Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ash'uru bissuda'

I have a headache.

Subahanallah! The arabic class is now a challenge for me.Each time I finish the two-hour class, I have a headache. This somehow affected half an hour of my tajweed class which is after that.

I am finding my new teacher difficult to understand. She is also teaching in almost all arabic. And I find myself with vocabularies that are totally alien to me. I admit, arabic was easy(ier) for me earlier because I had a head start with some words.

My new teacher loves teaching grammar.For each new paragraph, she would be making i'rab (sectionalising every word with grammar rules), and it is making my eyes juling. Pages and pages of i'rab. And worse i find it hard to do the grammar rules when i do not know what the words mean. Huhuhuhu.

This month has been most bercelaru-in-the-head month. I am trying to cope with all the classes and the homework. Subhanallah! Allah musta'an.

It does not mean I want to give up. I am reminded that there are beautiful times when I read the quran, and I am beginning to understand the verses. It started perhaps with one word and sometimes it is the whole verse. No I am not into making i'rab of the quranic verses yet. And this (understanding the meaning of the verses without looking at the translation) is a big reward for me. Alhamdulillah.

I think I need to change attitude.
Errr I think i should be studying.

Lately i have been having mental block making it difficult for me to remember new words. This is another worry. My tajweed class is doing memorisation and tajweed. For now it is easy as we are still on the short surahs of Juz Amma.

I think I need to change attitude.
Errr I really should buckle up.

I felt like writing all the complaints about the kids (lack of discipline) and stuff that are going around me. When it rains, it pours. But then as I write it down or mentally blog it, the more I feel that it is me who is not doing enough. :(

May Allah make me steadfast in seeking the knowledge of the deen. And may He make it easy for me.


1bloghopper said...


one of my students told me about her findings on older language learner,

"Contrary to popular stereotypes, older adults can be good foreign language learners. The difficulties older adults often experience in the language classroom can be overcome through adjustments in the learning environment, attention to affective factors, and use of effective teaching methods."

i think right now you're still adjusting to the environment and teaching method.

as the article mentioned, adults learn through experience and association.

i learnt the real arabic when i was in university, i found it was hard to cope with teachers who keeps on emphasizing grammar when the students wanted to grasp the vocabulary first.

back in high school, the only method my arabic teacher used on us was memorizing the whole textbook.

i didn't even learn the form of the grammar at all.

since the classes in the university concentrated on skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, i enjoyed the speaking class a lot more. hehe.

maybe in your case, it's the teaching method. :)

happy learning!

أم الليث said...

seeking knowledge is a struggle!

i think it's better to learn totally in arabic. mula2 mmg entah hape2 tak paham. but soon enough you'll see the fruits.

lagipun language is a gift. to get it, we must earn it.

sila makan panadol :p

Anonymous said...

Tak pe la fenin. Jgn muntah cam i...hahah... i pun tiap minggu fenin je, tafkeem tak betul qalqalah tak betul... 'ha' minggu lepas dah pass..tiba minggu ni salah pulak..hmmm sabo je le.. now tambah lagi tu 'ain' 'ghain' kluar kat idong! hahah...

dills said...

eh eh lupa nak letak nama.. -dills-

masdiana said...

Allahumma baarik. I'm giving you a big hug + a pat on the back. It might not be what you really need, but it's what I want + need to do anyway. :-)

Lollies said...

dear friends,

Alhamdulillah after writing this down, my head became clearer. No more suda' Insya Allah. At least nott for now. I am clearer now to what plans I need to take. I felt that i need to write down because i was bordering to became my old self yaani rude to my teacher. And I do not want to do that.

My teacher is a new teacher and she is very enthusiastic. Among the things i want to talk to her (my plan is also to talk to her. perhaps we can help each other that way) i want to tell her, that even if there are some smart alecs in the class it does not reflect that everyone is smart.

for instance she is about teach the sisters of Inna (a grammar rule) ada pulak yg bijak pandai go and narrate to the class what the sisters are and the i'rab also. And she goes like so you all know and when you look blank she understand why you donno. I am frustrated that way.

the three most top priority is to tackle my own attitude of course. The weakness is mostly there. And plus, i don't like giving up. I feel like I can do more and i want to Insya Allah.

i really do love learning this language. Alhamdulilah also i am taking another arabic course, quranic arabic. learning arabic (grammar) using the quranic verses. This should be more difficult but I am enjoying it so much. Alhamdulilah.

memang sungguh struggle. this is my forth year and perhaps for the first time i felt hard. Walhalnya tak tinggi mana pun lagi.

Allah musta'an.

Lollies said...

1bloghopper - perhaps it is. tapi i tak sanggup nak cakap macam tu. i will talk to her insya Allah and tell her my issues (May Allah guard my tongue). Tapi like i said, this all take two. And personally i should put more effort. Lagilah i ni kan errr mature student. HAHAHHAHAHA

aliya - tell me about it. I dah nak muntah ni buat i'rab feel madhi. tapi this is practise kan? So insya Allah.

kelakar betul cikgu tu tanya I, "Laisaka dzalik"? And I just stared at her and then said you are asking me a question?

dilla - you tak tulis nama pun i tau. he he. sekarang masih nak muntah lagi ke?

I think i will have to ask you to read Aliya's comment. It took me a year to improve my ha. another year for hu and hi. and throwing the ghunnah sound from ain and making good, no air qalqalah (many many years). Tapi dont worry. even if you dont get it bcos it is hard, Allah will give you double reward for the difficulties. kais semangat sikit. hehe

diana - thanks dear. i kinda need it. wish you were there when i finsih class at 10. muka blur habis. flushed and tired. May Allah give me patience.

butterflutter said...

You are doing GREAT lollies. Dugaan mmg sentiasa ada but at least for you, you are way ahead of me.