Saturday, November 06, 2010

Anak sendiri

Ni nak pergi kelas KAFA in 45 minutes.

Sebok mengajar anak orang, anak sendiri pun tak betul.



Hansac said...

Itulah dianya. I feel the same too. Talk big tapi anak-anak sendiri what happen.

masdiana said...

I understand your feelings, but just ikhlaskan niat for Him... insyaAllah you'll see the fruits although not immediately + directly. *hugs*

Lollies said...

hansac -- :(and today anak aku buat hal. I will be taking about the vice of lying, and lo and behold on the same day i caught someone lying. i went to school with a throbbing headache.

diana - Subhanallah i do enjoy teaching but sometime i am coming to wits end with my own. It's a test for me because of my new azam for me and all the possible thigns that need to come out, come out now. Subhanallah MAy Allah give me patience. Honestly it is running thin