Thursday, September 22, 2005

Berkepit di Celah Ketiak Mak

Literally tanslated into, “under your Mummy’s Armpit.

This parable is usually meant for adults who are still manja with their mummies. It’s meant as cynical. Like you cannot be apart from your mummy. Kiranya macam kalau ada member-member nak ajak pi party ka apa ka, lepas tu orang tu jawab, tak bolehlah, nak balik kampung.Maka frasa ini bolehlah digunakan dengan jayanya “Nak kepit celah ketiak mak lah tu”. Walaupun tak adalah orang tu nak duduk bawak ketiak mak dia betul-betul pun.

Only that I have children of my own, that I can really experience whereabout this parable come from. Or itu cuma theori aku yang bukanlah pengkaji bahasa, tapi just someone yang observe sikit-sikit apa yang aku nampak within dalam gelas yang aku duduk ni.

You see I breastfeed all my children. Thank Allah for his blessings that I can breasfeed them. It’s something that I pray hard on.

Bila menyusukan budak, sambil baring, kita baringlah on our side. Si kecik comel pun sama jugak. Then pasal container susu tu is in such a position, dia suckle bawah tangan kita, my arms over his head. Dan di bawah lengan kita itulah si kecik comel baring, betul-betul bawah ketiak. Pastu dah habis satu container, pusing pulak side lain, still bawah ketiak kita.

I guess this positions give about that if you are so manja with your mum, you are really cuddling under her armpit. Kita suka tau moment-moment macam ni. Dia nyonyot susu, mata macm stim aje nak tidur, kita usap kepala dia, play with his hair, cium and inhale his smell. Ahhhh the bliss of having a baby. This is the moment that all mummies cherish, at least kitalah.

And the child doesn’t even mind whether your armpit smells or you have not shaven it. They just love cuddling under your armpit. Kalau tak menyusu pun, dia suka saja-saja duduk bawah ketiak. This position gives him warmth and security. Imagine the small hands hugging you and you popok-popok bontot dia. How secure can that be?

So kita rasa macam tulah parable “Berkepit celah ketiak mak” comes about. What do you think?

Now, as an adult, of course I don’t do that with my mum. No "berkepit celah ketiak mak" for me. I’d rather go to my lover’s. And smell the pheromones.


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Lollies said...

don't bookmark my site lah you.

do you know that when i fart, the flowers will bloom and the birds sing?

It's true

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

hahaha lolly, dgn spammers pun ko nak bersembang. you add in the word verification la ... at least that would give them a hard time.

kaezrin said...

Eh Lollies dah pindah rumah ker...btw i suke the feeling tgh bfeed anak sungguh best!!!!

Anonymous said...

babe - ha ha ha..aku belum lagi level tu. kalau dia orang nak aksik aku trivia pun ok.

wei ko boleh pakai lah that bill clinton thingy. mana tau in a speech ke apa ke

kaezrin - he he. takla split personality I ni.

shidah said...

Lol: Kau buat aku broody la....

Cherry said...

my Aziz 2+ tak de berkepit celah ketiak mak dia - tapi dia minta rambut ku and di gentel nya dalam tangannya. satu hari tu, ku beri dia uban ku, waaaaa reejcted ... tak nak rambut putih, nak yang hitammmmm
yeah breastfeeding is heavenly kannnn !

Leen AshBurn said...

aiyembekkkkkkk. sorry hor was busy. hari tu mak saya naik kl so best la dapat bernaung di bawak tiak dia hehehehhe

Anonymous said...

yeah shidah kepitlah anak ko. kepit jangan tak kepit. eh! ke ko yg nak kepit kat mak ko

ninuk - wow! kena kumpul cita ni kids suka gentel apa kalao nak tido

leen - ooohh kepit bawah ketiak mak dia eh.patut lama tak dengar cita

Ni said...

sayang sekali my kids tak breasfeed (for a reason) but at least depa dapat juga rasa berapa ml entah (walaupun anak kandung, i make sure depa dpt minum susu ibu melebihi minimum amount yg suppose ibu susu bagi kpd anak susuan nya tu- berapa ha lollies?)

Anonymous said...

err cik ni aku tak sure lak ada minimum. dapat kasi the collustrum (you know susu awalan ibu) pun cukup bagus tu.

Anonymous said...

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