Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lollies' Irkiness

It was Saturday yesterday. Yes! I remembered that when I woke up that morning.

Ahhh sleep..

Oh! I also remembered that I am working today! I am working on Saturday! Pppffffftttt!

I have chest pain. Irritated cough. Stuffy nose. Just to let you know, today, I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

In the office there was a sudden meeting. Argument! Argument! Argument! I don't need this endless argument, really. So I purposely let my mind wander away..while stiffling a few unproductive coughs. Then my boss looked at me and asked for an opinion. Hah? What I think? How my report writing is doing?

Well,yadda yadda yadda bla bla bla! You are such a babba babba babba duh duh duh. My report is just du di da du di da, thank you for asking

Something to that effect

Then meeting dismissed.

I am brain tired.

Did I tell you what day was yesterday? I said Saturday eh? I said it's my working day, did I? Well yesterday more than just that. Yesterday was also Lollies-Feeling-Very-Ugly day. And what better thing could you do on a feeling ugly day? After lunch at Bangsar, I found Guardian Pharmacy. Oohhh yes the wonderland of the pharmacy shop. (Guardian is like Boots in England.) So I went in. They always welcome people who feel ugly to enter and shop as they might.

You can tell because among the rows of shelves they put pictures of preety girls pouting shining lips, sheer blusher, very curly eyelashes, perfect taut skin, slim hour glass figures, no stretch mark on butt. Yes! These products will do me just those. I believe the adverts. I believe them.

I headed straight to the face care shelves. Ahhh yes I need this "Revitalising Eye Essence". I was looking at my eyes and there is faint appearance of dark circles and fine wrinkles. Yes! Yes! I must have this. Otherwise I will appear like Zorro even though I am not actually wearing a mask.

Then I saw it. A must have. The face mask - to reduce the pores and diminish fine wrinkles. You will feel so freshen up after wearing this. Ooohh can you see my laugh line? You can right?..Jeez I must have this. I will follow all the beauty regime it says I must put this on for minimum 30 hours and I will see a new me. Yeah baby a new me. I like that eh? New me? I believe I am getting closer to be Angelina Lollie that I am.

And what more to top it up with then the anti pigmentation cream. Can you see that spot on my nose? Hah! Soon you won't be able to see it. No more siree. Say bye bye to pigmentation.

Oh..oh..I need a basket now. I see the body scrub. Must have! Plonk in the basket!

Body cream. Must get the biggest tub. For me and Sya! Plonk into the basket!

Lipstick. Yes! Yes! Zachary just poked his tiny finger into my lipstick. Now it is actually stick no's now lipblob. So new lipstick for me. Plonk into the basket.

And someone said I have short eyebrows. Must get the eyebrow pencil thing with the small brush to comb the brows neatly. Plonk into the basket.

Should I get those slimming patch? I am so fat now. And I have no time nor the energy to exercise. Should I? Should I? Should I? I think not! See I do use brain while shopping. No patch can reduce my tighs.

Then I saw it on the shelves. And I remembered why I was here in the first place.

The sanitary pads. Yes! I wanted to get me them sanitary pads. Slim with wings. To keep me save during the time of the month.

And this is the time of the month.

What? Stop looking at me! I've got all these..I should be looking good soon! What! I am still fat. Should I get those slimming patch, pills and all that. Or do you think I should go and buy myself a threadmill?

God! Save me.

Wait..should I change the title of this entry to Lollies PMS instead?

P/S : Am I glad I was not in Metro superstore otherwise the girls at the beauty counter would have attacked me and I would have believe every single thing they said. So yesterday was actually a cost saving day to beautify myself. But look at this is so yucy to put on. Duhhh


Anonymous said...

and we have to face it ever bloody's the before that made us mad, i tell you. once you're having it, everything seems don't feel fat more wrinkles and eye bags (well..not really none..nil..zilch but one or two doesn't count, does it?)

so..does the mask worked its wonder? its bloody expensive..

Anonymous said...

banyak bloody tension aku minggu ni.

aku beli mask murahan aje. tu yg kat guardian aje

Lady Gargle said...

Ha ha ha hai'm ovulating myself. Its a havoc over here

Ni said...

yeah la, no wonder last week my face look like zombie and can't update my blog - too tired, too lazy, too hungry, too sleepy

Berkibar lah..berkibar lahhh..jalur gemilang...opss...bendera jepun!

Anonymous said...

frankestina - i think t'is the season to be merry tra la la la la la la la la

cikni - ha ha ha aku tau term benderaa jepun masa kecik2 tengok cita melayu.

Leen AshBurn said...

You should try a massage sesh kat Bodhi Sense. Ooooh sungguh nyaman. Lepas masaj, makan dimsum kat depan tu. Wooot

Anonymous said...

leen - eh kalo masa period ok ke massage..I thought kena bolen habis.

Mana itu bodhi sense ah?

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

yaaaa mari kita pergi mengurut beramei-ramei ...

Anonymous said...

jom jom

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »