Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Impromptu No More!!

I used to be an impromptu person. I don't do plans much.

When I feel like going about on a weekend break during my study years, I would just rent a car and drive all the way from Manchester to Bath, to see how the Romans take their bath, and further to beautiful Plymouth and straight to the dramatic Land's End. Because I like the not planning part.

When I went for a week breakaway in Turkey, I delayed my return flight, rented a car and travelled to the Asian side of Turkey all the way from Istanbul to Ankara to Pamukalle and Kappadokya and back through Troy and Istanbul. Because I like the not planning part.

During my first many months as newlyweds, my lover and I had to stay apart. He worked in Malacca and myself in KL. On my lonely nights after depression at work, I would drive after work to Malacca to see him and drive back to KL the morning after. Because, because hey the nights are cold alone ok?

But those are the times when what I do, does not affect anyone. Now, no more of such impromptus and jumping about whenever I want. Things must be planned around Haziq schools, Kumon class, music class, silat class and not to mention my meetings - planned and unplanned. *Sigh*

So the the other day, when the Malaysian Modbloggers decided to have another gathering on the 17th, I merrily said okay. Then the school had to announce that there is replacement class for Haziq on that day. I was somewhat annoyed with these replacement classes.Why didn't they spread the classes earlier so not to cramp up on the last month and on the fasting month? Do they not check the calender earlier?

Anyway the gathering had to be done at 3:00 to accommodate this.

Next, it was Haziq's silat (Malay Martial arts) class. The Malay Warrior told us that Haziq has a demo and grading to do on the 17th night. Only for us to be told at the very last minute (11:30 on Friday night to be exact), that the whole thing will actually be in the morning and the whole afternoon of the 17th. The gathering day!!!

I was depressed the night before. I didn't know what to do. Immediate strategies have to be taken. So we decided, that my lover would have to send Haziq, while myself and Sya and Jack2 are to go to the gathering. I couldn't possibly skip the gathering now can I? After all it is for me. That was heartbreaking.

Haziq skipped his school that day. I was out of the mood the whole morning. I texted my lover so many times, telling him to tell the teacher to expedite Haziq if possible. What did my lover do? He kept numb. Grrr

Somehow later in the morning, while I was chatting on the YM with [u-primarybasic], my lover called to say that the whole ceremony will actually finish at 1. Yipppeee!! I can go to the gathering!! And so did the whole family!!

And that is how much I can plan nowadays.

Haziq had to taste the sour asam jawa (tamarind).
He didn't finish the water he was supposed to drink, so they poured it on him.

In his act.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a how to work at home site/blog. It pretty much covers how to work at home related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Lollies said...

no no don't bookmark please no!!!

I hantar anak saya silat dengan awak baru tau

Sunflora said...

Lollies! Glad to hear that you made it to the gathering. Ah I know what you mean, we dont have kids but we still cant do things in promptu these days! Passport office pegang!

BTW I have a friend in Qatar now and his wife will be joining him after Raya. Will let u guys get in touch with each other if u want to swap moving stories with her.

Frankensteina said...

Your boy is so cute :o) He'll break many hearts when he grows up :)

lollies said...

SF - Office pegang passport???!!!! Yes I like to know your friend's wife. I YM you lah nanti

frankestina - he is quite a rascal too! ha ha.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

sungguh macho anak mu. apa kata kita berbisan? hahahaha ....

lollies said...

wehei babe..hah oklah tu. nanti ajar anak you masak ok..sebab i in-law yang malas nak masak.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

adohai lollyku, itu adalah satu masalah ... sebab besan you ni pun malas campur tak tau masak. so camne?

lollies said...

kita satu keluarga malas masak rupanya. hua hua

Hazel said...

aaaawwwww ... that's cute ... and so toughy ... u must be very proud of him

lollies said...

he he hazel..yes I am. he is ok

ninuk said...

so wat if ponteng saturday replacement class - any danger ke ? not that haziq is in exam year. ok what i olso let my kids skip the saturday replacement class if they don't feel like going. saturday is saturday maaa ! what if we don't finish the syllabus - alamak i think we need to take over this "H", kut nye baru sekarang perasan semua holiday tu. bukannya tak tengok jadual tu awal-awal. Kementerian Pendidikan memerlukan pendidik macam kite-kite ni utk mendidik mereka - orait onot

lollies said...

itulah dia..bukannya dia tak tau cuti raya is in novemver. dah last minute baru nak sebok.