Monday, July 17, 2006

The Four Tags Thingy

I was tagged by the non other Goddess - nazrah. I know I know I took a long time to do it. I also wanted to wait for her to be back in Singapore so at least she can read it. So here humble fours. Even though some of them are left unanswered. No idea lah

4 Jobs I Would Stink At

(i) Sewing. I can't sew.

(ii) Secretarial job. I am a chaotic person.

I don't know what else actually.

4 nicknames I'd give myself

(i) Lolita. I like using this name. It's naughty. But now I know what Lolita is all about..I feel for her. Jill you are passing me the book eh?

I don't have anymore nicknames. Perhaps, you can think of one for me.

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

(i) LOTR
I like okay. I like the battle scene. It drives my emotion high

ii) The Incredibles
Oh is so so so so love this movie. The way they portray a middle class family of three kids are just so real. Even though being superheroes are fictional. I like the part when Syndrome shot the plane Elastic Girl was flying. The scene when she is concern about her kids touches me. Nak nangis babe. Even if I do not have superpower as such, I would do the same. And the scene when Mr. Incredible and Mrs were arguing the best route to take..err sounds like me and lover actually. Asal tak ambiklane yang tu? Dah tau kat Jalan Klang lama tepi kedai ni kan jam? Ambik lane kanan sekalilah!!

iii) Toy Story 1 and 2

(iv) Matrix 1

4 Mind Intoxication supplement

Polis cari tak kalau I tulis?

4 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out

(i) I want to go to Damascus. I want to travel by road in Syria. Then I want to drive up to Lebanon. DAMN YOU ISRAEL. Damn you!!!!

(ii) Iran. Please please let me go to Iran

(iii) South Africa

(iv) Anywhere but Qatar. Nyeh nyeh

4 Things I Love To Do On Weekends

(i) nothing

(ii) not cook

(iii) not clean

(iv) nothingness

4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with

(i) Keanu Reeves in Matrix

(ii) Johnny Depp definitely not Willy Wonka

(iii) Brad Pitt in Legends of The Fall. I want to pull his hair

(iv)Robert de Niro in Heat

4 objects I carry all the time

(i) Camera. I use to carry SLR everywhere I go too. But since I start blogging, printing photos are too cumbersome. But I couldn't get myself a digital SLR. Too pricey for me. So oklah this one.

(ii) Shades.It is too glaring here

(iii) Swiss army card thing. It has little scissors, little pen knife, toothpick, tweezer (in case nak tarik apa-apa).

(iv) Diapers. For JackJack.

4 gadgets I do not have which I would quite like to have

(i) Rotisserie – hmm all my roast would be perfect. Walllahhh

(ii) NIKON digital SLR. Doesn't matter which one. Mid range also ok. No need too professional.

(iii) Industrial Iron

(iv) Actually I could use with a handphone tau lover.

So that's it. I grace this entry with a minaret picture I took at one of my rendesvous around Q@tar. Did I say I take the camera everywhere?


anggerik merah said...

I like the pic!

Jill Yusoff said...

I can't see the pic but the book is yours my ravishing, tempestuous lolita.

Jo Kontan said...

Lolitaaaaa !!

I like.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

thank you for completing the meme.

i like the tones on the minaret, and the color of the sky is fabulous! did u use a filter? what was the setting? i remember u memang u gila ambek gambar artistically b4 u moved to qatar.i also remember your mini lessons.

insyaAllah u will get your vacation! Please God, protect lolliepalooza and make all her succulent roast dreams come true.

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

jangan lupa ya Angelina Jolie.

by the way, the song absolutely rocks!!!!

*the one who has lost her religion*

Lollies said...

anggerik merah - kan? kan?

jill - but whhhyyyyy? nanti kita photoshare

nazrah - it was an old mosque. made from batu kapur i think. so the walls are dramatic enough. plus the lighting. set at duskmode. put on the car window to stabilise. kamera kodi aje.

babe - pasti pasti. angelina lollie saya ni. best kan REM?

Lollies said...

hokontan - you like the name lolita eh? You know what the story about?

Idham said...



ur big dates...semua macho ensem2 gitu...ermm....tak dak chance la eh saper yg kemek2 ni eh...

ur destinations...may u get there one day...with your loved ones...

ur photo skills.....respect la babe!


simah said...

gambaq cun la..

somebody i know recently went to damascus.. many places to visit.. the things r cheap as well tapi jangan terkejut bila nampak sampah merata rata..they just throw rubbish everywhere....but really nice places to go to..

bisutulibuta said...

Yes..u must go to Iran. Beautiful country and people..eheh..the girls are so vey babe i tell you...

Lollies said...

idham - mestilah somanya macho macho. tengok lover i aje you tau taste i kan. :p

simah - saya sudah teruja ni. hmm safe tak sekarang. everyone is running to syria.

BTB - eh eh eh memang tu. saya pun terkesima melihat mereka. begitu begitu cun sekali

It has been well established that often persian women are more attractive than the average female population. Nevertheless even within this pool of hotness, there are the "prima inter pares" more commonly defined as persian goddesses. These fine specimen are not only more attractive than their peers, but superior in every aspect: They can eat whole pints of ice cream without gaining an ounce and always help others before thinking about themselves.

Look at Shahrzad, she is a real persian goddess. -

Lollies said...

idham - lupalak nak kata..I thought you are going to say the picture is phallous. Legaaa

Nana said...

digital SLR!

*drool drool*

Anonymous said...

Just like the twirling of the tongue saying it.. Lolll-leee-taah.

Please don't get me wrong, me no Humbert. I think there was 2 film versions. One by Stanley Kubrick and one by Lyne. Adrian Lyne..

Masa memula tuu nak jugak tulis something like phallus-philliac (sp) ker haper. But you rite it first. He he hee....

Lollies said...

nana - nice eh

TJ - alaa tersilap tulislah nama tu pulak. Actually I am afraid to read the book. kalau dah nickname lolita mestilah saya agak tu phallic dulu