Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Feminist Tau!

Before we went for umrah (eh tak habis lagi ke kisah umrah ni?), my children and I brainstormed the dua's that we want to make. The list of dua's were particularly helpful to help us focus on what we want most especially during tawaf. Alhamdulillah.

By the way, if you can read Aliya. she has an entry of making a list of dua's. You can divide your needs according to types and what nots. It is especially helpful this coming last blessed nights of Ramadhan.

Anyway, Haziq, during our brainstorming, came up with the idea that he want to ask to be a syahid. Masya Allah. May Allah fulfill his dua'.

And May Allah grant his mother peace and contentment.

Anyway, upon hearing this, Sya said she also wants to be a syahid(ah). To which Haziq answered, eh syahid for boys onlylah Mana ada girls jadi syahid.

It's one thing to say a wrong fact like this but it is another thing to say it in front of his mother!

Now let me story about one of the greatest Muslimah, Sumayyah.

Sumayyah is the mother of 'Ammar bin Yassir.

When the mid-day heat was at its most intense, and the desert sands were boiling, Banu Makhzoom would drag her and her son and her husband out to an exposed area, where they would pour burning sand over them, place heated shields on them, and throw heavy rocks at them.

Sumayyah remained steadfast and patient, and refused to say what the mushrikeens wanted to hear. The despicable Abu Jahl stabbed her with a spear, killing her, and thus she had the honour of being recorded as the first martyr in Islam. The first syahid(ah)

So so so the first martyr is a woman my dear son.

I told this story to Sya and Haziq. And both were wide eyed listening to it. And I also told them, in the history of Islam there were many women who endured even worse torture for the sake of Islam. May Allah place them in the highest of jannah.

There is a clip here. An excerpt from an old film, "The Messenger". The woman tortured is Sumayyah, while the man being tied up to the pole is Ammar bin Yassir, her son. The man in black who comes at the end of the clip is supposedly Hamzah bin Abdul Mutalib, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w uncle.

It is the last ten days of Ramadhan. Let's sprint now, Insya Allah.


Peri PiA said...

It is the last ten days of Ramadhan. Let's sprint now, Insya Allah.Amin

cpt btl mase berlalu

Schalfyzcha said...

Thank you for sharing this. :P

I just get to know that the first martyr was a woman.. masyaallah..

Anonymous said...

Bukan ke mati waktu bersalin pun considered syahid?

I remember that movie but like Schalfyzcha (masya allah.. camna nak sebut tu?), I didn't know the first martyr was a woman.

ye ye sprint sebelum bendera jepun naik.

Lollies said...

ruby - cepat sungguh kan? rasanya baru aje start puasa

rasanya sebutannya sya kot - Allahu Akbar!

rotidua - ya. mati beranak pun consider syahid jugak insya Allah. Now we all know, Insya Allah taht the d=first martyr is Sumayyah binti Khabab

eh bendera jepun still boleh buat something gak. :)

famyGirl said...

ohhh i've always thought Sumayyah was the 1st woman martyr, didn't know she was the 1st martyr ever. thank you for sharing this.

errr... i used to be able to read Aliya, tapi now tak boleh :( kena reapply permission ke??

BabyBooned said...

guess what, lolls. Allah gave me two "holidays" this Ramadhan. and this second one at the last leg of Ramadhan too. Wallahualam! cobaan indeed la..

Lollies said...

famygirl - try this one

babyboon - not to fret there are still things we can do. I have sent you an email. however, check out this link

what can a woman do during menses?

can a woman in menses read the quran?

maszuzu said...

selamat hari raya lolls... late brother name her 1st daughter this..that's how I got to know of this woman - sumayyah...