Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Panitia = Kahuna

I just want to tell that at the moment I am happy with what is happening at the K@F@ Doha that I am "working" with.

Loads of credits must be given not only to the teachers but to the working committee members who, in my opinion, gave their very best to make this programme a success.

Masya Allah, I love the idea that they came and gave up their time to work together. The way I see it, many can gain the ajr of spreading knowledge. In the previous years, they have the same people who would teach, run administration, layan parents, layan students, registration, layan government officials, layan traffic jam bila masuk sekolah. But now, Alhamdulillah, the support system are there, the teachers can concentrate on doing what they should do - teach.

None of this credit go to me but rather my friends here and I am here to glide along and learn, Insya Allah.

This year they have formally selected the headchamp (HM as in head master. LOL!!!)So now they are trying to be more systematic with a more detailed syllabus guidleine. They are creating new posts - PANITIA - for different subjects like aqidah, fiqh, seerah, al quran and akhlaq. And this year we even have the sacred academic calendar. Whoa!!

These are all going so fast and making me seperti biasa excited such that I am sure I have thousands of typos in this post. But fast going action and non stop thinking makes me lompat sana-sini.

Until of course when they told me that I am the panitia for the subject akhlaq.

Hah!!! Excuse me mrs Headchamp, I cannot accept this. Is panitia some kind of dummy that kids hit at a party?

Ahlaq ah? You sure or not?

May Allah facilitate me and help me have ikhlas for all that I do.


butterflutter said...

pinata...panitia...selalu tgk perkataan panitia atas kertas exam aje.
Btw, all the best to you. Semoga Allah memberkati you selalu. Share2 lah aktiviti yg u buat :-)

أم الليث said...

tahniah :)
skrg ni mmg full fledged cikgu la. siap ada portfolio lagi kihkih

masdiana said...

ok... you guys nyer panitia is by subjects eh, i.e. each subject have diff panitia, + also the panitia is teaching? for al-khor hubby (+ by default me too :-D) is the panitia for ALL subjects - to prepare ALL subjects' syllabus for throughout academic calendar year, + we're also to teach aqeedah. huhuhu... ikhlaskanlah hati kami ya Rabb. may He make it easy for us Lolls! *hugs sket!* :-)

P.S: BTW, do you mind if I share some of your posts in here in fb? I wouldn't tag your fb name if you don't want. :-)

Lollies said...

BF - masa meeting tu I had to concentrate to infer what the word is. LOL!! Ameen to your dua'. Our activities are currently very academic except for camping session. But they had camp solah last year.

aliya - pergh portfolio. Wow!

diana - ah ah the panitia also teaches. they selected who teaches mostly only that subject jadi panitia and plus headchamp kenal rapat. hahahah tak aci.

ooohhh you are the panitia for all subjects? boleh tengok syllabus subject akhlaq you tak? heheheh

as per discussed earlier. :D

Anonymous said...

Lollies- my daughter sangat excited on her first day. Belum masuk kereta sudah cerita about you... she practically repeat your words line by hu tenkiu Cikgu..

diana said...

weh, kitorang nak ikut Doha nyer syllabus la! so cepat la siapkan korang nyer - nak copy! :-D

Lollies said...

anon - hah! kalau boleh narrate line by line, bolehlah ciku buat exam oral camni. Ahaks!

I pray that she grows up righteous and I pray that I am narrating what is the truth all the time.

diana - hahahhaha! Hah! akhlaq punya conceptual syllabus gua dah siapkan! jeng jeng jeng. tauhid kena mintak lin. Seerah mintak sufyan. Fiqh mintak err sapa ah? Ah cikgu deris. Tak pun tunggu habis soma, i boleh passkan. Eh ke nak tunggu official hand over note?