Friday, January 20, 2006

There's always the first time to something

Thanks to the wonderful technology we have today. It is so much easier to get connected.

My father, after 60 years of his life, is now introduced to the world of chatting.

And so is Haziq!

Haziq is seven though.


atieza said...

wah! haziq chatting sama atuk le tuh..i guess in a few months time, sya will catch up..tak pasal2 jack2 pun pandai berchatting...

parah lollies :)

JoKontan said...

First time is always the best. ALWAYS.

Rate dia camnar ? Fix cam streamyx kaa

Nekbat said...

The wonders of technology. Teringat iklan Telekom pulak.

1 said...

good to hear dat. saya tahu takde kaitan mummy tapi saya teringat kepada iklan raju n suparjo.

Lollies said...

tiza - memang arah. silap2 soon kena buat networking dalam rumah and beli komputer lain

tj - well at the moment ni I am on prepaid dial up sebab tak boleh masuk line agi. kena tunggu lover punya resident permit. so the slow dial up kad boleh beli dengan nilai QAR100. 1 jam QAR4. later you can choose either normal conectian dial up pasca bayar (QAR2 sejam), or ADSL (ala2 streamyx), 512kbps(QAR200/ month)1MB (QAR300/month) or 2MB (QAR400/month)

dory - or british telecom : it's good to talk

wan - hey raju

Anonymous said...

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