Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lover Misses JackJack

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Dear Lover,

I know you miss those days when Jack would come running to you each time you come home from work. Coming home to an empty house is even more tiring eh? Let alone no soothing hands to stroke you. Ahhh come to think of it you have never been away from this little boy of yours.

JackJack is indeed the special one. He is the one you brave your strong arms to bathe when he was a wobbly one week old. Ten years ago, you wouldn't have thought of doing that eh? I call that brave darling. You are the true knight and shining armour. A stallion you are.

And I must say, I am amaze that even though we had a helper (before) you always take your time to bathe him and even put him to sleep. My heart smiles just thinking about it. Our helper had the best deal in our house. She didn't have to do much.

In two months, JackJack would have changed in your eyes. You know kids at this age, they progress quickly. I must warn you now, remember the game you always play with him before? The shooting game where he would shoot you with his little lethal fingers and you pretend dead and then you reciprocate and he would pretend dead too. Slowly making himself fall to the ground. Cute eh? But well he doesn't play it anymore. So if you shoot him and he ignored, don't be dishearten. Kids get bored easily.

Also he has more vocabs now. You know he can say kakak (sister) right. Now for anything I give him, he would ask one more for his kakak. Kakak. kakak. All the time. I think he adores his caring sister. You can tell, for he is always pulling kakak's hair and hitting her.

Then I would say, "Say kakak" QAQAQQ (he said it with so much emphasis on the k)

"Say abang" (his brother) ABAM

Say Ibu (me) silence

Say Ayah (his dad)YAH

Say Atok (his grandad) TOQ

Say Nenek (his grandma) NEK

He never say ibu you know.

But magic does happen. When he desperately wanting to point to something, most likely a cat, he said "Bu. Bu! Bu!" Patting me and point to the cat. Now who cares about the cat. I was exhilarated he called me Ibu. Then I said to him, excited and all, "Say ibu". Silence again. "Say kakak" QAQAQ. He replied. Oh well.

He loves cats a lot. And would say CATK.

The daily trip to nenek's grave allow him to see the kampung (village) where there are a lot of cows along the riverbank. And he can say cow with so much enthusiasm. Perhaps he can learn the word camel when we go back to middle east. *Wink*. Any exotic trips you are planning for me?

He learn to say the word more, don't want and nak(want), fish, duck, car, tor (motor) and dghink (drink). I can't remember what else. But he can also be very chatty with me and babble to me as if he is actually having a conversation. I would pretend laughing along as if he has said something really funny. To this he laugh too. And it became strings of laughter of no reason at all.

You would be equally surprise that he seem to like to help. He would pick up all the clothes that I dump on the sofa, too lazy to fold immediately, and carry it in font of the TV. Since that is where I fold all the clothes. Or he would put dirty clothes into the laundry basket. Or pick it from the basket and load it into the machine. can tell how domesticated I am now.

Also don't be surprise when he comes to you and grab your hands only to kiss it. Or kiss you on the cheek or on the lips without being asked. Or just a simple hug and a pat on your back. That's how I survive all these while. I am fed with doses of love from him (and the kids).

I know you are worried that he might not remember you. It has been a long two months. Don't worry. As soon as the his abang and akak jump up to you (I am sure they will) he would warm up. Better still when I start jumping on you, he would be happy to do the same.

And at his age one year and ten months, he is still breastfeeding and I have a feeling it will be a difficult one to wean off. I know you told him that those are on loan. But I think darling, he still doesn't comprehend the word loan.

If he can say it, he would say I miss you Ayah. We all misses you.

Lots of hugs and wet kisses with twirling tongue action,
Lollies the Sex Goddess


anne said...

am i the first one here, or everyone tak berani komen coz this post if or LOVER je...ahaks!

anne said...

alamak wrong spelling, i meant IS FOR LOVER....

Lollies said...

ha ha ha anne. I rasa memang you sorang aje yang visit. heh heh

lion3ss said...

Kenapa i macam tersedih sikit baca post ni?

JoKontan said...

I am present, ala Bergen.

Lollies said...

lioness - sebab you pregnant. Orang pregnant mudah tersentuh. and you can also tell that I pun sedih jugak. mai sini hugs

jokontan - :-)

~ahni~ said...

bu lollies,
bila nak balik qatar?
bila kita nak jumpe?

Idham said...

hye ...distance does make heart grow fonder...blogging is a good therapy for longing sure the passion of the re-union nanti is worth the waiting...
take care till u meet ur lover again.


lollies said...

ah ni - ko kerja kat mana?

idham - hmmm I am terrible at long distance actually. It makes me apprehensive

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i tak baca lagi. pagi-pagi ni i too lazy to read. the letters all looked jumbled up.

i propose you put up lots of pix. lots and lots and lots of pix.

i love pix. so colourful.

ps/ satlagi if i ever get to read your post, i'll leave an intelligent comment ye.

Lollies said...

dahlah tulis panjang gila. Basically I said I can't wait to jump on him and to the tounge fencing session with him. Itu aje ggist dia

...$weE+ 666... said...

dulu, my nephew - darren haikal pun tak reti panggil mak dia MUMMY. he always called me QAQAQQ also, then i will replied "ye adik?" he he... terasa muda la plak... but now, he called semua orang pun dgn panggilan MUMMY. he he... :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

after 24 hours, i tried reading this post. first 3 / 4 paras i sailed through with flying colours. lepas tu terus distorted text. right until the end when i read Lollies the Sex Goddess.

thank you for the summary. now i know what you're writing about.

your ex-CEO ada kat bilik kat depan tu. dok bincang nak naik harga letrek ke dak ...