Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fourth Year

Today, the 12th December 2009, is our fourth year here residing in Doha. Alhamdulillah. Yes time flew fast. And even though many times, I do not know where my time went, but I think it has been quite a full four years of my life.

I looked back at those times, because I kept some memories in the blog. The building up towards 12th december 2005. I do feel the sadness of leaving and I still understand why I was sad the way I was.

Even though there were not many posts in December 2005, mainly because I did not have the computer nor the internet, I still remembered the emotional time of my first few months staying here.

It was relatively hard because we did not have a car back then and public transports sucks. But Mr Drive Fast and Ms Fashion designer helped us alot. And we are thankful for that. But many times we find ourselves waiting for the cab with loads of plastic bags in the cold.

But it was a nice adventure for the family.

I also remembered because of the time difference between Malaysia and Doha, which is 5 hours difference, my children would be pooped out by 7p.m. which is essentially 12 midnight in Malaysia. Thus they were always sleeping in the shopping trolley because we had to shop for basic essentials. And we can only do it when lover come back home after work.

But the kids were ok about it.

And despite the "adventure", we can talk about it and smile. And secretly I am relieve that my children go through some tough time. It sort of builds one's character. Thinking back, it was too little to complain.

And also because we took the cab so much, I know some part of the road and could actually assist some newbies taxi drivers.

My first few months was filled perhaps with sadness, anger, boredom and yet thrill of a new possible adventure in this new country.And most of all, despite the argument, I am thankful that we the whole family are together. And because I am a very independent person thus an independent mum, wife and woman, I need to have my husband with me. I know myself too well...

Even though not all are spelt in the blog, but I can still remember them. All kind o emotions were building up towards my mum admittance to the ICU which was followed by her death. May Allah forgive her. May Allah elevate her status. And may we all be reunited in Jannah.

It was perhaps a big turn after her death for me.

Why do I need to put up an entry of my fourth year. Well it is because I should be packing back to Malaysia and looking forward to my career or whatever that is left of what I had.

My lover's contract is done. However, he is renewing it Insya Allah. It is still not signed yet and no hard pressed discussion has been made. But going back is not the highest priority of choice at this moment.

As for me, if I cried buckets that we had to move to Qtar, I will cry even berkolah-kolah air mata if we had to leave now.

If in my first year, I had trouble connecting with people, now Allah has send me many friends whom I love for the sake of Allah. I like to keep myself busy and Alhamdulillah Allah has allowed me to be busy. And I love the sebok-sebokkan diri. May Allah put barakah in my time.

Understandably, this is not the country that I want to reside forever. Thus I pray to Allah, if He wills us not to stay here, to take us to a land where my family can preserve their deen and that there will be goodness for us there.

I think I was also 5 kilos lighter.


azGROWLen said...

No intentions to continue? What will u guys do?

FYI I have read your blogs in admiration, looking for updates before I start my day, I am sure looking forward to many more reads years to come. BTW passed your site to my daughters who have started blogging and insyallah they have started to emaluate you

ummi365 said...

hi lollies.. i sent you an email. appreciate if you could check

Lollies said...

azgrowlen - May Allah make me bette than what you think of me.

We do have intentions to continue but the company is not going super fast about it though. :D

ummi365 - i do have her no.. i am waiting for her to reply to me whether it is ok to give you her number or not.

masdiana said...

InsyaAllah, if it's in His decree for you to continue staying here, you will. + if it's not, then it's not. But whatever happens, will be what's best for you insyaAllah. But I'm praying that it'll be 'stay', for us to benefit from each other more insyaAllah. :-)

rozi hamsawi said...

thanks for sharing.... good to know i am not alone. it has been 6 months and I am still not settled... sad eh?

Sheherazade said...

Allhamdulillah,nice la tgk hari2 akak lalui(from blog of course :P) akak kat sana.mula2 mmg tough..

Anonymous said...

I remember back tracking your earlier posts and was surprised at your hesitations in leaving for Qatar and having problems in adjusting to the new life.I mean one would thought someone like you would have jumped at the opportunity.
But down the years you have managed to... shall I say 're-invent' yourself and I'm glad you are sharing your life with us.
Well done lady!

Lollies said...

Diana - At the moment nampaknya cahaya cerah sedikit untuk sambung. cuma term aje tak tau camana. I am praying for the best. I think my staying here baru nak get to some momentum. And so many opportunities to learn. And many friendships to reap benefeit from. :D. I am praying that Allah gives me the best!

rozi - he he. as for me dulu..I came to a point that if I dont make myself happy, no one will. May you find enjoyment there too.

ruby - to add to it are loss of ibu followed by dik ri. May Allah forgive them.

aini - I remembered when we first found out about qtar, my family are the first one in my mind. My mum was not so well masa tu. I feel that I will lose her. Qadr Allah.

The next thing was my career. he he

I think this was one post that describe (somewhat) what I felt before I left.

Lollies said...

Sheherazade said...

I don't dare to mention about Arwah Mak Uda n Arwah Abg Azri dekat k.lollies :'(

tapi xkan(x blh) lupe psl Arwah Abg Azri,coz i was there pada saat2 akhir dia..sorry k.lollies ckp psl ni lagi..

megigoreng said...

please don't go home yet...wait for me ok??

shidah said...

Inshaallah, ada rezeki belum sampai masa untuk nangis berkolah2 :)

mosh said...

From my perspective, your change of heart was most prominent after your second year there when your complaints and ramblings were shifting to something else rather than the country.

5kg eh? Not more? ahahaha ***lariiiiiiiiiii***

أم الليث said...

You have changed a lot these past 4 years and I feel privileged to witness it Alhamdulillah, Glory is to Allah the Giver of Guidance.