Thursday, June 16, 2005

BK 5B/1

My housing area has six sections.

Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, Section 6.

The sections are the phases the area is constructed. So section 1 was built first and section 6 is built later.

I live in Section 5B. There is no Section1B, 2B, 3B, 4B nor 6B. But there is 5B. I have a feeling that it is really an afterthought thing. Like,

Hey there is still a plot of land left, so, forget the primary school, forget the children’s playground. Let’s make money and build more houses here.

But we are already on with Section 6 and to name it Section 7, looks a bit off. Section 6 is further up than this land.

Silly you, what comes after 5? Surely it’s 5B

So I live in Section 5B.

Then there are the internal roads. You know the one that go to your house. If you live in Section 2, you’d probably stay in Jalan BK2/1 or BK2/2 or BK2/5.

Since I live in Section 5B, the road leading to my house is called Jalan BK5B. It is the first road so it’s called Jalan BK5B/1.

Some other internal road within Section 5B is called Jalan BK5B/1B. An some internal road in BK5 is called Jalan BK5/1B.

Are you confused already?

Imagine the postman.

Nearly every week, I received letters address to addresses of such

Jalan BK5/1B
Jalan BK 5B/1B
Jalan BK 5/1
Jalan BK 4/5 (this is just plain error of the postman)

Can we have other names for the streets, please? All these numberings can only be understood by the master planner. The one who sees the big picture. The one who sees the whole forest rather than a tree. And no one can understand planners mind you. They are strange breed of people.

My tree, dear Mr. postman is 5B/1, okay?


Anonymous said...

aku penin

Anonymous said...

same with my mak house, selalu surat2 utk jalan mawar pi hantar ke lorong mawar...tapi la nih dh selamat sbb dah pindah jalan bunga tanjong..heheh

Anonymous said...

nak jadi postman area umah mummy la.. posto posto mummy..

Anonymous said...

aie - posman tu lagi pening. aku tulis pun pening

cn-pindah pun nama bunga jugak

wan - jangan wan..pening nanti..baik2 sakit belakang terus sakit kepala. :-)

Sunfloraa said...

Hahahahahaha cian postman AND the residence. Unfortunately cemana nak complain kat siapa yek?

Whoah think of ALL the letters that didn't reach you! Hopefully its just the bills and surat saman! But but but what if one day your lektrik kene potong pasal you didn't pay the bill pasal the postman delivered the bill elsewhere?


Anonymous said...

biarlah anakanda penin.. jangan mummy penin.. koh koh.

Anonymous said...

SF-itulah dia. Huwaaaa

wan - I have three people's letters in hand now. Nak tolong hantarkan ke?

shidah said...

tiza pening tiza? aku...migraine ....

Anonymous said...

orang lain punya ka? nnt i amik i pi send la kat mana2.. koh koh.

Anonymous said...

is there a 5A? why do they go straight to 5B after 5 (in your fictitious developer conversation tu?)

Anonymous said...

anon - ha ha ha mana you tau fictitious? he he tak ada 5A pun and 5B is far from 5. Sebab tu I rasa convo i tu betul. Pastu mana sekolah rendah I? heh heh

Anonymous said...

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