paper bags and folders whenever I can get them free.

And lapbook projects like these test my craftiness to the limit. Sebabnya I am not crafty to start with. To be able to make a chain man like in the previous entry is a big achievement already. Hoyeh! Hoyeh!

So my perasan crafty moments are making Abu Bakr's r.a. working files and making a mean looking sword.

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And also my perasan good lighting moment.


But the gist of it all, I pray that my little effort is a gateway for them to want to learn more about the history of Islam. To love the prophets. To love the sahabahs. To derive lessons from it and to emulate their virtues. To gain strength from their characters. And most importantly to fear Allah and to rely only on Him.

For details of the lapbook, you can visit my other lollies HERE.

And I seriously recommend you this lecture by Sheikh Anw@r Awl@ki

Abu Bakr AsSiddiq r.a. His Life and Times

And I should be finishing my packing now. :D


Anonymous said...

Salam sis, love what you've done with your kids. A splendid job!

Wow. now you're an inspiration to me :)

I've been looking for a way to teach my kids coz they juz started full time "tahfiz" so, no time to cover otr subjects and I really don't want them to lose out on important subject i.e Islamic Studies, Science etc

Since they're only 8 and 9 respectively, dah lah tahfiz in school and then balik have to belajar lagi kesian sgt that's why I haven't started going thru with them the subjects that they left out in school.... at home. Lapbooking will just make their day!

Safe trip back InsyaAllah and enjoy your holiday!

Lollies said...

mydreamislamicschool - i usually do lapbooks only on longer holiday because of the time consumed to make it. otherwise, if do over the weekend, it would be a long stretch of weekend.

science and other subjects can also use lapbooks. like the life cycle of butterfly or frogs it would be very interesting.

Peri PiA said...

kite selalu kagum dgn aktiviti k.lollies dgn anak2

Anonymous said...

Precisely...weekdays r out of the question ...weekends on the otr hand .. A lot of otr it'll only be during long breaks or maybe it cud be stretch fr one weekend to least something rather than nothing @ all :)

Zaitul said...

*KAGUM*....thanks for the inspiration and great ideas. hope i can carry it out one day when the time comes Insya Allah....;)

p/s: lame ker balik cuti this time?

Lollies said...

ruby - Alhamdulillah

mydreamislamicschool - I make a simpler one thatI call notebook. a seriously simple topic will do. like maqam ibrahim for example. a picture and a description. to dos and not to dos. :D

your school can take up story telling and crafts also.

zaitul - Praises all go to Allah.

Balik sekejap sangat kali ni. 3 weeks only Insya Allah

butterflutter said...

Bestnya tgk lap book awak pn lollies. Frankly, I cant find the time and the energy. Kind of feel guilty because I know the children loves this very very much. Cuti sekolah pun mamanya keja *sigh

BabyBooned said...

lollies, i hope one day i can undertake this sort of project with our child(ren). this is simply inspirational. thank u for the link, by the way!