Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Oh Jacko Buddy
My cutey number three
Ibu is panicky
Ibu has report
To finish up
So please don’t retort

Do do sleep tight
All through the night
Do not get up
No to eyes wide

I am in a panic mode these days. I have this mega project that is in the process of report writing. The dateline is end of this week. On Monday the 3rd October, there will be an semi mega presentation of the whole project.

And I am still typing the reports away frantically.

I have this premonition that I won't be able to finish it and have it bind this coming Friday.

I have this premonition that my head hangs on to thin slicey thread.

So I brought work back home. Determine! Determine to type it off the whole night and some part of the morning.

But my boy just doesn't pity me. None at all.

Zachary demands to sleep at 9, but only go to full sleep at 10. In the dark and the cool room, he finally sleep suckling along with his mama.

Yes, people I slept too. *hangs head in shame*

My lover chuckles.
he he he,
so much saying that you are busy.
But you are busy sleeping,
I can see.

Sarcasm is not in mister.
I have boobs
And everyone wants a piece of it!
So stop your bloop
For I don't appreciate it

Woke up!
Ah! Report!
Must do it!
Must do it now!

Only to be stopped by Jack2 wailing.
It doesn't help that
his nose is stuffy,
making him groggy
and all he wants is
to suckle and
a lot of huggy

He is asleep now
Time to get up
type type type
clickety click
Sometimes checking out the blog.
Momentum gathers
Mind is not clog
I am excited
Ideas rush in


Jack Jack!

Is it milk that he wants
Or the stuffy nose that he has
Or just my warmth that he thrive

But I can't sleep the whole morning.
I have twink twink
My head is going zing zing
But the report?
Agghhh don't ask..

dateline + stuffy nose baby = deadline

If I stop blogging after 3rd October, you know what happen.

On another note
In the meantime, I will continue blogging during my report break. For there is such a thing. A report break I mean


Anonymous said...

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Lollies said...

menyampah betul spammers ni. sekakrang aku nak letak komen pun kena verify dulu

nyonya glenmarie said...

heheheh...cutenya entry nih. lollies is a supermummy!!

lollies said...

saya juga mummy yang sangat geram dengan babynya. tidolah comel..penat ibu tau

atiza said...

good luck in meeting the dead'duck'line :)

lollies said...

berpeluh-peluh ketiak aku ni.

Frankensteina said...

Ha ha ha ha your baby is just sooooooo cute! Takpe, take a deep breath and concerntrate you'll be just fine

Sunflora said...

Heheheheh siap berpoem tu! Good luck on your report!

lollies said...

thanks people. cheer me up please

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

how many report breaks have you taken????

lollies said...

i think it's actually like this. report is the break for my blogging, surfing, borak and eating time. oh and also sleeping.

Anonymous said...

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