Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Haziq's Exam Week

It is Haziq’s exam week this week. He had his Malay paper yesterday. We all know that he made at least one mistake. “Apakah buah, bijinya di luar? The answer is cashew nut which he doesn’t know but because I told him, even if you do not know the answer, just answer something reasonable. You’ll never know, it might be right. So he put jackfruit.

Now I got him a malay poem and riddle book.

It’s English and science today. If he can go to school that is.

He woke up today with his eyelids stuck together like it was pasted with glue. Oh! Minor eye infection, I thought. We cleaned it then he took his shower. He was cheerful just like any day. Then when he is done, I looked at him. He looked back with two big red eyes. Goodness! Haziq has an eye infection. So no schooling for you, boy. Which he gladly accepted it.

So I went to Haziq’s school to explain to the teacher and discuss on the possibility of retaking the papers. I know he is only in Standard 1, and is no big deal. But it’s nice to have his records done well especially when there is no stress involved. I like to know his progress anyway.

While I walked in the school compound I saw a teacher, presumably a teacher since only teachers can park in the school compound, trying exasperatedly to park into a bay which was swarmed with children playing and running around. I just thought they should sacrifice the bay, which was of course very near to the building, to a place slightly further where the kids do not play. The teachers should walk. They can observe a lot of happenings among the children while at that.

I was there at 7:20 a.m.. Went to the teacher’s common room but his class teacher was not there. Since I did not know where to go, so I stood outside the room. Waiting.

A few students were around. Most of them were clutching a book. Apparently the ruling is no students can go around without a book in their hand. Noble. I wish they are reading it though.

Some students even greeted me morning teacher. I smiled..good kids. Hmm..how easily it is to fool children.

Then after sometime with my two and a half inch shoes, I got tired standing. A teacher came and asked whether I wanted to seat while I wait. Yes! Of course and showed me a set of settees in the middle of the common room. Thank you.

There was another girl there at the settee. There is really nothing odd with seeing students in a teacher’s common room..well unless she is sitting there alone, unattended and crying. She was crying. And there are teachers there..but they were all talking among each other, about recipe, about their kids and drinking iced water in the morning. And the girl was crying..alone.

First I asked about Haziq’s teacher and no one knows where she is. Then I told them about the girl..and they all said they do not know what’s wrong with her.

Finally after some time, a teacher came, the same one who showed me the settee..let’s call her Ms. Concern. She came despite she was sitting the furthest from the settee. Yes, Ms. Concern is a concern teacher. Asked her nicely, what happen. I think the girl was not feeling well and was probably distressed since it’s an exam week and all. Ms. Concern asked who her teacher is. She answered, Ms. Blur.

“Ms. Blur,” called Ms. Concern, “It’s your student. Perhaps you would like to talk to her.” Ms. Blur who was having a fun conversation, obviously interrupted, took a glance and said, “She is not mine.” Ms. Concern asked again who her teacher is. Again she answered, Ms. Blur. Ms. Concern had to walk to Ms. Blur and said something to her, to this she finally got up and said..”Oh yes, she is mine. I didn’t see her.” She smiled sheepishly. I am slightly disturb actually.

Anyway the bell rang and Haziq’s teacher was still not there.

A man came into the room. I think he is the assistant principal or something. The second person. Took attendance and also asked for Haziq’s teacher. She was still not there.

Then I also asked again of her whereabouts. Then some of the teachers called her and only they found out that she had actually took an emergency leave. Okay..thank you for telling.

I explained to the teacher the reason I am here and all that. And yes they will ask Haziq to take the exam next week. I said thank you and left at 8:00.

The girl was still there crying.

They are calling her parents.

They had better come quick.


Being1 said...

itulah cikgu cikgi ni mummy. yg ok tu ok sgt. yg tak tu.. adoii.. ok haziq, rest well. selalu isi ubat mata tu. get well soon ok.

atiza said...

la..haziq pulak sakit mata..
for the girl, it's best for to be left alone than to be called 'stupid' by the teacher (as experienced by Fadhli)
i felt like punching the teacher's face

Lollies said...

hmmm macamana ya dengan cikgu-cikgi ni. Mana pergi keikhlasan and empathy. Really I like being a teacher..I think it's good and nice and I like children and all.

Tapi adakah masyarakat kita memang kurang prihatin.

I guess we, parents kena play a big role la. Kena be close to the teacchers. That's what I am doing.

Kalau ikut baran aku, almalah aku bising..tapik I want a different approach. Help me God!

Leen Ash Burn said...

Kesian that girl. I hope she's OK. We need more Ms. Concerns in schools lah I tell you. And we wonder why our kids are beating the crap off each other sampai koma, mati etc.

Sunflora said...

Could it be that now some people take teaching as something they can do to pay the bills rather than a real vocation that they are passionate about?

lollies said...

I pun rasa kesian. Sigh..I think some teachers..somelah kan..not all..took teaching because that's the only thing they can do rather than that's what they want to do. I guess gaji is a factor why people don't choose teaching.

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