Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sya is Eleven

Sya and ayahMasya Allah! tabarakallah! Time flies really fast as the saying goes. Sya is already in her double digit age.

First of all Alhamdulillah, Sya is not into acting like big girls. Yeah she likes to do her hair and all that, and we sort of encourage her by praising her but not by overdoing it. We encourage her because girls like to hear praises. We encourage her to look nice at home and to not feel the need to do it outside the home. I would usually remind lover to praise her too. Not that lover does not like doing it, but men need reminders in this sort of thing I think.

And let me tell you this, girls like to hear their father praising them. This is crucial for their positive self esteem and self confidence. When they have praises from the man who matters most in their life, they do not need to quench this need from strange men outside,Insya Allah, May Allah protect our daughters.

OK about Sya. Sya is a reminder to me, that all children are different. Their different interest from the family's norm (when it is allowed by the deen), does not mean they are strange. Sya has not much interest in Maths and science like I do and like her abang. This is frustrating. Because the world in general, gauge cleverness based on the school's academic report especially maths and science. Not that she is downright terrible in the subjects, but she never score in them nor is she getting the concept really quick. When she does get after drilling, she would forget it by next week. Insya Allah khayr.

her memorisation has been going on steadily. Some of her friends have leapt tremendously but it's ok. We must balance encouragement and threat. encouragement by 90%. The competition is more against your nafs. I personally find memorisation has helped Sya in her studies even more. She is more able to focus and remember. Insya Allah khayr. These are bonus of memorising the quran, not the ultimate motif.

Sya is more into crafts and sewing little things. This is a problem in my household because I find crafts messy. yeah sure many people make nice crafts, but they are still a mess in my opinion. I like functional things. I do not fancy many things put on display. Displayed things to me should be in good size and especially nice. Strewn small things only collect dusts and difficult to maintain.

Having said that, I am exploring what she likes and encouraging the way I can, bebelling because of the messiness and gritting my teeth because I do not favour it.

Sya is a very caring person and likes to put people's needs first before others. She is willing to do things for her brothers and me of course. She is so willing, such that I had to tell Haziq off for making her do things for him. She always have her friend's needs in her mind and love to make stuff for them. She would either paint something for them when they are not well, make stuffed toy for them.

She swims well and take up rollerblading easily as well. So I will Insya Allah continue to send her to swimming classes. I have many berangan ideas for her through this.

Her room is still messy though. Yeah, even though I am not an organised person myself, but I cannot stand other people's messiness. :P

She has been steadfast on her choice of the way to dress so far. Alhamdulillah.

I ask Allah that this carry on through trial times of teenagehood and adult life and that Allah grant her strength of mind to be a Muslimah as Allah wants Muslimah to be.

She is slowly growing up into a big girl. May Allah protect her from the fitna of this world.

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Umm N said...

Masya Allah, eleven is a pre-teen year.

My daughters started to had a change in hormones when they were eleven. Body odour, mood-swing..suddenly they seemed to get tired easily..I was like "what went wrong"..a few months after that, their appetite soars!

Hmmm...tak lama lepas tu angkat bendera merah!

May Allah showers your daughter with Rahmah.

m.u.l.a.n said...

happy birthday little princess...

dah besar kan.. dulu2 masa i kenal dari blog ni, sya kecik je lagi..

stay sweet & healthy.. moga dirahmati Allah selamanya..

zan said...

Happy birthday Sya!! MasyaAllah, dah 11 yes old, how time flies. Mana pic muka depan? :) Is Sya taking after her grandmothers for sewing?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday yang ke 11 Sya,dah besar cucu perempuan atok,Atok doakan semoga menjadi manusia yang berguna dibumi Allah ini

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday yang ke 11 Sya,dah besar cucu perempuan atok,Atok doakan semoga menjadi manusia yang berguna dibumi Allah ini

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday yang ke 11 Sya,dah besar cucu perempuan atok,Atok doakan semoga menjadi manusia yang berguna dibumi Allah ini

verignac said...

happy birthday Sya..semoga menjadi seorang muslimah yg terbaik insyaAllah..kejap je masa berjalan kan?