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This is the second part of the short stories. This particular story is the first chapter of the Malay Classic Book - Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. To me it is a great love story. Of course I had to translate and condense. I think some of the essence of the magical King Merong Mahawangsa is lost. Forgive me but that is not the point of this post.


It was narrated long, long time ago, that the king and queen of Rome wanted to marry off their handsome prince to the Princess of China. And off many fleets of ships set their sail heading to China with priceless gifts and glittering jewelry. It is in the hope that Rome will have a stronger political relationship with China. After all, they are thankful to the Chinese for their spaghetti. The head of the fleet is the powerful and magical King Merong Mahawangsa.

News spread around that the Prince of Rome is to wed the Princess of China. Somehow the gigantic legendary bird Garuda was not happy with the prospect unison and is set to stop the marriage.

Off he went to see The Prophet, King Solomon. Your Majesty, I am not happy with the idea of this marriage. I pledge to you, Your Majesty that I shall stop the wedding at any cost.

King Solomon reminded him that if it were God’s will that they are to wed, they would wed. Regardless the circumstances.

I am able to change that, said Garuda, for indeed he is a proud bird. For that, Your Majesty, replied Garuda, if I do not succeed I will go away, far from the human’s eye. I shall be punished.

With the permission of King Solomon, Garuda went to China. The little Princess was happily playing with the maids within the confine of a beautiful garden. With a speed of lightning, Garuda flew and grabbed hold of the princess in his right claw and the maids in his other. He flew them to a remote island where there is a cave for shelter.

Garuda brought food daily to the Princess and her maids. Starving them to death is not in his agenda.

Garuda,then, went to find the fleet of ships from Rome heading to China, determine to destroy the fleet. Upon finding them, he attacked them. With an enormous speed, Garuda crushed the ships. The smaller ships were destroyed easily like breadcrumbs in a hand of a baby. He circled the fleets and hurricane, lightning and deafening claps of thunder followed suit.

However, Merong Mahawangsa did not give up easily. He shot his magical arrows, he swung his magical sword, and he shielded his man with his great strength.

They fought for days, and weeks, intermittently.

Until finally all the ships were destroyed and wrecked.

Garuda won. His bosom was filled with so much pride, it almost explode.

However, within the chaotic wrecks, there is still a sign of life. A man clung to his life on a plank of wood in the waters. The water drifted him to a deserted island. Or so he thought. Tired, hungry, dehydrated and dazed, he could hardly open his eyes when a group of ladies found him and took him to a cave.

Garuda went to see King Solomon, to convey the news of his victory.

Indeed, said King Solomon, of which he then commanded the king of Djins to bring the Princess and her escorts to the palace.

Lo and behold, for there was a man with the entourage.

So Garuda, asked King Solomon, who might this man be?

Garuda knew who he is.

He was ashamed and flew away. Never to be seen by any human.

The man was of course the Prince of Rome. The group of ladies who found him were the princess's maids. He found shelter with the Princess who aid him. She fed him and she nursed him. Until he was strong.

All these stories are examples of what is pre written for each of us.

Death and marriage.

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa – Author unknown

Image of Garuda by - The Gallery of Avatars and Demigods


Anonymous said...

when im not blur.. i can read and understand well.. somehow ive heard this hikayat somewher.. but can't remember when.. toddling days maybe.. but still dat Garuda shudn't be dat ashamed coz he still has heart to kept the princess and maids alive.. immitate jekyl n hyde lak..

atenah said...

rajin nya u story mory morning glory

Anonymous said...

i tak faham la

Lollies said...

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa is a malay classic on the Emporer of Kedah. Ada macam-macam vita kat situ. Among others is Raja Bersiung.

Cita ni jugak telah di buat lagu dan dinyanyikan oleh Cila Cajid and Nora - Jentayu.

atenah- tak ada kerja

paul-kalau I narrate lagi best kot sebab boleh buat sound effect. :-)

atiza said...

betul2..kalau lollies buat sound effect, boleh nganga jadiknya.. hehe

Lollies said...

protttt protttt bunyi kepak flapping. cara buat dia letak tangan bawah ketiwak and flap flap...kan Paul ;-D

atiza said...

moral of the story:

kalau dah jodoh, takkan ke mana..tul tak?

Lollies said...

pandai pun ko

Anonymous said...

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