Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Rudely Awaken.

My friend who was rudely awaken and shaken due to the tremor the other day, came to the office with a groggy face and red eyes. She stayed at the Vista Angkasa "condo" and felt the tremor quite badly.

Then I remembered when I was in the UK, in the halls where I stayed. You can make a mark that for every exam season, there will definitely be two or three cases that I would be rudely awaken in the middle of the night by the alarm siren.

It's not funny when you want to be fresh for the Power System paper tomorrow morning, at 3 o'clock in the wee hours of the freezing winter morning, the alarm, which is really outside your door rang frantically. My eardrums was vibrating in resonance to the siren bell. It’s so loud, it clouded your judgement.


Most of the fact all the time it's those pranksters. Breaking the alarm glass, stealing the little hammer or some potheads smoking marijuana triggering the smoke sensor. Don't they know how to puff the magic dragon??!!! They should stick to the bong really. Not just that they would spray the whole floor with the fire extinguisher foam drawing an exaggerated human anatomies, presumably a fantasy of their puny part. They are no gynaecologist, I am sure of that. There are no medical students in my hall.

OK this is so not related to the tremor of Sumatera's quake measuring at 8.5 Reichter scale. No way there. But I remembered the fear we had when we thought there was fire of sort in the building.'s not sexy to see me in my jammies, and my bunny slippers wrap up in my long coat, wild hair, red eyes and all. It's freezing here for God's sake.

I then imagined my friend who had to run out and run through flights of stairs Fear can probably be seen in her eyes. But seeing families with babies... and yet over here in Malaysia was nothing really. Those directly affected in Sumatera and in fact in other places suffer most. There are more earthquakes in this world now. The earth is rotting. The crust that holds it together is giving way.

As Paul pointed out, the funds collected for the 26th December Tsunami disaster probably have not even done distributed and yet another one is here.

God! I shiver just thinking of it.