Friday, January 13, 2006

Serving Dessert Tips

I'd like to share some tips to serve desserts for whatever function that you want to organise. This is based on my own experience of small open houses, past office functions, kenduri, functions organised by people of which I am involved or just plain observation of a person who eats dessert. Yum! Yum!


For the last bloggers makan-makan, for example, I had only chocolate fudge. Since there would be many people and many children, the cake must be cut to small pieces, so everyone can enjoy and children can have the cake in one go. So, tip here, one type of cake, cut in small pieces.

The last eid Adha function we had here, there were about 300 people. Desserts were numerous. Nearly everyone, including guests brought some form of desserts. There were numerous cakes from normal chocolate cake to glamorous tiramisu. There were four big dish of caramel. Too many puddings and jellies. Belgium chocolates. Sorry no cheapo sumi jelly manis, no sweets. I am telling you, it's a feast of desserts. I shrink at the thought of my amateur pudding. Musti tak laku punya ni

I noticed many people didn't cut up their jellies, cake and pudding. Ah! Ah! Ah! (shaking fingers). Let me tell you friends, if you are serving jellies, puddings or cakes, remember to cut it. Particularly cake. Unless you have a knife somewhere near, otherwise no one will eat it. Particularly when they can eat up the chocolates nearby. You wouldn't want to bring home your dessert do you?

My tip is, cut at generous portion. Slightly bigger than usual. For cakes, particularly, when serving arranged one to be slightly off alligned. This is cake psychocology. It lures people to take a piece. Once one is taken, many more would come. If you are that desperate for people to pick up your untouched dessert, you can take a piece yourself, to start off this cake psychocology of luring people.

Now look at this picture. The one which is nearly empty is mine (grin). Look at the contenders. They look marvelous, colourful don't they? At the end of the night, it is still not finished. This is because it was not cut. When people want to eat, they want to eat without much work. They just want to scoop it. Once you manage to get someone to scoop it, you would want them to take a lot of them. Thus cut generously.

But of course, if it is flan or caramel, you do not need to cut it up. Just serve with a strong spoon.

Plastic Spoon

The other thing is, I am not sure about you, but I hate plastic cutleries. I hate the styrofoams. I hate eating from it. That's why I rarely take away in the office even when no one wants to eat with me. But for the purpose of our discussion, let's talk about plastic spoons.

Look at the picture again. Ooopss sorry I have taken away my heavy metal spoon from my dish. But there is still one plastic spoon observed in the picture. If you are serving pudding or cakes, try to avoid plastic spoon, particularly when you have not cut it up. It's difficult to cut using plastic spoon. Sometimes the dessert is hard and heavy, one might break the spoon.


Of course in any type of dish, beautifying it is one way of luring people to eat it. Let's just assume that when you want to serve people, you already have this in mine. Let's just assume that all dishes are delicious to the eyes. Try the tips above so that your desserts will be picked. Make your effort a worthwhile one. Cut up properly and serve properly.

The objective is you want people to eat it without putting too much of their effort. With luck people will come for more.

I didn't tell you, of course, that near the end of the night, I promoted my amateur pudding to close friends. This help too. He he.


Jill Yusoff said...

You make me want to spoon the last piece of the marble goodness. And plastic spoon is so a no-no.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

oh the dessert guru is so right. and i wonder why when ppl say pot luck, a lot of ppl come with dessert?

Anonymous said...

ui lollies makan tak ajak kita.. kui kui kui..

Lollies said...

dory - plastic spoon is definitely a no-no in my books

nazrah - i did ask (sebab I ni menyibuk) sebabnya they don't want to kacau the main dish. tapi appetiser pun ok jugak. Cuma appetiser kan leceh nak buat kecuali yang memang terer. so ada yang buat karipap and popiah. I malas

azer - kasi nobor balik. eh I boleh check ek? You kerja kat mana azer? My number..wait eh..4363889. Sorilah tak panggil sebab dia orang invite soma orang kat embassy. I assume seantero malaya akan datang. My mistake. Dinner rumah I nak?

KakNi said...

dear lollies, rindunya kat hang. Aku p modblog tp tak leh komen, ia tak mo accept aku punya nick, kena blacklisted ke?

BTW, i really really really miss u and feel like hugging u

Lollies said...

entahlah modblog tu.

tapi kenapa hang stop hang punya blog? Tu lagi aku sedih.

hug balik

Anonymous said...

hehe takpe takpe.. no worries.. i pun sebenonyer ada kat embassy itu hari.. tak kenal punya pasal kan takde le nak terjumpa.. lagipun kan juta juta rakyat malaya kat situ time tu.. kui kui kui.. my house no. 4553703.. i keje kat Qatar Kentz tapi kat Doha opis.. yur hubby knows kot sbb kat RLIC kitorang byk pojek now.. :)

Jo Kontan said...

1.)Burrrning Question.

Is key to Wife's heart is by slurping off whaatever she cooked ?

2.) I stop commenting at Modblog sometimes ago, eventhough kepala, tangan, jarijemari ku gataii sangat nak mengomen. Not only @ yours, but others as well..Mebbe kena cobatrytest lagii

Anonymous said...

lol, cik ni pindah rumah, the new one is

btw, boleh tak u tanya the msian wives of the qatarians, depa pakai visa apa?

Lollies said...

azer - Qatar kentz, hmm that one memang I tak pernah dengar. I dok dengar QP, Ras Gas, UEM, gamuda, ORYX and housewives. Mana nak nampak ek? Dahlah I dok kerja kejo budak aje.

jokontan - key to wife's heart is one big solitaire ring. Heh heh. Well, I for one would really appreciate lover I makan what he cooked and tensi kalo dia kata dia dah kenyayng sebab makan luar tadi. Kalo dia makan luar tadi asal tak call. At least tolong tapau so I tak payah masak. I pun bukannya suka memasak ni. Gitulah.

tenah - oh ya ka? Boleh nanti I tanyakan. Tapi dia ni bukanlah kawan betul I. Kawan atas kawan, so kasi i rapat dulu ya.

Anonymous said...

hey hey.....found a blogger Lollies

hope you are all well!

Lollies said...

tonyyyy!!! this is a pleasant surprise indeed. I am all well. by the way I am still in MB. I guess you are not eh?

Anonymous said...

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