Thursday, August 25, 2005

We All Went to see a Movie

I took leave yesterday to take all the kids to a movie. Charlie and the chocolate factory. Haziq was excited because he has read the book. But he didn't finish it though. He claims that he has got to Chapter 18..I think it is the part Augustus Gloop goes up the pipe.

This is Zachary's first movie. He was very well behaved. Then they started showing the trailers. Zachary was almost shocked, he stopped short from eating his pop corn. You know I think they should review the trailer that they want to show before a children's movie like this. They were showing Dark Water and Creep..which were really creepy.

Zachary has short attention span tough. In the comfort of the dark, and the bom bam boom of the THX sound system, Zachary slept. The chocolates and candies were not alluring enough I guess.

After I had Haziq, I rarely go to movies anymore. I didn't have maids then, nor do I have my parents to ask to take care of the kids while I go catch a movie. But even now, I still do't do that. I guess the guilt engulfed me too much. So if I really really wanted to catch a movie, I would take a leave. Which I did for several films. Me and my lover. Not many though. Now I just catch them on the VCD.

Haziq's first movie was Nemo. That was Batrisyia's first too. They were terribly excited, I had to repeatedly tell them, the moment the lights are off, you should not speak. If you have too, you can only whisper. Haziq talks a lot and he is loud too when he is at it.

Popcorn is a must for me. The caramel one. I don't like salty popcorns. I don't like salty anything. When I get my fish and chips, no salt for me please, no vinegar neither. And when you watch a movie Like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you should have something sweet to nibble. Just watching the movie makes you crave.

It started off with a scene of rows of machines making chocolates which is really a beautiful shot. Never have you seen machines so glamorous like this. I love the starting.

Johnny Depp is probably a suitable Willy Wonka too. I mean he can be quite weird. Do you know the re st of the contenders for Wonka? Steve Martin (OK I guess), Robin Williams (OK too), Christopher Walken (too serious..this guy is a macho hit man) , Nicolas Cage (eeewwwww) and Michael Keaton (err ot Wonka) were all considered for the role of Willy Wonka. Marilyn Manson (OK he would be suitable but it would be too dark for me) also badly wanted the part, and was apparently the director's first choice, but this could not be accomplished due to scheduling conflicts.

But Depp who was also with Tim Burton for several films anyway like Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow got the part. Depp is yummylicious. But in this one he is funny, weird and sometimes scary. Sometimes I find Mr. Wonka a very very strange character. Even in the book. Apart from is creative inventions of chocolates, him living alone in the big factory and his beautiful rivers of chocolates and beautiful landscape, with no real adults that he can talk too..I think he is a bit cuckoo. In the film, Wonka is really white. He had no beard like in the book. For a moment, the almost-amusement-park reminds me of Jackson. Michael Jackson. And why he invited children into his factory..

There was a twist at the end of the movie which I think is fine. It strenghtens the plot and made it slightly more believable. They even introduce a new character, Wonka's father, who is dentist. That probably explain why Wonka's teeth is perfect. Watch out for Depp's teeth in the movie.

One distinct dialogue I remembered from the movie was when Wonka's father said to him. "Lollipop! They are just cavities on stick!" Don't listen to him people, seriously Lollies are no stick..I have curves!

Other than that, the children enjoyed it. It's colourful. Even though I do see some dark side of the movies. I can almost catch Depp giving a sly satisfied look each time the naughty kids got into trouble. His face was stamped "YOU DESERVE IT!". In Roald Dahl's book, I thought Wonka tried harder to stop the naughty kids from their mischief.

All in all it's a feel good movie based on a classic childrens book where bad guys are punished and good guys are the winner.


Leen AshBurn said...

Oooh saya akan menontonnya esok with Babe and Babe's babe :)

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

leen i love you too.

my daughter thinks willy wonka is pretty and a girl. (apasal dia macam girl?)

*cocok lolly's curves .... best best*

Kissman said...

We probably go see the movie this weekend. I always like Tim Burton; his movies are different.

Anonymous said...

leen and babe - I cita dia punya ending nak? nak? nak tak? lain sikit tau..

babe - eh janganlah usik I kat situ. gelilah. hah! willy wonka is a wacko. willy wacko

bucit - betul! tim burton memang lain. edward scissiorshand besstttt. batman 1 & 2 pun best

Anonymous said...

macam bset jer citer nak kena tgk ni..i minat Johnny Depp masa dalam 21 Jump Street dolu-dolu..cute!!!

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

lolly, citer laaa ... quick tell me the ending. I WANT TO KNOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lopaktike - best pilah tengok

babe - ending dia Charlie Bucket said NO you horrid man!

Anonymous said...

aku belum beli dvd lanun lagi..maybe lepas peksa, aku akan menjengah pembekal aku di PS Boutique

Anonymous said...

aie - wei ada bagus ka? ada terang

Anonymous said...

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