Thursday, March 24, 2005

Zachary and His Car Seat

I have the honour to interview Master Zachary on his experience with the car seat. The interview took place in Zachary’s Ibu’s car, with Zachary In the car seat of course, just to illustrate the point last Sunday. Master Zachary, with his bubbly self and perky was more than happy to grant me the interview…of course with supervision by the Ibu. But she’s a sport..she made drinks.

Me : Hi Zachary. Whassssuuuupppp?
Zachary : Whasssssuuuupppp man. I’m alright know no complains. I’m fed well. I manage to climb the stairs all by myself the other day and stood at the railings. Ibu nearly had heart attack. Ha! Ha! (Zachary laughed at his mum who was pretending to read)

Me : So are always seen in the car seat. There are many pictures in the modblog with you in the car seat. Do tell us about your experience with the car seat.
Zachary : Well I’ve been put in the car seat as far as I can remember. Especially when Ibu starts working. Everyday she ships me to Mama Ina’s house in Bangsar so I am sort of forced to sit in there.

Me : Forced?
Zachary : Well you know, given a choice I’d rather be hold by my mum. Sometimes I do that. I cried my lungs out..or I made the pitiful face. But when she drives, she pretended she didn’t here me and sometime she laughs to the noise that she call radio. Thank God she doesn’t sing to Linkin Park. At least not when I am around.

After a while, really, I know the car seat is actually good for me. I do feel safe. You’d never know what the traffic is like. Sometimes when Ibu made emergency brake..I am really thankful that I am in the car seat strap with seat belts and all. Many a times I think..the car seat has served well.

Me : What do you do meanwhile your mum drives?
Zachary : know what people do in their car. You have your own private bubble thing. I can’t pick my nose just I play with the bear or whatever Ibu gives me. I suck nearly everything. But sometimes I just stare outside. What fascinates me are the motorbikers.

Sometimes I see couples carrying their infant on a motorbike. In the morning sometimes the wind can be harsh to babies you know. They stopped next to me..I can feel them looking at me. They must think I am one lucky dude. You know sitting in the cosy seat, safe, air conditioned car. Life can be hard sometimes. The parents have to work and the babies have to be send to their sitters…carless. They have to risk the whole family’s life on a motorbike. Not everyone can afford a Kancil you know. So there they are bundled up in threes sometimes four on a motorbike. I do feel sad for my peers.

Me : That’s another side of you I don’t know Master Zachary
Zachary : Smiles. But you know what’s worst? Sometimes I see parents who put their kids behind the steering wheels while driving. That is crazy man. Just plan suicide. Parents! Please don’t do that. No matter how much we cry..don’t succumb to the temptation.

Me : There should be a law against that huh?
Zachary :Well that’s another issue. Enforcement and all. Are car seats really affordable in Malaysia. I don’t know. And MPVs are they affordable too. If you have one child..fine. One car seat seems ok. If you have three young kids, to have booster seats for all and also a maid in the car. Seems impossible right? At least don’t put the kids behind the damn, ooopsss sorry Ibu, wheels I mean.

Me : So Zachary. This has actually been quite an interesting interview. I didn’t realise it’s going to turn quite serious..he he. But I enjoyed it and hope can interview you on other topics too.
Zachary : *Drooling. Droolin*. Wipe off the drools. You really have to excuse me and the drools. You see my tooth is erupting so I can’t help it. Involuntarily thing yo know. Maybe we can talk about the importance of taking care of the pearlies later. Ha ha
Me : Ha ha..Yeah I will.
Zachary : Did I tell you that the fun thing about sitting in the car seat is, due to the posterior of a baby who tends to curl up. The car seat is also made that way to support the baby’s back. Our bones are not as strong yet you know. So you are sitting in shell of sort. That way I can really fold up my body and can actually lift my toes up. Most adult can’t do this. I can suck the toes to my heart content. Ahhh heaven.

Master Zachary n his many antics in the car seat.The one on the right is showing him helping Mr. Incredible to safety.

Report : The Babbling Makcik


Ni said...

Master Zachary- how much they pay u for the interview. Er, me like to interview too.....

superunknown said...

comey sungguh Zachary ni.. nama and rupa berbakat jadi pin up boy nanti.. koh koh..

atenah said...

i read in the local newspaper, a young boy sat on the lap of an dult on the seat next to the driver. he kicked his dad's hand who was driving, the car terbabas and 3 of his family members died. so car seat is a good idea.

Lollies said...

Cik Ni - Give Zachary a topic..he is willing anytime

Superunknown - OH tak rela I you..

atenah - Yup! That is quite sad..

atiza said... come they didn't interview my drama queen?
fira'll do it anytime..just ask her to cry..


Lollies said...

aku ingatkan ko kata ko lah drama queen tadi

shidah said...

err...we did buy a car seat - but didn't use it much sebab most of the time ada adult passenger yang pegang baby. at the end we gave it to somebodyelse that need it....

Lollies said...

Yeah I do that too when my lover is driving. As long as you don't put him behind the steering wheels.

However it is still dangerous and I am guilty as well..

Anonymous said...

kirim salam kat mawlana sidi zachary :))

Lollies said...

ok mawlana Paul

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. video editing schools