Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Blogathon Stint

First of all, just a recapped. I participated a blogathon run at Malaysian Modblog with a few other people on the 6th August. I didn't do it all by myself though. There were six others. We raised a bit of money, not so much though. If you like to donate to ACEH RELIEF FUND, just click HERE. Today is the last day. the money dos not go through us at all. It goes straight to the organisation we picked. Thank you for those who have pledged. Thank you.

Anyway, we arranged the schedule so that volunteers can pick the best time that suit them. I picked 0600-0900. Since first of all, at those times I would have less distraction, particularly from Zachary (I hope). He should be asleep. Even if got up, it’s already morning so he should be in a good mood. Second, I knew I would be at my parents. They are on dial up, and I know during the day, on weekend, after Akademi Fantasia concert, the dial up can be slow.

Typical of me, doing last minute thing. Never really thought of what to write. I had some ideas but I didn’t think of it. Nothing can go wrong I believe.

On Saturday, the few hours before the blogathon, I took some photos..so I thought, why not I write about these. But then I realised I left my card reader in KL. So during the trip to Muar, I was nagging my lover about this. I was telling him that I need another card reader. Exasperatedly trying to justify why another card reader would do the family good and at bad times I can feed all the children with the card reader. You see, lover, a card reader is really like a magic teapot. *bat eyelashes*.

I am not sure whether it’s the flirting or he is just tired with me, but we did try to find a card reader in Muar. But most roads were jammed up. My lover gave up. I said, “so how now, the blogathon? I don’t know what else to write. I don’t write well, I need photos to assist me.” My lover said, “we’ll go out later”. “But darling it’s Akademi fantasia night??”I cried. “It’s okay, Miss Snotty, I’ll go myself and find your CARD READER.” “Oh! Smoch! Smooch! Sorry I am on my period, darling.”

Anyway one good thing turned out was, I decided to upload the pictures on the very night, while waiting for the result of Mawi the sure winner to come out. See I am not Miss Procrastination. Snotty maybe, but not procrastination.

As I wrote, I woke up early that morning. Good enough to put up six entries for the day. Jack2 was a good baby, he slept so soundly. But the dial up, the lightning which tripped the ELCB spoiled the morning. I couldn’t connect. I was panicked. I had to sms PB that I might not be able to put up any entry at all. Poor poor PB.

But if you know me any better, all this was driving me crazy and I hate givng up like that. When I promised something, I hate having to say, I can’t. Well I probably can’t give the most perfect thing (you can tell, my contents were crappy), but having not able to do any entries at all, is like stabbing me. I got all helter skelter inside.

So I decided..that I don’t care that I had not taken my shower, that I was still in my night shirt, my boring night shirt, that my hair was a mess, that I had not change my underwear. That moment, without much thought, I scrambled for my car keys and drove off to a cyber café at 0700 in the morning.

Okay, I know places in Muar. I know a cyber café, which looks like it is close, but in fact it’s open for whole night long. I went in there. The place full of young boys. Nearly everyone smoked. It’s like a second haze inside. Got everything up and manage a few more posts in the Malaysian Modblog. Phew! That actually makes me feel good.

To top up that morning, I had the typical morning tummy ache and felt so much like going. But I dare not try the toilet. So I stayed and chatted with PB to keep my mind off that feeling. PB had to endure my complaints. Sorry PB, did I spoil your breakfast?

At the last few hour, I farted so much. I think in the midst of smoke, young boys and all that, no one would notice. Ha! Ha! Come on surely, a woman does not fart in public. So don’t look at me boy, it’s that boy, the one in the oversized cap.

So, don’t know about the rest of the contributors, but when I went home after the blogathon stint, I felt good. Yeah I accomplished two things. Blogathon and farting in public!!

The picture is courtesy by Primary Basic at Modblog in her entry PANIC.

Read my entry on the day at MURPHY's LAW


superunknown said...

mami sudah lakukan yg terbaik dalam situasi yg begitu menekan. mami kelihatan begitu komited sekali. kudos dari saya untuk mami lolies.

the farting just cemented the fact yang mami seorang yg prihatin dan tidak langsung mementingkan diri dikala terlalu banyak sbb utk berbuat sedemikian.

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

my daughter would suddenly out of the blue asked: "you smell something tak?" and i would go "YOU KENTUT!!!"

ko memang boleh kawan dgn anak aku laa, doll.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wan - sungguh hebat analisa yang anda buat tentang diri saya. Tapi sebenarnya saya adalah seorang yang sangat mementingkan diri sendiri. Percayalah..

babe - aku pun suka kentut tak pasal-pasal. Buang angin lah katakan.

er anon?

Anonymous said...

somebody's flushing something in your blog la lollies..

itu la..kentut merata-rata lagi..lenkali, kentut la dalam duvet macam felix..

hiks hiks

superunknown said...

oh saya tidak melakukannya secara membabi buta. saya tidak suka juga menjadi kipas yg susah nak mati.

saya lebih specifickan pujian dgn pemglibatan mami dlm kerja amal itu. mami mmg sempoi lah.

Anonymous said...

aie - mana boleh macam tu. lainlah aku kongsi selimut dengan mawi. oh tak rela i.

wan - heh heh..itu aje yang mampu buat

Sunfloraa said...

wah syabas syabas. Farting marathon opps I mean blog marathon and all ;)

Anonymous said...

get a smartphone. snap a picture, shoot direct to internet using gprs..

hehehh..by the was my splashblog has got the latest rare footage

Anonymous said...

ha ha...farting marathon tu i yang menang

riza, I think I must get a treo lah.

Ha ha the very the rare FOOTage

shidah said...

luckily fart do not have colours... otherwise another haze to face ... muahahahar!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha but Shidah it is quite a silent one.

Anonymous said...

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