Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Attack of the Comedones

Qadr Allah I have bouts of pimples every time I come back from Malaysia. Perhaps it was the dust in my left-not-touched-for-11-months house or the humidity or or or.

These are not the teenager pop pimple type even though I like to think that my body is slowly transforming into the teenage era but I would prefer it would be smaller hip and flatter tummy rather than hormonal fluctuations of these kind.

I had to go to the dermatologist each time. The pimples just refuse to go away even with my sworn to work cinnamon stick. Read HERE. This is the small type of pimple that will make way to become medium ones and will just stay there forever.

Anyway, as usual, i made the trip to the dermatologist. And this new lady doctor recommended that I go for comedone extraction. Hoping not to mistake this with strawberry flavoured toothpaste, I do like what other people do when they come across medical term. Google. And of course the only thing you find are the horrific ones.

Like this one for instance



I already went for the comedone extraction. It's like doing facial minus the massage and dim light and soft music that makes you go to sleep. It's just a session to attack on the comedones on the face. Piercing ouch!


Ooohh something happen on my first day of the attack of the comedones. Before I agreed, i asked the doctor how much. She told me a certain amount that I can afford.

But come that day she charged me QR100 more. Apparently there are other hidden costs that she didn't tell me beforehand. So I was not happy and felt that she should be honest from the start.

I got a free treatment the second round.

It pays to voice out unhappiness sometimes.


The pimples seem to be less now. But there are a few small ones springing out.

Insya Allah Khayr.


MULAN said...

kesian u... moga cepat hilang semuanya...

zan said...

Ala takutla nak tgk video tu.. Seramm! Tak pernah nampaklaa u ada pimple, licin jer I tgk :)

Lollies said...

mulan - harapnya gitulah

zan - huhuhu bila tu last you tengok

verignac said...

oooouch....tgk pic pun dah tak tahan sakit adus...

mine worst...instead of pimples doctor kata they were bisul padan le sakit giler!!

Lollies said...

fasha - bisul kat muka? inalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun. ouch!