Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Matahari sudah bersinar kembali

I think my arabic teacher is realising something about the class. She must have noticed our blur faces. Two have quit the class. And a few more have said to me they are planning to do the same.

So last Monday she slowed down. Alhamdulillah. And the information she plans to give is little by little. She slowed down also on describing the nitty gritty details of the kana sisters and the i'rab(arabic grammar. You will find the word kana alot in quran). Instead she focused on vocabularies and encouraged us to build sentences describing pictures or giving opinions.

I went to talk to her to say thank you to her. i told her how much i love learning the language but understandably twice a week lesson won't be enough to expect all of us to be so fluent. She is a new teacher as in this is the first time she teaches non arabs. She realises also that non arabs observation on the language is different than the arabs themselves which she is slowly learning.

Then we can help each other. For her to be a better teacher as well as me to be a better student. Alhamdulillah.

The arabic classes here are the best for me. It suits my timing as a mother who has free time ONLY in the morning. It is for non arabs. And most of all, the classes are filled with reminders about Allah. At the end of the class, the teacher would pass out hadith. My arabic teacher would give hadith in arabic (without harakat) for us to read. I myself just hentam most of the arakats (of course strong sound i'rab will help you to read :P) and she will explain the meaning and peel short lessons from it.

I really love this. I love it so much that each time I think about it, I feel like crying. Even the books we used, the articles that we need to read would always include hadith or quran verses. May Allah bless them with manifolds of hasanat and bestow on the ilham to spread the deen.

Learning arabic languages at most places would be like learning any language but in the centre I am learning, it is really learning the language of the deen. (I am sure in malaysia is the same). Insya Allah tak mau quit!

So if i am not happy, I will tell (the teacher and err put a post here) because I want to stay as long as I can. Allah Musta'an.

Today's classes were great. We talked about good food, bad food. Describe pictures. Laugh. I can make jokes again. I had a great time even though more than three quarter of the words in the article are still alien to me. :P

Of course she ends the class by telling us there will be exam after eid.

Don't wanna be friend lah like this.


أم الليث said...

ruginya orang yang quit tuu :(
see kan dah kata...kalau sabar, things will improve. just have to stick to it. sometimes i think Allah nak test whether we really want it or not. kalau tak pass the test, tak dapat la.
kihkih i don't miss the i'rab. but that is how we learn to read without the baris. in fact, soon you can read the Quran verses if they didn't have any baris!
i like the bonus hadith/Quran verses. it reminds us doesn't it that that is the reason why we are learning arabic in the first we can read the love letters that Allah sent us without spoiling it with translations.

1bloghopper said...


now that you've mentioned that the new teacher is really a new teacher, i think i could relate.

new teachers are always ambitious and in hurry. i was once like that.

i have plan A, B, C, D for a lesson, when everything didn't work, i'll give a quiz. there are times where not all method works with the class, even for a seasoned teacher, different student has different way of understanding.

it's good your teacher realized that her method is not working, and it's time to use a new one out of thousands of method; keeping up with the students. hehehe.

hope you'll learn a great amount of knowledge in future. insyaAllah

Lollies said...

aliya - thank you for your earlier advise and encouragement. we do need this all the time especially me, i don't want to feel that i am alone doing hard work and naik rimas with things. i want but i need a push.

I thank Allah for this opportunity. I would not have dream to do this five years ago. Allah has given me more tan what I asked for. Alhamdulillah. Such ni'mah.

1bloghopper - i remembered during my young and stupid days, i rarely baik dgn cikgu. And this is the reason why i do not want to repeat now. I respect all teachers especially who put so much effort like my new teacher. She is zealous, thus I want to help her in return to help me.

Cikgu baru lagilah semangat kan? hehe. Bila dia ngajar best nanti, insya Allah dia akan benefit lagi ramai orang. bestnyaaaaa