Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Marble Pudding?

The Malaysian way of celebrating anything, even the smallest occassion is eating. When you are inanother country, this eating fiesta is observed even more. Ever since I got here, I was invited to various houses to eat. Mostly, so that we get to be introduced to the seniors, the veterans here. The embassy function, the Malaysian-Qatar association, people's houses. I am so fat!

Today is the second day of Eid. Yesterday we were at the embassy for brunch. Today we went to the ambassador's huge mansion for lunch. Tommorrow we will be going to the Brunei Embassy for dinner.

Most importantly, this evening, we the newcomers, the juniors are inviting people over to our compound for an "open house". And I am here like what, three weeks? No big pots, no queen Anne's serving dish, no Corels, no nothing. So we catered. Thank God. However the wives will each make some sort of dessert or appetiser.Trust me I did not volunteer. (I am a bit pissed actually, since the discussion was made without the wives but we had to cook up something anyway)

Gulp! I am so not good at this. I can make springrolls, but without a car, I certainly am not happy going around town looking for the spring roll skin.

But but but, I am always prepared. Even how small it is eh? I asked my colleague for her great marble pudding recipe. She claimed it is the easiest thing to do. I took it without even looking at it.

I have a confession to make. I have never make pudding in my whole entire life. I have never made jelly either. I have no idea what the measurement should be. I am clueless in this pudding jargon.

The seniors akaks told me that the gelatin powder here is not as strong as the one they are used to in Malaysia, so they had to use more of it.

I bought ten, just in case.

The recipe went like 30g of something, 500g of something else and ml of some liquid. I went to get the scale thing. The one that the use to measure cakes and make anyone look so professional when they cook. But I errr used my kids milk bottle to measure liquid.

It is like you are in the lab or something except nothing explodes, mind you.

I am supposed to make marble pudding. A mix of yellow colour pudding and stripes of chocolate flavoured jelly or something. So I gave it a shot. A practice.

I think I must have poured the chocalate in a rush, that it overpowered the yellow pudding and turned everything chocolate. Err there goes the marble identity. But it is still pudding nevertheless.

Then I waited for hours for it to hardenen. It didn't. I don't know why. Frustrated, I chucked it into the fridge and decided to feed my children slurpies of chocolate pudding tommorrow.

Later at night, I checked and hey. It is now a jelly. Oh! I am supposed to put it in the fridge eh?

I made another one for the makan-makan. This time, hopefully no mistake. No room for errors. I carefully poured the chocolate jelly, making sure it doesn't mix with the yellow pudding.

I just hope it taste alright though.


JoKontan said...

The puding looks grreat !.

But the photo. The focus point shud be on the puding. He he he.

Ni case anak murid nak ajar cikgu nih ?

Nekbat said...

oh yummylicious. The first culinary adventure from Doha.

atn said...

am glad that u r back in blogsphere. now boleh dengar citer doha. my good fren here, kz, i married to a qatarian. he's there, shes here. most gulf countries dont allow their men to marry foreign women. but she said the law is gonna be changed this yr.

Leen Ash Burn said...

Yew are baaaaaack!! *HUGS*

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

yohoooo lolllllies!!!!!!!!!

apa yg bijik bijik merah in the background?

lifecuppa said...

my blogspot link also changed to *click* to username.

Lollies said...

jokontan - you are right. mals nak ambik balik. panik nak cepat. heh heh

nekbat - I have never made desserts. This one is worth to tell

tenah - ya ka? kat sini ada malaysian pun kahwin dengan qatarian. But they are all staying here in Qatar. The wife is the malaysian one.

leen - mari peluk peluk

babe - itu oren. I terfoku kat situ pulak

onde - no more modblog?

Nazrah said...

best best u r back online!

maklang said...


Mak Lang here. Ok kan. Can visit your blogkan?. This is Jokontan's influence lah ni. All in the family are mabok with the blogs.....

nyonya glenmarie said...

wehey, u'r back! and already cooking! hehe
tak miss puchong ka ;)

lollies said...

nazrah - yeh yeh saya pun sangat gumbira dapat beronline. slow pun slow lah

mak lang - welkam welkam maklang ke blog saya yang tak seberapanya ini.

nyonya la mer - he he. miss sangat miss. mana tau saya dok puchong

Anonymous said...

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