Monday, April 25, 2005

Anger Management


This incident happened quite some time ago. Way before my blogging days


It was 4:30 in the afternoon when I got a called from Jeffry. Jeffry, apparently is a telemarketing guy. You know the kind of person who calls you to invite you into some hotel promotion scheme. The one that you have to pay, merely (he said) a few hundred ringgits for a fabulous (he said) offering the hotel can give. He mentioned dinner, hi-tea, breakfast, holiday at any of their branches. Yadda, yadda, yadda...

You know how these people are trained to speak non-stop in just one breat, I found it hard to interject. I let him speak first because I didn't want to be rude. Until finally when he gasped for his breath, I said,

Well Jeffry, you know

Yes Miss lollies, surely you find our offer interesting. This is a new hotel, and we are offering to only our first 1000 selected customers.

The thing is I don't want the offer. I hardly eat out. I don't go for holidays. In fact I really don't care about this scheme.

What!!! I have been talking for so long and you never say a thing and now you tell me you don't care???!!!

Well Jeffry I didn't even get the chance to say it. You were talking too fast. I wanted to..

SLAM! He put down the phone. He actually put down the phone on me!! How dare him! I mean whaddafark!

I was pissed off the whole day. I really was. If you really must know, I am the kind of person who get terribly wind up with these kind of things. I would get angry the whole day. Some people say, I have rage. And rage, I was.

Then later that night, I thought what a waste of my emotion and time being angry with him. (Actually this is telltale sign that you are getting older). I promised myself that I would handle it better if I got another call like that.

The next day at approximately 9:30

Hello Miss Lollies. Good morning.


Hi I’m Jeffry from the new Horrible Toad Hotel. I am calling you to

Wait a minute, you called me yesterday, you know?

I did? No I didn’t. So I was telling you that..

Yes you did. And you slammed the phone on me too.

No! You must be mistaken. It must be somebody else. If you sign up yadda yadda yadda

Hmm..tell you what Jeffry. I know it was you who called me yesterday, but since you said no, it’s prima facie then. I’ll take your word. But first I must ask you a question ok?


Yes Jeffry. Let’s play a personality game.

No Miss see there is so much to tell.

Oh! Come on Jeffry. Just make me happy for now. It’s good for you this early morning.

Miss Lollies..have you been to our new hotel..

Jefry, what cake do you like?

Huh? Cake?

Yes. What do you like?

No I don’t like cake.

Surely you like at least one cake. Let me help you Chocolate cake perhaps? Cheesecake? Or brownies? Lemon Meringue (how do you pronounce this?)?

Err no Miss Lollies can we get back..

Come on Jeffry. I bet you like chocolate cake. No?

Errr yes

You know what they say if you like cocolate cake. Let me read first ok. You are sexy, always ready to give and receive. Very creative, adventurous, ambitious and passionate. You have a cold exterior but are warm on the inside. Not afraid to take chances. Will not settle for anything average in life. See I thought you do have a sexy voice. Maybe that’s why you work here..

Lollies, can we talk about cakes later. What about this new scheme wich I think will suit you.

Then let me tell you what I like first. I like

You like sports, but you prefer to watch rather than participate. You don't like to give up the remote control. You're straight to the point and no-nonsense and attract like-minded people. You tend to be self-centred and high maintenance. The Cakes Quiz

So Jeffry. Sometime being myself is difficult because if I go to straight a point, I can be downright rude. I don’t like that you know Jeffry. Do you know what I mean?

I do. are too good for me.

I know Jeffry. I know.

Hmm what can I say..

You can say goodbye and thank you. I am sincere about your voice, you know.

Hmm thanks. Perhaps next time, Lollies.

Good day Jeffry.

And that day, I didn't feel angry at all. I went to sleep, smiling


Anonymous said...

muahmuah...i accidently got a friend who sells prudential insurance...

i got him to wait at the sanfrancisco coffe ..then i sat there listening to him for like 45 minutes...i wanted to see how far he could go..

sekali sekali layan orang camni kelakar gak...

Anonymous said...

dat jeffry such a MTF. dare to put u down.

Anonymous said...


Paul, so do you have life insurance or not?

wan-geram jangan engkau geram. geram! geram!

atiza said...

I've been in Jeffrey's situation once for three whole bl*oody years. had to call up companies selling exhibition booths. to talk non stop needs practise.

But I did the same as Paul everytime these telemarketeers called me. Once I found a pause, I just said thank you and hung up.

Anonymous said...

Ko keje telemarketeer. Kalo ko call aku sure aku layan ko. Aku suka gak layan orang as long as topik dia terkeluar dari apa yang dia nak jual.

shidah said...

when i received such call, i suka .... ok, hmmm, aha, oohhh....
sampai berbuih mulut depa explain kot. tak pun kalau i busy, i will tell them, oh! i've already got that. kalau depa tak caya, they will ask question like, what kind of facilities that u're enjoying now: I'll ask them back: Am I selling 2 u?

Ni said...

lollies- ur entry ni ada kaitan ke dgn ur previous entry?

Anonymous said...

shidah - bagus bagus sekali tip itu

cik ni - oh tidak cik ni. orang yang i forgive is someone that i love. for the record also it is not my lover dan tentu sekali bukan mamat jefri itu. oh tak rela I

atenah said...

you ni pun ada horns on yr head noo

Anonymous said...

errr horny ke? he he

hana_kirana said...

hehehe.. cayalah.... err... i like ice-cream cake too... samer personality la kot? ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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